Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MCKK 100 Years: Reflection I

I came back from the long weekend yesterday, still in withdrawal syndrome and now is buried in the mountains of work that does not seem to go away, no matter how late you stay back in office.

It was a wonderful and colourful weekend that I will not forget forever - a weekend full of events and twist and turns that was ended with a car accident! But I will reserve everything for later blogs, when I have enough time to blog.

For the time being, let's share this one piece of article that I think is one of the best ever written on Malay College lately. It cannot be truer than what (Dr. - I think, ex-Renong?) Ramli Mohamad wrote.

There was one assessment (psycho assessment of some sort that I had to go through in one of those assessment workshops you often have to attend nowadays) that I was asked to describe my greatest fear.

I had always known my greatest fear since my time in Malay College - the fear of being mediocre, the fear of being indifferent and the fear of leading an ordinary life. At least now I know I am not the only one who has lived with the fear so far.

Anyway, enjoy the article. I will definitely write to (Dr.) Ramli personally to say thanks for a wonderful article.

Making a difference by being different
Ramli Mohamad
Mar 27:

This year, the Malay College, Kuala Kangsar, turns 100.

Yesterday, there was a traffic jam of sorts on the north-south expressway to and fro Kuala Kangsar in both directions as alumni from several generations balik kampung to join in the centennial celebrations at the school.

I was only 12 and just over four feet short in January 1968 when I took my train journey from Wakaf Baru in Kelantan to Kuala Kangsar.

It was the first time I had travelled out of Kelantan and I was unaccompanied, but was happy and full of anticipation. I had been circumcised kampung style just two weeks before that and the wound had not completely healed, but to be accepted into MCKK was the ultimate in childhood achievement and no amount of pain or fear was going to dent my spirits.

For the next five-and-three-quarter years the school would be more than a place of learning and passing examinations for me. It would be a home and sanctuary as well, shielding me from the vicissitudes of a nascent nation trying to find its way in a turbulent era.

I am now half a century old and will not miss the centennial celebrations for anything. This, for my class, is the 50/100 year, or 50/50 year, depending on how you look at it.

The Malay College was different, and still is different. The characters it has produced – sultans, a prime minister, deputy prime ministers, ministers, opposition leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate and civil service leaders, generals, police chiefs, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, professors, and bankers – contributed in immeasurable ways to the ascent of this nation. In many ways good, in some ways not so good, but mostly in ways that are different and would evoke opinionated discussions.

In time, perhaps the Malay College would be judged and remembered for its cricket and rugby glory years when it was run by the British. Or perhaps for producing Tun Abdul Razak. Or perhaps for producing Anwar Ibrahim. Or for producing a group of people who don’t know how to mix with anyone else. Or for the rebels and radicals who have passed through the school.

The one thing that I am certain about is no one who ever went to the Malay College can say that the school did not change their lives.

Children in shorts would go there and graduate as men, wiser, braver and more importantly, more tolerant to the idiosyncrasies of others.

Most Malay Collegians do not judge each other, especially if they are from the same class. Most of us have not really grown up or become much wiser than when we were at the school.

It’s as if whatever you remember of one classmate in his last year at school will be what you assume he is like today, no matter what his age, no matter how many children or grandchildren he has, no matter his position in society or the state of his financial health.

Yes, he may be extremely highly educated or extremely rich or extremely poor, but his mannerisms, attitudes, outlook would not have changed much. If he was clever then, he is likely to be clever now. If he was organised then, he is likely to be organised today. If he was a crook then, he is likely to be a crook now. If he was stingy then, he is likely to be stingy now. If he was manipulative then, he is likely to be manipulative now. If he was radical then, he is likely to be radical today.

Whether the Malay College alumni realise it or not, all their growing up was done at the school. The mould was so powerful that nothing that happened afterwards changed the shape of the man substantially. The school shaped and froze our characters permanently.

And I believe all who went to the Malay College have one common factor in their character – the desire to be different, to make a difference.

Being indifferent or neutral is just not acceptable. And this more often than not causes problems, because we are a species which evolved almost in isolation. Our ideals are often beyond the comprehension of the rest of the world. What we value and cherish are sometimes meaningless to others.

What we admire in others, if we can find anything to admire, are reflections of ourselves and our egos. We fight and are willing to die for principles which others see as not worth being agitated about.

We want so much for a whole nation to trust us, believe in us, to follow us, but our efforts will mostly be futile because of the very reason that we are trying to force that shift in mindset – because we are different.

But I, like most Malay Collegians, will stubbornly battle on. In time, perhaps the world will see our point of view.

In time, perhaps one of us will lead again and will persuade the nation to agree with our beliefs. In time, perhaps we will have enough money to buy the changes we seek. In time, perhaps there will be enough Malay Collegians to shift votes and influence elections. In time perhaps there will be an Aristotle or Keynes or Einstein or Marx among us who will influence and revolutionise human thought.

We survived a hundred years, we waited a hundred years, we have been trying for a hundred years. What’s another hundred years, or two hundred, or a thousand, to change the world...

It would be a sin to pass our lives on this planet and to be remembered for being ordinary. Let’s continue to be different, so that we can make a difference.

The writer attended the Malay College from January 1968 to August 1973. He is Chairman and CEO of Macroworks Sdn Bhd, a management consulting firm. He can be reached at ramli.mohamad@macroworks.cc

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Sampin(g) Journeys To Kuala

So it begins. We are all converging to KL today from all parts of Peninsular Malaysia (well not the North obviously, there's no point in going down to KL only to drive back to the North) before we make our way to Ipoh, then to Kuala Kangsar.

I can't describe how excited I am, it's once in a life time experience (the fact that there will be gajah around KK adds to the excitement).

I am taking a bus so that I don't have to drive and can read for my exam - but it's also been a while since I last took a bus ride. Jita left his sampin(g) in Kerteh, so I have to collect it from Nazma (the girlfriend) and bring it to KL.

Everyone has already prepared an inventory of CDs that we are going to play in the journey to Kuala - my car has Fazurin, so I bet there'll be some serious karaoke-ing.

Tomorrow is the real event, I have also planned to visit Smash after the procession.

* ps - My office mate was quite amused that I've been on the phone regularly lately to people I call "cikgu", considering at this age I should be the cikgu.

* pps - Will update the blog from KK if I have the connection.

* ppps - Opps kena gi mandi, bus in one hour's time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

26 March 2005

It's a few days away from the big day and things are beginning to move (finally). We did not get a bus since we don't have a driver who can manoeuvre around East Wing's sharp bend (ha ha please take this as a compliment to Latoque) - so we'll be going in groups. The plan is to convoy, although I am pretty much certain it will not work.

Some of us are really tied up with so much work in office (or maybe just myself), but it's something we really look forward to. It's one big pilgrimage back to the place we love so much and we identify with so much.

There was a time in a huge management function that one MCKK old boy was telling how the best time of his life was during his teenage years (he did not mention he was from MCKK, but he was commenting how he enjoyed seeing adults having fun in the activities planned in the function, since he felt the last time he was really happy was when he was 17). A colleague whispered to me that he (the MCKK old boy) must be a boring person - but quietly I agreed with him (the old boy). The last time I really laughed must have been way back in the early 90s.

To MCKK and the big family that it is - it's the greatest privilege to be a part of you and to be around witnessing the historic celebration on 26 March. I hope those who come after us love the place as much as we do.

Wong 22/03/2005 01:50 PM

Woit...kauorang-kauorang nak balik Koleq nanti camner... what time you guys push-off from KL or from other places...arriving kat Koleq....pukul brapa ??

And semua nak pakai full malay ker nanti...?? kang nanti tetiba aku sorang tercangak-cangak pakai macam orang bodoh..baik tak payah....

Then.. ada apa-apa nak buat tak.. at least pegi makan-makan or anybody joining Garden Party... or Parti Padang senang nama melayu... mana ada garden kat Koleq..

Abon 22/03/2005 02:11 PM


Chibiok offer umah nenek dia kalau nak lepak. Try contact dia. At least dekat sikit kat KK. Aku tau ko nie liat sikit nak bangun pagi...........

Suri 22/03/2005 02:15 PM

aku kopem balik this weekend. kalo boleh aku tumpang org lain sbb lutut aku dok ketaq lg. susah nk long distance drive. tp kalo tak dak seat kosong, aku drive jer. anybody nk join blh.

reserve 1 place kt grandview k. aku sure mampuih korang akan puas hati ngan hotel tu provided korang ambik 'extra service' kt situ. hong kong, taiwan, thai, china etc etc... or u can consider aqua2 kt tepi kfc 24hrs kt jln cockman.

kalo boleh aku nak balik kl sat mlm tu sbb my wife ada exam the next morning. if kopem kena pakai sampin koleq, anyone ada extra? pinjam...!!

Bobo 22/03/2005 02:54 PM

jalan cockman = nama jalan betul ke nih? giler dodgy..

aku pun memerlukan seunit kain samping..

Bobo 22/03/2005 02:57 PM

ko lupe aku ada... sah-sah aku akan kejutkan diorang sembahyang subuh..

ETA ko kat KL kol baper? kalau betul kate abon i.e. ko susah bangun pagitu, probably 1000 to 1100hrs kot.. sempat lagi kalau aku bertolak dari kerteh subuh jumaat tuh..

Mpro 22/03/2005 03:19 PM

aku baru dapat info from radin..... kereta pagi tu akan banyak gila masuk KK..... so, macam mana tu.... aku ingat macam nak pegi pukul 2 pagi je...

Bobo 22/03/2005 03:23 PM


a friendly reminder:
pukul 2 pagi aktiviti kita kat ipoh baru nak bermula..

Suri 22/03/2005 03:24 PM

betul la nama jalan dia mcm tu... ntah kenapa ayam kfc kt situ lebih sedap drp tmpt lain...

sampin ke samping? mana pakar bahasa?

aku akan drive from kl. bertolak from kl might b lambat sket. >5pm kot. lgpun korang janji 5pm sure tak jd nyer sbb setahu aku tak dak yg bukan melayu kt sini. sesaper nak tumpang aku dipersilakan... tambang ikut tambang bas express kl-ipoh jer... tak dak muzik sbb aku ada keset org ngaji jer. no smoking and off course no farting.

Mpro 22/03/2005 03:54 PM

Aku hantar email tu sebelum aku baca suri punya email... setelah membaca suri punya email pasal hong kong lah, taiwan lah.... aku ubah fikiran.... kita pegi pukul 5.30 pagi...

Wong 22/03/2005 4:08 PM

Aku akan push-off dr Shah Alam dalam lingkungan time tuh gak pukul 2.00 pagi.......pas tuh sembahyang Subuh kat Masjid Ridzawniah... parking keter kat Rahmaniah... then..pegi breakfast..bataq kat...SAAAAAAUUUUUUDDDDDD....!!!..then baru tengok gajah...!!

Chibiox 22/03/2005 04:15 PM


Jalan kat KK tutup starting mlm tu lagi. So jgn haraplah nak parking dekat 2x dgn koleq. Pikir-pikir kan !!!!! Tengok website MCKK tu then dlm tu ade tunjuk jln mana yg tutup

Abon 22/03/2005 04:19 PM

Sapa yg pi sana tu pls jaga empro..........dia takleh dengar pasal extra service nie...........

Mpro 22/03/2005 04:36 PM

Sapa yang tak pi sana tu pls jgn menyampuk......

Fadli 22/03/2005 04:27 PM

email planning nak balik KOLEQ memang mengalahkan nak organise UN punya General Assembly..

memnang tak mengucap.. anyway, enjoylah rakan rakan.. ingatlah daku dalam ke'enjoy'nan mu ..


so how ?? korang semua balik is it ?

Fadli 22/03/2005 04:29 PM


make sure korang ambik gambar banyak banyak and antar dalam email ke upload into any website keeee..

aku very the interested nak tengok gajah gajah berkeliaran di KK...

Wong 22/03/2005 04:33 PM

Camnie...baik aku naik motor dah ler.... balik KK..tak der sakit kepala nak parking keter... siap dgn gajah-gajah tuh aku kejar nanti....!!

Rough 22/03/2005 4:27 PM

Pulak.... mcm ni aku kena relive zaman kegemilangan cross country aku laaa, berjalan jauh2 ke koleq? Kurus laa aku...

Chamat 22/03/2005 04:40 PM

Bukan kau jaga check point ke tiap2 tahun?

Friday, March 18, 2005

McD Club March 2005 // Amon’s Bachelor’s Party

Focus on the abdomen area

I bet RM100 this will grow by at least 3 inches

In absence of erotic nude photos (yes, there are non-erotic nude photos believe me) or strippers to entertain Amon, we had to bring Ayai as a substitute. Ayai was flown specifically from KL for the Bachelor’s Party (and while he was there on such an official business, he took the opportunity to carry out audit work for Jita’s plant too).

Among the itinerary for the night:

- tips to Amon on what not to do when *ehem ehem* which includes "don’t do whatever Bobo does e.g. at least leave some light on so that *ehem ehem* otherwise jadi macam Bobo *ehem ehem*

- tips on what to do (I had no part in this one) which includes gambir Sarawak (?) (obviously from Bobo!)

- compulsory bad-mouthing of certain individuals in our batch

- compulsory reminiscence of what was it like to feast on Mak Cik Kapet and Noni for full 5 years

- optional discussion on who was actually the bini tua – Mak Cik Kapet or Mak Cik Kemboja?

Amon could not spend the entire night with us, as he had to rush back to his office to complete a bidding proposal, 3 days before his big day. Nuddin came a bit later because he was on a day shift and had to complete an appraisal session with his superior at around 8 pm (I would have cursed my boss for four generations if he ever asked me to do my appraisal at 8 pm!). He looked happy enough that night – so I took it all went well.

I had heard and laughed so many times before at the story about a guy from Nuddin’s batch who was in love with a Mak Cik canteen in 1997 that they ran away together – since we never got tired of it, we went through the story all over again and laughed our heads off all over again.

* As I blog this, I realised I had told the stories, listened to the stories and wrote about the stories so many times, but we never hesitated to repeat everything all over again each time we meet each other.

** Bobo asked this question more than 10 times that night to Amon – “Kenapa kau nak kahwin?”, to which Amon could not answer, although it was very obvious he meant “the same reason you got married – the part where you switch off the light completely”

*** According to Bobo and Ayai (both are married men), XXX belly is a plus point if you are a married man, but not when you are still single. I have consulted a few reference materials to check whether protruding belly gives any advantage to love making and could not find any evidence to support the hypothesis – so I guess the only reason why an XXX belly is a plus point for married men, is because the spouse thinks no other woman would be attracted to you.

Pictures here

Friday, March 11, 2005

Class of 2004

Class of 2004 just launched their webpage at Class of 2004, rather impressive considering 10 years ago, when the majority of us stepped out of MCKK gates, Internet was a distant idea that we couldn't quite fathom. Kudos.

Anyway, apparently the SPM story was not that grim. We came out better than quite a lot of other SBPs, although these are the traditional schools which may be facing similar problems like us. I think the "threats" (if you can call it such) do not necessarily come from the traditional SBP schools, but from the day schools and the mushrooming MRSMs and new SBPs.

But if it were true that we came out better than previous years - then thank God.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

SPM 2004

I got tips from sources in Kuala Kangsar on koleq’s results for last year’s SPM. While the country is still in awe of the achievement of this one girl who achieved 17A1s, the big Malay College family does not have a reason to celebrate it seems, for early analysis shows steep drop in quantity compared to the previous year’s results.

The only information I managed to extract so far is the number of straight As and 10A1s. Only 27 got straight As, compared to 40 plus the previous year. Only 4 people scored 10A1s, compared to 9 the previous year.

Although full analysis is not out yet, it is not a good start. I am quite confident the picture is grimmer when the full analysis is out.


Each year many of us wait eagerly for some good news or sign of “recovery” from Kuala, but it’s been a pretty long wait.

Anyway, on a lighter mood, we had only own analysis on the results.

Fadli March 10, 2005 4:41 PM

siapa dapat 17 A1 ???
dont tell me sekarang ni ada orang ambik sampai 17 subject ??

tak de life is it ??

Abon 10/03/2005 04:49 PM

Takpe fadli, kalau ko nak next year ko ambik SPM skali lagi..........

Fadli 10/03/2005 04:42 PM

So kesimpulannya sekali lagi dari analysis kau Rough adalah:

ie babi lagi bijak dari beruk..
so how ?

TUT TUT 10/03/2005 04:59 PM

ie babi lagi bijak dari beruk..

dalam ramai2 yang score tuh, baper percent anjing?
i.e. anjing paling tak bijak? he he he...

Bobo 10/03/2005 05:20 PM

aku rasa laa..

kalau korang quit koleq awal2 mesti dah jadi lebih bijak..
amalina tuh quit TKC ngan STF (how? F1 masuk TKC, F4 masuk STF?) boleh score 17A1..

rugi la korang tak quit koleq..

contoh terdekat..
aweng quit koleq, dapat jadi best student agama SPM skolah die..
so kalau korang, multiply that by 20...

Fadli 10/03/2005 05:43 PM

aku rasa theory Bobo boleh dipakai..
amalina dapat 17A1 sebab dia keluar STF and keluar TKC

so kesimpulannya, suruh anak anak korang masuk Koleq, lepas 1,2 tahun, blah balik sekolah local masing masing..eg: SK Menengah Ulu Tiram ..
then sure score punya dalam exam..

so how ?


As we are approaching the 100 Years Celebration, there have been a lot of discussions on where do we go from here. This one from a friend is pretty interesting:

Bros -

Of course dulu dengan sekarang tak sama, but then what are we celebrating? Are we not celebrating the past? Even in this egroup everyone seems to have a gripe about the present and few want/can to do something about the future. So we dwell in the past, getting further away from the present as we grow older...

Nostalgia is selective memory, but I dare anyone to go to MCKK today and not say things were better then. Even boys who left two years ago say things are worse
now. I only have a gap of fifteen years between my final exeat and now yet decay has quite clearly not been arrested.

Quite obviously many share Azli Jamil's view that more substantial, lasting monuments (and I don't meant statues or the few "nesan Cina" in front of Big School) should be built, but how, and can we do so without any active support from Powers-that-be, etc?

So we end up building little monuments in the hearts and minds of current Collegians because that's the only thing we can afford to do...

Today, Alam Shah has better buildings and facilities, countless MARA colleges have better results, every SPM or PMR results announcement tear MCKK further and further away from academic excellence, we make up nationalistic history to cover up the historical truth behind the foundation of the school, bring rajas on elephants whose ancestors tried to stop our fathers from having a proper education and we fete a few effeminate figures who happen to be current ministers while forgetting the true heroes borne by our classrooms and dorms who die nameless and unmourned.

"Every generation, blames the one before;
And all their frustrations, competing on my door"

Sorry, just willing away the time waiting for Bro Zaim to call

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another One Joining The Other Group

Amon is getting married in 2 weeks' time. This is the very little junior that when I was in Form 5 he was so small he would have passed for a F1 (read Form One, not Formula One). I am still superior to him vertically and horizontally, but when it comes to marriage - he is speeding well ahead of us (that is Jita, Allen, Fadli, Bobo - on and off - the few others who have not graced marriage).

We have styled our regular McD Club for this month as a bachelor's party for Amon, although one cannot begin to imagine what kind of bachelor's party McDonald would allow to take place at its premise, let alone when the premise is in Terengganu. I am still determined that the party must feature something nude (no thanks Jita, we'll be fine without your stripping), but I have to find ways to smuggle it to McD next week.

Good luck to Amon, I wonder what preoccupies would be married man 2 weeks before the big day. Is it the nighty nighty experience, is it the wedding itself? Although I don't belong to the group yet - I am pretty sure I would be tearing my hairs lamenting the ending of my free life as a free man, doing anything and everything I want to do in the free world (which may explain why I am not in the group yet).

I need to go home and fine nude materials for Amon's bachelor's party.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Satu Hari Di Hari Jumaat

Friday is always boring and most of the times Friday is filled with useless meetings and office cleaning activities. Statistically, Friday is also the most active day of the week in terms of e-mails exchanged between batch members.

The batch net has been pretty quiet lately with people so busy with their own things. Luckily Pyan sent a short e-mail to inform everyone about one of our batchmates’ wedding (he left after Form 1, apparenty he was already on the train to KK when he decided to turn back. We never saw him after that and it remains a mystery what prompted him to quit koleq).

From there it snowballed into something else and by 5 pm, I was really glad that we had had the e-mails coming every minute, because it made the day flew very quickly.

This is a transcript of e-mails on a typical Friday*

*mind you, by corporate IT policies, all of us would have been sacked for abusing office e-mail facility ha ha

Pyan 03/03/2005 02:16 PM
Saje je nak hebah2kan...

Fadli 03/03/2005 04:29 PM
mintak maaf..siapa Amai.. my memory is deteriorating..

Mpro 03/03/2005 04:28 PM
Amai sapa ha?

Pyan 03/03/2005 04:39 PM
shahrulzamal bakri (jambu top list)...kalah bobo kot masa tu...

Gadap 03/03/2005 04:54 PM
Bobo pernah tersenarai sbgai jambu ker?

Pyan 03/03/2005 4:57 PM
dia kawin kat jb. wife dia stewardess, org jb gak..
amai skang kat keja sg petani kalau x silap aku..
bobo..aku mintak maap...tapi aku rasa masa tu ko belum menyinar betul2 kot.. ntah2 ko yang pressure dia suh keluar koleq so that ..........
ko boleh mangambil takhta.....hehehe

Wong 03/03/2005 05:03 PM
Alamak stewardess ....????? but I'm very sure.. bukan muka Amai yang dalam 'Kehidupan Pramugara melampau' tuh....
Yang jantan tuh..macam badak air ada lah... ha..ha..ha..
Aku sokong theory conspiracy Pyan... may be Bobo yang pressure Amai kot..tak pung suruh Nik Azhar kacau usik Amai masa tuh...masa Kak Ramlah mai....

Abon 03/03/2005 05:08 PM
Fadli tak ingat aku boleh considerla sebab rival...........Tapi empro tak ingat aku ada musykil sikit..

Mpro 03/03/2005 05:33 PM
White people is not my type la abon.... for me, black is beauty... by the way, amai ni, tak de nickname lain ke.... birdie tak sama dgn amai ke?

Bobo 03/03/2005 06:22 PM
mana ada kot-kot pyan... mmg kalah teruk.. mcm arsenal lawan team bola 3PK1 ..

Bobo 03/03/2005 06:25 PM
mpro tak nampak orang cerah/putih.. mata die boleh detect/attracted kat yang gelap ngan hitam jer..

Rough 03/03/2005 6:24 PM
eh eh helllo......
masa projek lepas srp - 3 PK 1 champion football inter class defeating 3SPU 1 ye.... and kau masa tu tak contribute to that sebab kau kat PK2 kan ha ha.... selamba kutuk 3 PK 1.......

Wong 04/03/2005 08:14 AM
Woi selamba kutuk 3PK1... bengang nie.... !!! at least kitaorang yang tak der player SBP pung boleh menang dgn SPU1 tuh..siap bola boleh masuk celah kangkang Butcher lagi...!!!

Jures 04/03/2005 09:31 AM
I'll vouch to that.
Waktu mula2 masuk dulu, mati2 aku ingat birdie ni kakak sapa entah. Ngan suara halus (chirpy) dia waktu tu, memang aku ingat dia pompuan. Sekali, tengok2 rupanya dia yang masuk koleq...hehehe.
Jadi nak compare bobo ngan birdie memang antara langit dengan bumi. Not on the same plane actually. Ahaks. Jangan marah bobo hehehe.

Auzir 04/03/2005 09:32 AM
Birdie tu Amai la ngok ngek. Dia punyer katil atas aku masa F1! Macam mana batch sendiri tak ingat ni. Hoi!

Auzir 04/03/2005 09:38 AM
Oi! Yang masuk celah kangkang butcher tu masa batch kita (F2) lawan F3. Bila lakm PK 1 beat SPU 1 ni. Mustahil!

Rough 04/03/2005 10:22 AM
With this one, aku agree ngan Mahathir:
"Melayu mudah looooopa"
Selamba tak nak ngaku..... just sebab aku ada kat PK1 tak semestinya semua yang lain tak gheti main bola.... (aku pun gheti jugak main bola albeit a different set of balls)... kitorang menang big time ngan korang laaa dulu.....
Underdog match of the year apa masa tu ha ha ha....

Fazurin 04/03/2005 10:26 AM
aku sumpah tak ingat this so-called "match of the year", meskipun aku murtad SPU1 (sebab tak reti guna ketam dan selalu kena marah dengan Thaman Singh) dan masuk PK1.

Auzir 04/03/2005 10:30 AM
Ha Rough!
Camner! Fazurin yang kira bukan melayu sikit ni (aka Hindustan) pun tak boleh recall. Memang tak pernah kalah punyer!

Wong 04/03/2005 10:52 AM
Memang Auzir mudah lupa....!!! selamba tak nak ngaku... aku ingat woi.... kauorang SPU1 kalah 2-1.... aku score sebijik ..pas tuh Fitt score
sebijik.... masa tuh Butcher jadik keeper kauorang... Zahadin defender kauorang....
Rough kitaorang punyer pom-pom boy masa tuh...!!!

Badut 04/03/2005 11:04 AM
yelah.......pk 1 menang..masa tue syam dgn picca frust giler..............................;)....kita class mat nerd ker ruff?

Mpro 04/03/2005 11:19 AM
Tak dak la nerd sangat sebab epit pun dalam kelas tu kan?

Rough 04/03/2005 11:02 AM

For the benefit orang2 yang tak pernah kenal Birdie (or dah lupa Birdie), aku attachkan gambo Birdie (also for the benefit of closeted Birdie FC member macam Jures, jangan tunjuk kat bini udoh)....
Ha ha muka mcm Amy Mastura? (or is it just aku kelabu mata...)
* Disclaimer - bukan aku yang ambik gambo ni....

Mpro 04/03/2005 11:19 AM
Ambik gambar is not the issue ruff.... tapi ko still simpan gambar ni, is the main issue now.... macam mana ko justify tu.... tak capability building langsung

Fazurin 04/03/2005 11:11 AM
kau simpan gambar ni?
amai fan club tu, engkau ke presidennya?

Rough 04/03/05 11:23 AM
Ha ha aku dah agak dah, sure ada fitnah lepas ni...
Let me explain (although sumpah korang tak caya).... aku simpan copy website batch on my laptop as a back up... yang mula2 scan gambo this and upload to the batch website was Jures, so he was the one who had the picture in the first place (or Joe, since Joe pun tolong maintain jugak masa tu).
So aku ada gambar ni kira co-incidence laaa..... not purposely...... (sumpah korang tak caya).
* aku tak de gambar Bobo, don't worry, sebab Jures tak suka kat Bobo, so website batch tak de gambar Bobo ha ha

Auzir 04/03/2005 11:11 AM
SPU1 masa tu dikenali sebagai macho, hensem n teror. Ahak ahak.

Rough 04/03/2005 11:31 AM
Yess...... one has to only look at you to appreciate the "macho, hensem and terror" virtues of SPU1 ha ha ha

Auzir 04/03/2005 11:14 AM
Giler! Kau sampai curi tangkap gambar di lak Rough! Iskh iskh iskh, Tak sangka sampai camtu kau menaruh harapan.

Wong 04/03/2005 11:29 AM
Betul tuh Fazurin... tak der orang will kept such 'seducing' punyer photo... pas tuh boleh post immediately plak dalam mail... must be this photo really..really..really Rough simpan ...or Rough dah buat wall paper kat computer dia ...sebab tuh cepat jer...

Auzir 04/03/2005 11:17 AM
Tengok tu. Nak sabitkan kesalahan kat orang lain lak. Iskh iskh iskh!

Pyan 04/03/2005 11:24 AM
woi.... ni gambar hardcopy aku punye...radin yang scan and suh jures post dlm web site..... sampai skang aku tatau mana hardcopy tu..radin dah simpan kot dlm cupboard umah dia...

Rough 04/03/2005 11:37 AM
Nasib baik ada Pyan tolong selamatkan aku.... terbuktilah sudah bukan aku yang simpan gambar tu...... and aku bukan pres Closeted Amai FC... But Radin better defend yourself macam mana kau buleh rampas gambo tu from Pyan and simpan dalam cupboard sampai sekarang....
"sedap sedap je fitnah orang" (read macam style Che Tam).....

Mpro 04/03/2005 11:51 AM
Auzir ni macam epit la jugak... meneutralisekan "macho, hensome dan terror" of SPU1

Fazurin 04/03/2005 11:46 AM
satu hujah yang bernas wahai Wong. kalau betulpun gambor tu tersangkut kat laptop dia, takkanlah cepat benor dia boleh attach dan hantar kat kita? kalau tak wallpaper pun, habis habis gambar tu dia simpan dalam favourites punya folder ye dak?
lepas tu nak buat taik kat jures & joe pulak. isy, isy, isy. the politician in Raf never dies.

Rough 04/03/2005 11:58
OK lah aku mengaku laaa.... memang gambo tu wallpaper laptop aku, siap frame lagi kat atas meja... dalam bilik aku on the ceiling pun ada gambor tu.... in fact ada banyak lagi gambo yang better dari tu ha ha...... yang simpan hard copy tu pun bukan radin, aku yang simpan......
*memang sah2 semua orang malas buat kerja on Friday....

Badut 04/03/2005 11:59 AM
ini politic symphaty ker ruff ;) hihiiihhi

Jures 04/03/2005 12:42 PM
Betul lah rough. Aku rasa memang ada muka macam amy mastura sket sket kihkihkih. Padanlah aku suka lagu amy mastura hahahah.
Which brings me to another point, bukankah prefects F1 dulu panggil these so-called top jambus and lecture kat diaorang suruh, takyah continue study in koleq in fear of being 'deflowered' by "evil seniors"?
Emm..ex-jambu F1, cam Fadli, bobo, boleh clarify tak, does this lecture really existed at that time?

Syam 04/03/2005 12:48 PM
hampeh, tak pernah frust la. we lost to worthy winners.

Rough 04/03/2005 12:41 PM
I thought it was a letter, not a lecture? Lecture tu just basically tips on how to survive in koleq and remain "un-deflowered"... but apparently some of them actually got letters after koleq?
I don't know, it's pure speculation here...
* so much for the tips part, Bobo OK je without following the tips ha ha....

Abon 04/03/2005 02:30 PM
Rough tau aje.......... pasal ko dapat letter jugak ke?

Mpro 04/03/2005 02:48 PM
Ko tak dapat letter ke yang ko sibuk2 tanya ruff ni....

Rough 04/03/2005 3:13 PM
Ha ha kalau aku dapat a letter pun, it must be to tell me to go to hell.... nope, I didn't get any letter ever from any prefects kat koleq.
* Jangan jeles Abon, I am sure banyak giler surat addressed kat kau, tapi abang kau withheld...
** Kenapa laaa Friday afternoon tak jadi half day....

Auzir 04/03/2005 03:13 PM
Aku baru jumpa Gadap. Bila aku compare Gadap dgn Birdie, aku ingat Gadap tu lebih kurang jer muka dia. Since Gadap pun dah nak kawin, baik kau cpat. Nanti melepas tau!

Mpro 04/03/2005 04:12 PM
Tak kan ko tak pernah dapat surat from epit ke dulu.... epit pun kira prefect jugak.....
**kenapalah friday tak jadi holiday je, so kita keja 4 hari seminggu je....

Fadli 04/03/2005 04:47 PM
to be honest, aku ingat akan game itu. tapi aku tak ingat siapa menang siapa kalah...
tapi aku ingat defender PKI masa tu RAHIMI FAIZAL IBRAHIM.. setiap kali bola datang kat dia, dia sure tackle dengan penuh kehandalan..
so how?? luka lama timbul kembali ???

Fadli 04/03/2005 04:48 PM
aku risau macam mana kau boleh ada gambar amai tu lagi..

Fadli 04/03/2005 04:52 PM
I vouch to that jures..
kitorang telah di brainwash untuk meninggalkan koleq lest being de'flower'ed by the so called 'evil' seniors..
so how ? any other perasan jambu want to add to that ? hahahaaaha

Rough 04/03/2005 05:15 PM
Aku pernah dapat surat from Epit - tapi untuk Aslam. Aku jadi messenger je.
** thank god dah habis friday, tapi aku kena stay sampai malam sebab tadi aku dok bere-mail ngan korang, kerja tak siap...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Centenary Celebration Day - Latest Program

Istana Iskandariah - Penyerahan Watikah
Parade depart from Istana
Arrival of Guests - Board of Governors, MCOBA, state and federal and foreign dignitaries
Royal Arrivals - Perak, Melaka, Selangir, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan, Brunei, Agong
Arrival of Parade
Presentation of Watikah
Declaration of Watikah by SPB Agong
Flag Raising Ceremony of 100 Years
Royal Salute
Holding Room - Photo Session, Guest Book. Private Briefing themed "MCKK The Next 100 Years"
Royal Luncheon (Dining Hall max. capacity 300 pax, Old Boys proceed to have lunch at New School Quadrangle)
Departure of His Royal Highness and VVIP
Media Conference by Chairman of Board of Governors at Dorm 22
Garden Party (Buffet & Entertainment)
College Anthem

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