Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UniteFect di Paris @ Sessi Betik Bulan Ini

Laporan dari Doctor Giler aka DocMot (for Dr Moto) from Paris, hasil aktiviti membetik (yang dicover sebagai UniteFect chapter Europe):

Pada hari Jumaat petang yang lepas, di Kotaraya Paris, Perancis, aku kelaparan, maka aku pergi ke kedai Paki yg biasa aku pergi berhampiran dengan Hotel aku di Gare Du Nord. Kedai tersebut berada di kawasan halal dimana hampir seratus peratus restoran di situ Halal.

Pabila aku masuk ke dalam kedai itu, aku nampak seorang gadis bertudung membelakangi pintu masuk. Aku agak pasti itu rakyat Malaysia berdasarkan cara pemakaiannya.

Kemudian aku nampak minah ni bersama abang atau boypren ataupun suami terchenta. Mukanya tidak ku nampak kerana dia tunduk tapi mamat tu agak berisi juga lah.

Apabila mamat itu mengangkat kepalanya, aku rasa aku kenal mukanya itu .. tapi mukanya muka tension .. kenapa ? aku pun tak tahu ..

Setelah aku menunggu kedua dua merpati berjoli membuat order, aku pun tegur mamat tersebut .. Adakah anda Faidzal ? Mamat tu tengok aku .. dia tak cam aku ..

"Cis .. Pejal tak cam aku !!", kataku dalam hati

Aku pun mengenalkan diriku ... barulah dia cam aku .....

Aku masih kagum .. . setelah 15 tahun aku tak jumpa dia .. aku jumpa dia kat Paris, di kawasan tak touristik langsung, dan di kedai tersebut padahal ada 50 kedai lain yg berhampiran...

Setelah makan.. Pejal, Aini, Aku dan konco konco aku pi pekena kopi dan hot chocolate kat St Michel .. melihat night life di Kota Paris dan melihat gadis gadis yg lalu lalang di hadapan kami.

Majlis bersurai pukul 12 malam. Flight aku ke Malaysia 12 jam berikutnya.

Sekian laporan tak diundang.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Of Being Judgmental

We live in a very judgmental society.

In office, I watch with sadness how superiors pass judgments on their staff, usually without knowing much about the staff to begin with. Likewise, now that I am leaving the company, people are more forthcoming to share their views so I discover that even staff are as judgmental about their superiors – not much different compared to the superiors.

In school, adults become more judgmental every day.

In anything that goes wrong, very rarely I come across an expression of remorse, or a reflection of what could have been done differently, or a voluntary admission of guilt – on the part of the adults.

Teachers will point fingers to the students for not being bright. Either because the students sleep too much in the class, or they did not do what they were supposed to do, or anything else – but it’s usually the students’ fault. The fact that the boys started out as the top 100 Malay students in the country is often conveniently ignored.

I usually smile because to me, it’s really a catch-22 question.

If we say students do not understand, shouldn’t we wonder whether we are teaching them right that they don’t understand.

If we say they sleep too much, could it be that the way we regulate their routines is wrong that they do not have enough sleep?

If we say they look disinterested, is it not that it is our job to inspire them in the first place?

Is it not that as an adult with the upper hand, we always have the choice to change it for them?

I can always relate to this dilemma – because at work too, for every complaint that I make about my staff; I remind myself that I have a larger part to play because my influence as a boss is greater than theirs.

In the case of students, the buck must always stop with the adults, because they follow what we show them.

Unfortunately, we live in a very judgmental society.

Parents blame teachers and their children. Blame the teachers for not doing the job right. Blame the boys for getting the priority wrong, or for failing to see things the way we adult should. Teachers blame the children. The children burn the bridges and withdraw into their little own world.

In the end, we corrupt the very people we thought we were protecting and care for. That’s the price you pay for being judgmental.

One of the best blessings I got out of the five years spent coaching MCKK teams – is the lesson in life not to be judgmental.

Boys will be boys, one day they will come around (of course there are always dickhead amongst them – so long as you have given them a chance, if they blow it up it’s their own fault).

And I am so thankful to have been surrounded by a group of people who are not at all judgmental. Being around them reminds me that the only judgment that matters is His.


The following series are a good lesson of not being judgmental.


Badut and I went back to Kuala recently because we fear Mr Thaman and Mr Pala could have felt that we abandoned them – ever since they took over.

I spent the first day getting to know the Form 3 hockey players, as these are the backbone of the future team. Our hope rests with them for a turnaround and to bring back the sporting culture to MCKK.

Little ducklings being the little ducklings, did not say anything throughout the lunch. They smiled, nodded or shook their heads; or giggled once in a while when you mentioned anything pornographic.

Then we met Mr Thaman and Mr Pala the next day.

We asked about the boys. And they heaped praises after praises about the boys – how they are trying their best, how they have improved bit by bit, or even how they have grown up. Before we left, we dropped by at the hockey pitch and saw Mr Thaman sitting by Zul (one of the players) mending his (Zul's) hockey stick. It was a classic picture of one man's care for the youngling that transcended age, race or religion.

Many of our Malay teachers are so sensitive when we make comparisons. But I can’t but to compare. How I wish that the small segment Malay teachers, would have poured as much passion as these non-Malays, to look after the brightest of our brightest.


Ayu arranged for a surprised birthday do for Idzam – yes, we have hit the 32nd year of our physical being. Many others couldn’t make it so it was only myself, Joe, Epit and Aily (or nama manja Kak Yong he he).

It was a serene night. We had to put up with the lousiest pizza ever (charged so exorbitantly, considering there was no pizza sauce to begin with), but it was nice. We adjourned to Coffee Bean outside and discussions revolved around things that I never thought we would ever chat over coffee.

Fertility, family, priorities in life. And fertility again. And fertility (yes, I get the message loud and clear).

On behalf of all the Bapak Itiks who couldn’t make it there – Happy Birthday EZAM!

Many people asked how did we manage to stay focus with Mighty Ducks. My answer is simple – accept things as they are, celebrate people in all their differences and antics; do not judge each others’ commitment. Once we do not pre-judge, then everyone will do what they can and that’s how a team moves.


This is almost 2 months late.

We met with Cikgu Malek and Dr Mior Hamdan (both taught at MCKK in the period of 1988 to 2007) at this year’s PPM.

We had fun chatting and both validated our stories to the present boys of how casual things were back then.

“Dulu masa kami, kalau kami tengok junior tu selebet sikit ke, kurang ajar sikit, kami panggil senior cakap junior dia macam tu. Kemudian senior paham2 la apa dia kena buat..”

Both teachers are examples that we used to have really matured and non-judgmental teachers among us, hence why we too grew up not being judgmental.

Picnic Yengko

Since kucing aku dah gigit semua wire2 yang ada kat rumah ni, payoh bebenor nak berblog. Sampai tak sempat nak promo Picnic Yengko this weekend. So apalagas (dlm bahasa KNO, Kalai dll), jangan lupa picnic this weekend. Joe suruh aku goreng kucing aku as part of my potluck.

Pesanan dari KNO:

"kita x buat kat pool koleq k
x perlu bwk swimming trunk berbuckle besi corak bunga2 warna purple
kita buat kat rumah ajaq's @pd sabtu neh."

Saturday, July 04, 2009

H1N1 and MCKK

"salam.. Update bulletin: dikatakan match rugby vaji dibatalkan dek h1n1.. nanti sy confirm balik tghari ni.."

9:43:50 am

"Ehm, x confirm lg.. bdk vaji da sampai sejak jumaat lg..adasorang kena masuk hops smlam.."

1:43:09 pm

"Ya..rugby x de"

2:24:11 pm

"Abg ****, match rugby vaji memang dibatalkan dek h1n1..ehm, x tau nak ckp apa.."

4:32:45 pm

I got the message earlier on - I thought it was a joke.

So the boys kept sending SMS throughout the day. They usually have more time during the weekend so they SMS a lot more.

Was driving back and bumped with Nale 92 @ Bentong. He was on the way to Cherating after his family holiday had to be rerouted. What a downgrade, from Melbourne to Cherating - all because of H1N1.

I called Holland (the hockey captain) just to find out how they have been doing with the hockey t-shirt to collect funds for the team.

Then I found out that he has been quarantined, together with seven others - they were among the people who have had contacts with the Vaji boy who was confirmed to have been infected with H1N1.

He sounded jovial, joking around that he has not been successful at trying to get a jambu (apparently he has been trying very hard! A goal he wants to achieve before leaving the school). He laughed when I asked whether he has enough clean clothe and boxers - I am not sure whether they understand the magnitude of it all, so I am sure they might not be as prepared with the things they wanted to bring in.

Asked about whether his parents knew - he said yes.

We were laughing all along and I told him not to worry about it, it'll be fine.

5 hours later, reading the news report etc. suddenly it sinks in.

What if he really got infected too?

What if the school has to be closed temporarily - what if it spreads?

Over the last 6 years, each year we look after nearly 70+ people directly (whether they are debaters, hockey players or F1 kids) or easily 200+ whom we had encountered indirectly.

The thought that anyone of them is exposed to this, is quite unthinkable.

Hope all will turn out well for Holland and the others. I know that he (Holland) can be mistaken for a mentally and socially retarded boy (ha ha), but he has provided so much joy for the last 3 years (oo well, 2 years actually, in the first year we knew him - he didn't say a single word).

Who would have thought that MCKK is infected with H1N1, of all places!

Pelajar Dari Thailand Disahkan Hidapi Selesema Babi Di MCKK

KUALA KANGSAR, 4 Julai (Bernama) -- Seorang pelajar dari Thailand yang tiba di Maktab Melayu Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) di sini dikesan positif menghidapi virus selesema babi (H1N1) Sabtu.

Menurut sumber, kes import itu dikesan apabila pelajar terbabit tiba di MCKK di sini untuk mengadakan perlawanan bola sepak persahabatan dengan pasukan MCKK.

Pelajar berkenaan sedang dikuarantin di MCKK selama seminggu dengan diawasi pihak kesihatan daerah, bersama sebahagian orang yang mempunyai kontak dengan pelajar itu, katanya ketika dihubungi di sini.

Beliau berkata pelajar berkenaan didapati mempunyai simptom menghidapi virus H1N1 ketika beliau tiba di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Bayan Lepas di Pulau Pinang semalam dan tidak pasti mengapa pelajar itu tidak dikuarantinkan.

Katanya pengawasan ketat sedang dilakukan di MCKK dan setakat ini tiada lagi melibatkan kes tempatan.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kesihatan, Kerajaan Tempatan, Alam Sekitar dan Pengangkutan Awam Negeri, Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon mengesahkan kes berkenaan, bersama beberapa orang pelajar.


In KUALA KANGSAR, a Thai student, who arrived here with his teammates for a soccer friendly with the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) today, was confirmed with the influenza A.

A source said the student and several teammates, who had been in contact with him, had been placed under quarantine at the MCKK.

The student was believed to have developed influenza A(H1N1) symptoms on arrival at the Bayan Lepas International Airport yesterday, he said when contacted today.

Perak Health, Local Government, Environment and Public Transport Committee chairman Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon confirmed the case - NST

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

MCOBA Futsal 2009

At the risk of being voted out from the Warta KPKM’s editorship (version 2009), I hereby present the report for the last weekend’s MCOBA Futsal.


Pada tanggal 28 Jun 2009 yang lepas, pasukan futsal dari Batch 94 telah menghantar 3 pasukan menyertai acara tahunan pertandingan futsal antara tingkatan yang dianjurkan oleh MCOBA. MCOBA adalah singkatan kepada Persatuan Murid Tua Kolej Melayu.

Persiapan bagi pertandingan futsal ini telah bermula sejak seminggu lalu. Ketua Pasukan, Sdr Idzam Noor mengambil masa selama enam hari untuk mengesahkan nama-nama pemain, kerana berlaku banyak perubahan. Akibat sambutan yang menggalakkan, akhirnya Batch 94 dapat menghantar 3 pasukan iaitu kontinjen terbesar di kalangan murid tua berumur 30 tahun ke atas. Baki masa sehari digunakan untuk mengadakan latihan secara bersepadu; iaitu setiap pemain diberi peluang menyepak bola selama beberapa minit memandangkan hanya ada dua jam sahaja bagi tujuan latihan pada malam Rabu yang lepas.

Ketua Pasukan, Sdr Idzam menerangkan kepada krew Warta bahawa matlamat ketiga-tiga pasukan adalah untuk mendapatkan tempat, tidak kira dalam apa-apa kategori pun. Satu lagi strategi Batch 94 adalah dengan menghantar dua pasukan untuk bertanding dalam kategori Veteran dan satu pasukan bertanding dalam kategori Terbuka.

Menurut Sdr Idzam juga, strategi rahsia Batch 94 adalah dengan menukar nama pasukan untuk mengabui mata lawan. Pasukan yang paling berpotensi yang diwakili oleh mereka di bawah berat 70 kg diberi nama “Gemuk94” (atau G94) dengan harapan ini boleh melalaikan lawan mereka yang akan beranggapan mereka akan berhadapan dengan pemain yang kurang mampu berlari. Pasukan yang mempunyai sedikit kelemahan dari segi kepantasan kerana berat badan mereka pula diberi nama “Kurus94” (atau K94) dengan harapan ia akan menakutkan lawan dan melemahkan semangat mereka.

Satu lagi pasukan yang mempunyai julat berat badan antara 60 kg hingga 140 kg diberi nama GemukKurus94 dan dihantar sebagai pasukan pemerhati untuk menilai kekuatan pasukan lain, sebagai persediaan bagi pertandingan tahun depan. Oleh sebab itu, mereka memakai jersey dengan label “Research” yang bermaksud pasukan pengkaji.

Sepanjang kejohanan, berlaku banyak peristiwa yang menarik. Salah satu daripadanya ialah apabila seorang pemain K94 melakukan aksi “The Thing” (watak dari komik Fantastic Four) dengan berdiri teguh dihadapan seorang pemain yang berusia 10 tahun lebih tua daripadanya sehingga pemain itu terpelanting jatuh. Pemain K94 itu iaitu Sdr Syam Hakimi, apabila ditanya mengenai aksi beliau, berkata “Saya tidak bersalah”.

Seorang lagi pemain dari pasukan G94 pula menyumbat gol sendiri. Pemain tersebut iaitu Sdr Khairul Nizam Mois atau Kalai dari rumah Sulaiman, mengakui bahawa persembahannya dalam permainan itu tidak memberangsangkan kerana terlalu banyak menghabiskan masa sebelum itu untuk cuba melawak.

Tokoh pemain sepanjang perlawanan adalah Sdr Didee Ezral (juga dikenali Sdr Chibix) yang berjaya merampas bola dari penjaga gol Batch 92 dan melakukan pusingan 180 darjah walaupun beratnya yang menghampiri 100 kg dikira sukar untuk menyempurnakan pusingan tersebut. Ketangkasan beliau membolehkan pasukan K94 menjuari bahagian veteran bagi kategori pasukan yang kalah semasa pertandingan kumpulan (atau disebut sebagai “plate”).

Keputusannya adalah membanggakan kerana pasukan K94 berjaya menjuarai bahagian veteran, pasukan G94 pula menjadi naib johan bahagian terbuka sementara pasukan GK94 tewas di tangan K94 di peringkat separuh akhir veteran (semuanya bagi kategori pasukan yang kalah pertandingan kumpulan).

Pihak Warta juga sempat menemuramah En Rudi Hakimi, bekas EXCO Penerangan KPKM. Menurut beliau, acara seperti ini adalah penting bukanlah semata-mata demi kemenangan, tetapi sebagai alasan untuk mengumpulkan seberapa ramai ahli Batch 94 untuk acara makan minum selepas itu. Acara pada kali ini telah berjaya mengumpulkan lebih 30 orang ahli dari batch ini.

Ditanya mengenai perkembangan terbaru beliau, En Rudi menceritakan rasa kesal beliau kerana selalu menimbulkan masalah kepada Ustaz Latib kerana sukar bangun subuh sehingga terpaksa dikejutkan setiap pagi. Beliau yang kini bertugas sebagai seorang pensyarah bahagian Senireka di Insitut Senireka MARA menceritakan rasa sedih beliau apabila pelajar-pelajar beliau enggan bangun Subuh setiap pagi walaupun beliau telah berkali-kali menjerit. Beliau berpendapat tugas sebagai seorang warden benar-benar mencabar dan berharap dapat belajar dari pengalaman Ustaz Latib untuk menjadi seorang warden yang baik.

Di akhir pertandingan, kesemua ahli Batch 94 berangkat untuk menjamu selera di Restoran Pelita. Dilaporkan lebih 40 ketul ayam dihabiskan oleh mereka.

Kesimpulannya, matlamat Batch 94 dalam pertandingan futsal anjuran MCOBA kali ini telah mencapai objektif.

Dilaporkan oleh:
Akram Othman
Warta Krew (Tingkatan 2)


This is how Picca would have written it. No wonder after that he was permanently assigned to design job and was never allowed to write any articles anymore ha ha ha.