Thursday, June 16, 2005


This one I have to quote Fadli: SO HOW?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Scientific Names

Pyan works at Menara Esso, so once in a while (which is twice) he drops by to have drink together (he came around to my office yesterday and I was taken for a ride for a while).

We had dinner together (with the usual suspects laa....) tonight and inevitably the same stories that have been told hundreds of time were revisited again.

This time it was the recap of all the scientific/semi-Latin self proclaimed names some people either smacked across any white walls they could fine in the already-limited-clean-wall-MCKK, or those names they carved on their desks etc. etc. etc.

Basically last 2 days, while on the way to lunch with Allen & Co. (the Medina Club), I bump into Wong, doing the usual client relations work (not prostitution - he can pass for a pimp, not gigolo) with some of his clients (obviously laaa...). He got really excited when he saw me and quickly dragged me towards a group of people who I did not recognise at all - all the way kept babbling that there was someone he really wanted me to meet.

Lo and behold - it was my bedmate for 2 months in Form 1, one Shahrin Jaminan (E44), who when he was in F5 went by the name VINCENT *************** (the surname was way too Russian or too Latin for me to remember, but I will check with Wong again the exact surname).

Wong being Wong, began circulating this vicious rumour among his clients that my nickname in koleq was Vincent (I bet he found that really funny). So words somehow went around until it got back to me, and it was only last night I realised that my middle name was Vincent but I was never bothered to use it.

Anyway - so most of the conversation revolved around trying to remember the scientific names that our batch members had (we still failed to recall Shahrin's Russian/Latin-like surname, but were very sure it must have at least one "Q" in it ha ha). Pyan admitted that he did claim "P-i-e-r-r-e" at one time, but that could not be considered scientific as it was the Kelantanese pronunciation of his name (hmmmm..... not convinced).

But the winner must go to Hansen Derova, from Sungkai With Love. Not only he was one of the most "istiqamah" in claiming the name, he was also the most diligent in making sure his legacies stayed forever, through tireless work of vandalism. I am sure if you were to go to F3 classes, you would still find the trademark Hansen Derova all over the place (most people mistaken Derova for Drebar - it was meant to be Italian people, so spell it correctly, it's D-e-r-o-v-a). In fact each time we passed through Sungkai, we would laugh at the whole Hansen Derova story.

Unfortunately, not many that we can recall tonight. Even Zahadin's Delano was without first name (I wonder whether it was born out of his admiration of Roosevelt, or he just browsed through a directory of Italian's name).

But I am sure if we dig further we shall uncover all these scientific names. I can smile broadly that I never laid any claim for any Italian, Javanese, Russian or Martian names, so this game of reminding other people the kind of obsession they had when they were young really makes me excited. For this, I shall employ Wong's service and if I have time (which spells doom to whatever I am about to announce to do), we shall compile and publish the names here.

* ps: Luckily the percentage of people with scientific names in our batch was relatively very low. By Form 5, it became extinct (well Vincent was 2 years behind). We only realised that unlike other batches before or after us, we did not pick up a Latin name for horses, or monkeys, or any reptiles - after we left koleq and then laughed our heads off that we FORGOT to do that even though we had one whole year to think about it. Ameba did suggest one time that instead of these scientific names, perhaps we should just take a Malay flower name (e.g. Kenanga, or Cempaka) as a batch name, but it was too obvious that we were ridiculing other batches before us that it did not gain much support ha ha. Till this day, Class of 94 remains a Class of 94, not Kingtho, not Arietans, not Crotalus, not Final Thoroughbred, or The True Final Thoroughbred and so and so.

** pps: I still have to blog about the PPM fiasco but am too tired about it, after all next week is the quarter final of HELP's Debate, so maybe I should concentrate on the points.

*** ppps: There will 5 people in Gen2 this weekend to Kuala Lipis through Karak, 3 are actually XXXXL. I think we need to reinforce the suspension.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Muhammad Firdaus Datuk Abdul Monir @ Yo Do Stadi Ke Stado

Was walking to the car park after work when some one called out my name - surprise surprise it was Fido. It took me about 5 seconds to recognise that it was Fido, the last time I saw him was when he rampaged my house in Leeds looking for food after a cross country driving tour (and his friends, bawak lah satu bas tak bagi notice dulu).

Fido is actually slimmer than he was and he keeps a short hair cut nowadays, so he does look younger than the rest of us. Unfortunately, he still cannot pronounce "R" - so Frodo is still F-w-o-d-o or F-gh-o-d-o to Fido.

Of all the people, Fido is actually planning to go to Gadap's wedding this weekend, which is good since I haven't heard anyone else is going - kalau tak kesian Gadap.

Auzir called from Weatherford, I have to commend his putting up an Australian accent since it took me a while to realise it was him. He did sound like an Australian, tak sangka laak orang Jawang can speak a good Australian English (I did get suspicious after a while though because of the over usage of the word "mate").

Auzir and Wong are joining our Jumaat prayers tomorrow, so ada can lah rak KLCC jadinya. I am now one of the members of the Twister Friday Club - budak-budak koleq mesti pekena Twister kat Dome after Friday prayers.

At least the weekend is here, thank God.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wedding Season: Ameba's

Ameba, whose whole life has been haunted by the prospect of Bala getting married earlier than him, dropped the bombshell last week - much to everyone's amusement and disbelief.



Dengan segala hormatnya saya ingin menjemput saudara sekalian ke majlis perkahwinan saya pada hari Ahad, 19 Jun 2005, bertempat di No 137, Lorong Mawar, Taman Cheneras Jaya, 27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Kehadiran anda amatlah dialu-alukan dan dihargai.

Ps - Those who would require proof, kindly forward to me your mailing address for me to send you the card.


Badut .... dengan ini kau akan di tabalkan menjadi presiden persatuan bachelor 90-94. Amer telah berjaya turun dari takhta yg menjadi igauan buruk bagi nya ....



Sanggup kau buat kad ni sebab nak menunjukkan yg kau lebih jantan dari Bala.



Engkau kena tangkap basah ker Amer??????


Aku suspect Ameba pegi tempah instant card kat Rantau Panjang kot... pasal nak tutup malu kena kutuk arie tuh.........

Despite the suspicions, he is getting married alright.

Allen and I are going with Pyan - already there has been heated discussion on whether Gen2's suspension can support moi and Pyan in one car, with suggestion on how to distribute our weight evenly (some people just can't stop pulling our legs). I hope it stops there as discussion on Proton usually leads to passionate arguments.

Will post some pictures. Since the venue is quite close to KL, expect quite a good turnout. Allen has checked what is available in Kuala Lipis, apparently the only place of interest is Siti Nurhaliza's kampung!

I can't wait for the days when the future wife feeds him so much that he exceeds 100 kg, for it is payback time.

* Talking about payback time, Revenge of The Sith = Dendam Puak Sith?!# Who on Earth translated that?

Wedding Season: Gadap's

The master bomber and everything fanatical is finally getting married. After this, we can take his words about "ubat kuat" etc. more seriously as at least we know there is a possibility that he has tried them himself. I pity the wife on the first night - God knows what Gadap might employ to prove a point.

Anyway congrats, too bad many of us can't make it because of one bell joke that Bobo sprang on us:


Gadap kahwin kat mana ni, kat Pekan ke?


Laaa mesti la kahwin kat pekan, Gadap kat urban bred, takkan kahwin kat kampung kot?

It put us off so much I don't think many would want to go to Pekan after this for fear of being reminded of the bell joke.

Anyway, this is Gadap's invitation:


Dengan segala hormatnya saya ingin menjemput saudara sekalian ke majlis perkahwinan saya pada hari Ahad, 12 Jun 2005 bertempat di alamat BB 99 Kampung Pasir Panjang, 26600 Pekan Pahang. ( phone no . 09 4228924 )

Atau saudara sekalian boleh juga hadir pada hari Ahad, 5 Jun 2005 bertempat di alamat Lot 867, Batu 6 1/4 Jalan Sabak, Pengkalan Chepa, 16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim.

Disertakan juga kad jemputan untuk di'print' oleh tuan-tuan.

Kehadiran anda amatlah dialu-alukan dan dihargai.