Monday, May 24, 2010

Mighty Ducks: Membeli Jiwa

When we started out the whole thing in 2007, we were still young (ehem ehem) and had more patience to put up with kids. Some of the boys used to SMS or call us every other day and during weekends they would drop messages. We used to write letters, send them cards before their exams etc. A few of us were even “assigned” to look after the off-the-field aspects of the boys – which means attending to their ever growing needs (some were emotional ha ha); though in the end the “other” assignee withdrew from the assignment without ever serving a notice.

In short, the boys received full attention. At tournaments, they could call and ask us to buy some grubs. They could joke with us and we put up with their cramps and nagging.

Over the years, either we grew tired or our patience level with kids grew thinner by the day, the boys after them are not so lucky. Many times they got screamed on the phone (ha ha) for being very persistent. They hardly had any chance to sit down for meals with us and we returned less and less. Things got worse when Mr Thaman and Mr Pala took over and the distance grew.

Nowadays when we go back it is a far cry from what it was. The gap is big and the boys are not as warm to us as their seniors were (or they have yet to master the art of squeezing everything for the old boys; like their seniors).

Which is unfair – because they work and train a lot harder than their seniors and by comparison, they survive frugally.

For the sake of fairness, we decided to go back last weekend to catch up. Partly out of guilty conscience and to make them know that we care for them as much as we had for their seniors. Partly because some of Bapak Itik (in particular one Hafiz Nizam Hashim, one time project director and the other “assignee” who was supposed to do this bit) had not come back for more than a year.

So the four of us (the over grown hobbits – one was more like a Troll ha ha) set out on a journey from Putra Heights to Kuala Kangsar. Joe had arranged to meet up Ayien at Ali Maju in Putra Heights for breakfast, so that we can get him to pay breakfast (that’s a saving of RM20 on our account ha ha). Badut called and I told him that I was on the way to East Coast, which he duly believed. Mpro really wanted to join but he had other pressing matters to attend to in Melaka, so he followed us in spirit through blackberry messenger ha ha.

The best thing about road trip like this is the catching up. It has been a long time since we hitched on a road trip together, so the time passed very quickly. Lo and behold, we reached Kuala Kangsar in the afternoon to be greeted by the now infamous Clifford’s worst attempt at sucking up: “1Clifford: Pelajar Didahulukan Pencapaian Diutamakan”. I prefer “The Ship Is More Than The Crew” anytime – in this life or any other life because 1Clifford does not fit well with the now legendary:

“Today is Monday 
Tomorrow is Tuesday 
But Monday is not everyday 
The ship is more than the crew”

Anyway, we were late by 20 minutes so Azu and Haziq (Form 4) already called asking where we were.

Because this week is supposed to be “membeli jiwa” week.

We promised to catch up with the F4s and F3s off the pitch and buy them lunch since the last time we did this was when they were in Form 3 (laaaa tak de lah terbiar sangat, last year dah beli jiwa dah!).

Anyway it was good catching up although trying to get one sentence out of them is harder than to extract a confession from Syam and the gang masa kena rounded sebab keluar town haram! We did learn a few things that escaped our knowledge so far though it hardly changed our opinion on many things.

One thing that was quite a change though was the lunch itself. While we were loyal to the customary Saudiah meal (nasi putih, kari, ayam goreng etc.), all of them ordered nasi goreng ayam or nasi goreng ayam madu. Next time around, we should make a point to try nasi goreng ayam madu he he at Saudiah.

After the bribery, the boys started off the game half sleeping and the score was 2-0 in favour of MCOBA at the end of the first quarter. But they picked up after that; managed to equalise at 2-2; held on at 3-3 until Chibik shouted “Jack, do something!”. By the end of the fourth quarter, MCOBA scored 2 more goals to finish at 5-3.

We had a brief pep talk (by my standard ha ha) and the more this one teacher gave signal to Mr Thaman to get me to stop, the louder I spoke and the longer it became. Not that I wanted to be a pain, but I thought the role of a teacher/coach/manager is more than just to show up completely detached from the team by sitting at the highest/furthest level of the grandstand and never come down to say a word to the boys – only to enforce petty rules in the end.

We took shower at a masjid within the compound (I can’t remember the last time I took shower in a masjid, must be pre-1997 time ha ha; luckily the terompah helps!) before adjourning for dinner at Benteng (must make a point to Wawan that Benteng’s quality and value for money is really going downhill). We left by 9 pm, Chibik went back to Ipoh and I fell asleep by the time we crossed Ulu Bernam.

Back to the silly old work routine in KL; it is still hard to get rid of the withdrawal syndrome (although it’s much easier nowadays). I think we may yet spend a bit more time with them in the future when circumstances permit; after all the F4s are the first batch who remain intact till the end since the Class of 2008. We spoke about their chances at the national level but whatever the results will be, it has been fun following their progress and games all this while.

Mizan has improved so much that tak sia-sia bagi Most Promising Player award in Manjung in 2007. They all have grown up so much that if you do not come back as often (hint: Epit) it’s quite hard to recognise them. Chibik acknowledged that the mid players played tirelessly and relentlessly. Azu as the keeper and captain excelled on and off the pitch – good keeper and persistent captain who withstands my venomous curses to ensure his team gets the weekly training.

Against all odds, I think we had achieved more this year than what we had achieved in the last 3 years, because it comes to the point when the boys understand the meaning of it all.

So whether we win or lose in Ipoh, I think it is not as important as giving them the chance to feel proud being a hockey player. To devote yourself to a cause and feel a sense of belonging; to stand up for your team. All the main ingredients of what makes MCKK boy an MCKK boy, which has been missing for the last few years.

In that respect I think we had achieved something – so the least we could give them is nasi ayam madu at Saudiah J

More photos here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yengko di Hari Jumaat: Tabligh

Semalam rancak betul emailnya.

Macam2 email dari betik ke ketiak gondol, ke mantat (manja dan ketat) dan macam-macam lagi. Tidak ketinggalan is tabligh.


Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun..

p\s aku dulu plan, lepas SPM, masuk U kat kl, nak join al arqam kat sg penchala.. terpengaruh dengan majalah2 dia dulu..

tengok2, time kita form 5, al arqam dah tersungkur di pintu syurga.. kensel plan..

Hucs Je:

so..plan B ko apa?


plan b, join tabligh kat U.. tapi asyik terpengaruh dengan geng2 keluar kat tingkap time tabligh datang bilik..  terus kensel plan..


kenapa kau nak join al-Arqam?

BRU buat aktiviti pun kau dah berat nak join, ke sebab pres BRU kita yg buat kau x suka aktiviti BRU...

aku dgn geng aku plak, sebab bilik hostel kitorang ada balkoni, kitorang nyorok kat balkoni, siap kunci pintu dari luar... tapi pernah sekali ada mamat mana ntah lock dari dlm, terkurung jugak la dekat sejam kat luar...


isy aku tak pernah mengelak mcm ni. tp ntah kenapa tak pernah lak orang datang nak tarbiah or dakwah ngn aku.

just sbb aku c3 agama, takkan dikira hopeless kot?

Hucs Je:

kesian kau tak di tarbiah, harap kau tak terbiarh

C3 ok lagi...kalau C4..tebabo!

Tapi yang paling best sampai aku gelak terbahak2:

Bochap (AJK Keselamatan Internet):

kno dulu cerita, tabligh datang rumah dia masa dia kerja kat jb. time tu, dia tengah basuh kereta sambil pakai seluar pendek..

dek kerana tak sempat nak terjun masuk tingkap kereta, nak sembunyik dalam kereta, dia pura2 bagi makan ikan koi sambil sembunyi celah tangki ikan
sebagai balasan, tuhan takdir kan dia kerja kat kubu tabligh sedunia.. kat pakistan


amboi sesedap jemari gendut menaip je ek. haha

aku x sempat lagi nak jenguk markaz tabligh kat raiwind lahore tu. dgr cerita puree kembung dimasak panas2 ngan dhal kari meletops kat sana sedap2 belak

Lepas tu email discussion digress to sama ada anak2 allahyarham yg ramai2 tu cun ke tak. Hampeh.

Yengko di Hari Jumaat: Yengkoz 94 Menentang Penghalalan Judi Sukan di Malaysia

Abu Usama:

Setakat ini keadaan masih tenang walaupun polis dah mula membanjiri sekitar masjid. Kelihatan lorry pick up FRU baru sampai.Muka muka pendemo biasa masih tidak kelihatan.Ada nampak seorang mamat pakai baju PKR, mungkin anak buah Rough. 

Yengko yang berjaya ditemui ada dalam 4 orang dan semua yengko di taja nasi beriani kambing oleh OKW..Orang Kaya Wongek. Setakat ni 2 Mat Shah dan 2 Leman . 

Cuaca macam nak hujan. Ada tazkirah dari penceramah Arab sblm Khutbah tadi.

Skrg tgh bacaan Khutbah, kebanyakan yengko ambil peluang melelapkan mata utk kumpul tenaga sblm pertempuran berlaku. Dalam masjid ni aku rasa aku sorang jer tak tido. Tn Prez dah siap siap kumpul batu dalam poket seluar sblm masuk masjid tadi. 

Kalau hujan, perarakan ke Mid Valley* terpaksa di tangguh dulu. Sekian melaporkan live dari Masjid Kg Baru at 1.35 pm. Laporan lanjut akan menyusul.

Abu Usama:

Taik kucing punya khatib, punya la pjg khutbah. Tak habis habis lg ni.


Amacam Gadap Singh Walia?

Ape ceghite demo ? Guano?


Gadap dah naik truck.

Tuan Prez, Khalid:


Saya telah hadir di Masjid Kpg Baru pada Jumaat lepas bersama beberapa orang kuat batch, antaranya saudara Gadap, saudara Wongek dan saudara Auzir.

(auzir tengah cerita macam mana duit epf kita semua dihabiskan. take note, gadap pakai baju mat shah! jari wong cok keng kat tepi)

Setelah merempit ke sana, saya terjumpa dengan Wongek, Gadap dan Auzir di bawah pokok ketapang... tengah makan nasi beriyani gam kambing. Perbualan agak serius, sembang miliyon miliyon. Maklumlah, pelaburan duit EPF rakyat Malaysia semuanya dikawal oleh saudara Auzir kita. Sambil mendengar, saya pun makan nasi beriyani gam yang dibelanja wong. (terima kasih wong)

Kami masuk masjid sebelum azan. Khutbah pasal guru and hari guru.

Setelah habis sembahyang, ada orang pakai Loudspeaker explain pasal konsert Pitbull.

aku pun konfius. 

1. aku datang salah demo ke? 

2. asal aku tak tahu pasal konsert nih?

tapi kemudian ada cakap pasal pemberian lesen judi masa world cup dan laungan takbir disambut kuat "Allahu akbar"

polis tiba2 datang and nak tangkap orang atas stage. keadaan jadi kecoh.

gadap and auzir transform ke plan B.

dalam pada itu, kami yang makin bersemangat untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia daripada menjadi pusat judi sukan yang merosakkan bangsa, mula mencari jalan untuk membela mereka yang sedang dicekup oleh pihak polis.

Wong telah menggunakan kepakaran rock climbing nya, telah memanjat ke atas bangunan tepi masjid 

Wong panjat dengan poster....

Polis semua terpinga-pinga dengan kepakaran Wong memanjat, lantas orang yang dicekup polis tadi pun lari........

Lepas tu organiser suruh bersurai. Agak potong jugak ah sebab orang semua hangat dan Najib belum tarik balik lesen judi kepada Vincent tan lagi. So, kami pulang makan cendol. (lagi sekali wong belanja)

tapi kami berjanji sesama sendiri ....this is not the end.....takbir! Allahuakbar!


* rancangan asalnya lepas demo nak berarak ke Midvalley ha ha.

Musim "Yengkoz Wuz Ere"

Kami ada buat rule baru, sapa-sapa yang pi visit mana2, or ada pergi activity yg yengko - kalau ada bukti "Yengkoz Wuz Ere", dapat points for the house.

Dah macam2 gambar orang dok hantar "yengkoz wuz ere". Rasanya Mattop pun ada hantar bukti, tp dalam gambar-gambar dia di Redang orang perasan dia tak de bulu ketiak, so tak sempat nak decide nak bagi points ke tak - citer ketiak gondol take over.

Anyway, dengan bangganya Leman mempersembahkan:

Ni kena bagi points la ni, sbb memang Yengko pi vandal kat Hong Kong (he was on holidays di Hong Kong katanya).

Lepas ni aku nak check gambar2 Yengko berdemo semalam, ada bukti Yengko was here ke tak. Ha ha.

Aku akan cuba vandal Yengkoz Wuz Ere di mana2 pejabat kerajaan then claim points for Leman!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doing It the Unconventional Way

Saudara Aslam Abdul Jalil (second from left), former captain of the Malay debating team from Class of 2007 today is awarded a scholarship from JPA to read economics at Australian National University in Canberra.

It's not the scholarship itself that is worth posting an entry here, it's the unconventional way he went about his path after MCKK.

Aslam did less well relative to his peers in SPM that he did not get a scholarship offer after SPM. Most other people would have taken the next logical step of going to local public universities, of which he did receive a lot of offers.

One week after SPM, some of them congregated at my place to decide on their options post SPM. The majority chose the logical options.

He told me that he wanted to have another go at overseas scholarship and going to matriculation means that option is limited (or as good as closed to him). So he wanted to do STPM in his hometown in Cameron Highlands and wanted to know what I thought about it.

I was actually thinking along the same line and since he was quite focused about what he wanted in his life, we supported him all along.

Of course it was not easy.

Back in MCKK, a decision to pursue STPM always receives not-so-warm response from most of the teachers; some of them would even deride it. Of late, each year after SPM results are announced, some quarters would make examples of this and that student who was bad in school and ended up ONLY doing STPM (hence the padan muka anecdote at the end).

For a well known student like him, I am sure it was difficult to face all this - with most of the world looking down at you and considered you as a failure.

He also had to get used to going to day school - that means walking to school, wearing school uniform with un-MCKK colours (like purple blazers etc.), put up with an environment so alien and suddenly found himself surrounded by non-Malays as not many Malays pursue STPM.

But that's where my selfish motive was - I think it was important for him to prove to himself and us that Malays too can do well in STPM and it's a route that parents should be more open about. The journey and adjustments with the day school routine and encounters with non-Malay students would have built his character even more and added flexibility to his world view.

He didn't get the STPM results he wanted (straight As) but it was enough to get offers from a few of Australian top universities.

With the offer, he went on to apply for JPA scholarships and alhamdulillah, today the result is out for him.

I guess he would miss another 6 months before the term opens for enrollment in Australia, but that is nothing compared to achieving a goal you set for yourself despite all the odds.

Sometimes we have to be open to unconventional ways to go where we want to go.

What Aslam did is what any other MCKK students should always strive to do - have the courage to do what you think is right, no matter what other people say about it :-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vocab Baru

Hari ini satu vocab baru telah tercipta dan direstui oleh AJK Tatabahasa.


Nak tahu apa itu Mantat, kena tengok kepada Gadap sebab dialah satu-satunya mantat dalam batch ini.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mighty Ducks: Journey to Ipoh

Di celah-celah keheningan pagi dan berlatar belakangkan seruan kucing yang terseksa jiwa batinnya, rasa kiasu pulak nak meet KPI bulan ni.

Anyway, the attempt to immitate Wahid Kasran is not working, not in my list of undeveloped talent.

Badut went back to KK last weekend, together with the MCOBs hockey team strongmen (Boyot Co87, Hakim Co90 and Athens Co96). Badut is not usually known for diplomatic skills, however we have no choice but to appoint him as an emissary for a very important mission - to obtain "safe passage" for trainings until national tournament in July.

The euphoria and steeled determintation to achieve something at national level was quickly beset by a series of administrative hiccup the moment the boys were back from the North Zone tournament. For a start, the boys were initially told they didn't qualify for national after all when someone forgot to check the latest circular from the Ministry. Then for a few weeks, we had to manage the problem of not getting permission nor transport for the boys to go to the nearby turf once a week for a training.

In the end, I feel like all of us were stuck.

The boys kept on pestering us and I could only give instructions while they switch back and forth. If not for Azu's (the captain) persistence, the boys would not have had any single practice on the turf before the tournament. As I grew increasingly hostile on the phone (as he kept pestering me ha ha in spite of my inability to secure safe passage for the team), he dig in and bugged me even more. Things went from bad to worse that last week it culminated into the worst encounter he must have had with any old boy.

He broke down on the phone but at least he didn't hang up. He stayed on and finished the discussion.

I cannot describe here how bad I felt that I had to release adult's frustration on a bunch of boys who are trying their best to live up to our expectation; to do exactly what we asked them to do. It is unfortunate that at the precise time everything comes together on their side, we had to battle our own will to stay on course.

But I admire his guts and I don't think I would have withstood the pressure if I had been in his shoes back then.

The least I could do was to arrange for someone who would be able to secure the safe passage, hence the trip Badut has to make. But not before we were shouting at each other over the phone - I can be very sensitive at any implied notion that I take side with the boys or pamper them too much (ha ha Bapak Itiks know not to go there).

Luckily it was good news from Badut on Sunday. The skeptical part of me couldn't stop smirking wishing that Badut's safe passage secured from the school will not be akin to Chamberlain's waiving to the cheering crowd with a piece of worthless paper announcing "peace of our time". Shortly after that, Hitler invaded Poland!

History aside, Wong dropped by with his new superbike on the way back to KL from up north. Wong's last encounter with the boys must have been the 2009 camping which featured live chicken prominently on his agenda.

So as at early May, things are looking brighter:

Turf - paid
Van - paid
Friendlies - arranged

We can only hope all the trials and tribulations are tests we have to go through that will make it all worth the tears and sweat in July.

Ps: blogging with Blackberry is not easy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Balls (Bukan Aiwa Punya) Cup 2010

Ha ha I wanted to blog straight away after the first snippet last week, but many things got in the way. Even AJK Tatabahasa pun let it slip - the first sentence dah salah grammatically. Yes, it's LIVE FROM ALAMANDA but I was distracted by two (not one, but TWO!) hooligans - Mpro (and the wife and the ex-brother and the wife; both bawak anak-anak, so like Keluarga 69) and Chibiok.

Anyway all went well. The final tally was higher than I expected especially when most of the usual suspects couldn't make it. On top of the names I already blogged last week, Ganja and Wawa also made a cameo.

The results:

1) Pendeta Laaba (ha ha ni Awie yg bagi) - Idris
2) Hairul - Idris
3) Ein - Leman
4) Madd - M Shah
5) Champ - Leman
6) Fadhil - M Shah

(Note: Ahmad claimed diorang turun main suka-suka and tak aim nak masuk rank).

For House:

1) Idris
2) M Shah
3) Leman
4) Ahmad

(Note: Sepatutnya macam ni lah results Sports Day 94, tapi sebab Ahmad main kotor pi letak Adik Abdullah Zulfairis pegang placard masa marching, they won by 1 point and dapat 3rd. So ni kira balas dendam la ni, Leman dapat 3rd balik).

Antara benda-benda yang patut diingati:

1) Wawa! Wawa! Wawa! Ni rasanya first time most people jumpa balik with Wawa since 1994. Wawa is now a happily unmarried civil servant based in Putrajaya and slim tak macam Syam (ha ha). He hasn't changed a bit and sempat catch up with him, although ramai sangat peminat nak bersalaman.

2) Mattop over rated as usual. Hampeh tak masuk ranking padahal sebulan tak kerja asyik pi training. Dulu masa Inter-house in 2007 dia blame lane, pun tak menyegat. La ni dia nak blame apa aku tak tahu. Aku dengar2 dia cakap dia nervous sbb jambu2 Alam Shah yang dia coach ada dok lalu lalang situ.

3) Senjata yang dibawak Mpro tak menjadi. Aku tak tahu tp Afza bowl satu lane ngn aku - ha ha kesian dia. Laaba ckp memang langsung tak mencerminkan ke-pro-an dia.

4) Selain Afza, Ahmad pun bawak datang ex-bro jugak (Syahir, Class of 96). Nasib baik Leman tak bawak ex-bros kami, kalau tak ha ha Chibiok dah abandoned post and pi kejar A*ai ha ha ha.

After that, some of us adjourned to Penang Village for quick lunch. Semua bagi duit for Epit to settle, am very sure Epit made more money that day.

A week later, dikhabarkan Epit dah beli BB untuknya dan isteri tersayang.

I will let the photos and videos to do the rest :-)

Photos here: my FB, Madd's.

Komen-komen selepas pertandingan:

Pendeta Laaba:
"Ni bila nya kes nie, setau aku Bob the Butcher bukan regular bowlers pun... dia kaki snooker ada la... spent hundreds on snooker cue alone.... ingat nak suruh dia organize tourney snooker lak.. baru la Bob boleh mengganaz....

Mattop memang regular bowlers... tapi hari tu dia mengalah sebab nak kasik can untuk well kept secret weapon Idris, iaitu Hairul.... hehehehe...

Honestly, aku baru tau yg Madd pun regular bowlers... selama ni aku tau Champ, Mattop, Ein je yg regular... alih alih aku tgk Chibix dgn Madd muncul menarik bola bowling... bila aku tanya Chibix sejak bila dia ada bola bowling, dia jawab "sejak ada potongan 300 setahun untuk income tax..." hehehehe"

Pengantin Air Terjun:

"Konspirasi Terbesar Terbongkar

Rumah Idris sebenarnya telah mengadakan kem latihan pusat di mana mereka telah mengumpulkan semua ‘bowlers’ terhandal diketuai oleh En Hailzam di Kem PLKN di Mantin Negeri Sembilan.

En Hailzam yang diuar-uarkan tidak dapat hadir pada hari pertandingan, tiba-tiba telah hadir bersama sebuntil bola bowlingnya. Cubaan ‘hijacking’ oleh Bob Butcher tidak dapat mengurangkan jatuhan pin oleh En Hailzam.
En Hairul juga didapati telah dtg bersama bola sendiri, begitu juga dengan kapten Idris, En Nadzrie.
Perang saraf yang dilancarkan oleh Rumah Sulaiman, tidak mendatangkan hasil kecuali hanya dapat mengelakkan diri mereka dari berada di tempat tercorot.

Rumah Ahmad yang hadir tanpa kapten rumah mereka tetap berjuang habis-habisan dan kemungkinan mereka akan ‘selamanya berusaha’.

Tahniah diucapkan kepada ahli-ahli rumah Mohd Shah kerana hadir memeriahkan acara tersebut. Mereka menegaskan, setelah menjuarai acara Sukantara 2008, mereka tidaklah hairan untuk menang lagi, Cuma insya allah kami bukan tempat terakhir.

Md Shah:

"Rumah Hassan?
-Alamanda, putrajaya

Setelah bertahun-tahun hilang tanpa berita, ada ura-ura menyatakan Rumah Ahmad akan dibubarkan dan berpecah menjadi Rumah Hassan.

Pemilihan kapten rumah hassan telah pun mengundang kontroversi, di mana calon-calon kapten terdiri daripada suami yang sentiasa gersang di pantai timur tanahair dan bekas atlit bola sepak dan ragbi yang kini menetap di Putra Heights.

Kita boleh lihat dimana rumah Hassan telah mula mengumpul ahli-ahli yang baru dengan hadir ke Big Balls Yengko 2010 dengan memakai baju biru. Slogan baru? Hmmm….

Ulasan penulis – gasak la ko nak buek apo…"

Dikhabarkan lepas ni bowling tournament antara club/persatuan lak.

Ha ha sayur la Military Band macam ni - tak de sorang pun top bowler from band. 

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bowling Yengko 2010

Life dari Alamanda!

After all the hype and ego boasting in the emails, the inter-house bowling competition for 2010 is underway at Alamanda. The competition this year is even more unique with kiasuness taking over. After months of each house plotting secret trainings and secret weapons, this week Idris unveiled its own secret weapon - ex-jambu! Idris telah dibenarkan untuk membawa pemain import dari Class of 96.

So kami pun tibalah di Alamanda pagi-pagi lagi (OK, this only applies to the rest, I have to ask for 30 min respite just now). One by one jaguh2 dengan gear masing2 sampai. Antaranya Laaba dengan bola berkilat2 sama kilat dengan senyuman dia (siap dengan bandage di lengan, pergelangan tangan dan bahu!), Capoe, Chibiok dengan bola berkilat & cheering team sendiri dan lain-lain. Fadli baru call dan dalam perjalanan (seperti biasa kalau aktiviti riadah ni dia mesti lambat walaupun self proclaimed tea boy batch).

Setakat ini, yang hadir:

Ein & family
Mattop & family
Zaman & family
Suri & family
Toy & wife
Champ & wife
Fitt & wife
Rough without Kristi
Afza (pemain import) & family
Mpro & family
Chibiok & family
Pak Tuan
Idzam & family
Bob Butch & family
Hairul & family
Kuchai & big family (termasuk ipai duai)
Syam & family
Fadhil & girlfriend baru
Madd & camera baru
Fido (tanpa bini)

Setakat ni payah nak cakap house mana leading, tp Secretariat semua Leman. So kalau Leman tak menang banyak pun, banyak points penganjur ha ha ha.

Akan bersambung selepas ini.


1) Fadli masih lagi sesat di Kementerian Pertanian & Asas Tani mencari-cari presint.

2) Kepada yang bujang dan lontaran asyik senget ke sebelah, ada kemusykilan mengenai tahap guna tangan untuk aktiviti-aktiviti kurang bermanfaat.

3) Nampak gaya 2nd game pun still warm up game melihatkan kepada jatuhan pin.

4) Setakat ni tak de yang tergeliat sebab tersalah twist kaki masa baling