Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Time Flies

By the time I finished this posting, almost reaching the wee hours already, it would have been 21 days since the last posting. It's been really hectic, I was practically seeing my life wasting away in office day in day out!

Met Chamat for lunch today (with Allen) and over the lunch it struck me of how fast time flies nowadays. The last time I went out with Chamat was 3rd January 2006, when we decided to pay XXXXX a visit after a break of nearly 10 years. Chamat was in and out of China all this while, on a 2-year assignment so I was told. It felt yesterday that we made that visit, and it has been 6 months since.

(I must point out that Chamat greeted me with this - ".. you have lost weight". So hear hear, if Chamat the fitness freak says I have lost weight, don't others dare to question it).

Time does fly.

It was just over 10 years ago that Class of 94 made its first debut on the Internet. The first website was hosted by Vanderbilt University. Much of the graphics and designing was done by Jures and Joe, with me providing most of the contents.

Buncit came along about two years later, adding a series of features to the already big website. Perhaps his best contribution was a compilation of all koleq's cheering song - unfortunately I have lost the link.

By 2000, Jures, Joe and Buncit had all graduated and came back to Malaysia. But the show must go on.

It was then that I decided to continue, to fill up the boredom of living a meagre life in London. From an-html based website all the while, we migrated to this site in 2004.

It is not too much to say that the batch's website is perhaps one of the very few MCKK-based websites which had been continuously maintained throughout the last 10 years. Unlike other batches' websites which after a while were left un-updated, this one has a series of caretakers doing the job.

Perhaps in that spirit, Awie and Rifdi came along to add more colours to this blog and to the ever expanding (I am referring to the waist size) family of Class of 94.

Rifdi has finally come up with a database for the batch, which hopefully in the future simplifies the task of chasing people to come to a reunion.

To take heed of the self proclaimed AJK Batch (version 30-year old) i.e. Fadli's call for a directory of all quotable quotes (which will be priceless in the future), Awie had also put together a simple blog for people to post whatever quotations they remember.

The first few entries include Gedebe's and Puru's.

But most of all, Awie migrated the batch's mailing list to Googlegroup, which for the last one week saw a massive interest in batch related e-mails amounting to hundreds of e-mails each day. No doubt that it will subside after a while, but at least it reminds us of all those days when things were a lot simpler.

For a batch whose achievement is always considered enigmatic at best, mediocre at worst - it's full of people who put more on the table than what they take from it. Sometimes when I reflect the kind of things we left - the Dataran Pemimpin, the cheering banner and T-Shirt and a few other small things - the below average SPM results didn't seem that bad after all (ha ha justify man, justify!)

Anyway, once things settle down a bit - maybe there will be some more interesting updates.

For the time being, Happy 10th Anniversary to the Class of 94's presence on the web, and may we have many happy returns in the future.

Now - if you have quotes, go to the page and post. If you have not subscribed to the batch's mailing list, subscribe now. If you haven't registered your name to the database, register now.

Because time flies. The next time you take a step back from your fast paced life, it might be 20 years from now.

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