Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mighty Ducks Cup 2007

The Mighty Ducks are gearing for a few more activities end of this year and early next year.

1) Mighty Ducks Cup 2007 @ Stadium Hoki, Majlis Perbandaran Manjung

For a few years there had not been an MCKK-level hockey tournament, which partly explains the lack of interest among the boys to play hockey. So one of the first things we decided to put back on the "takwim" is to have an annual closed MCKK hockey tournament for hockey players Form 1 to Form 4 - but to make it more interesting, it will be on the astro turf (just to get the boys excited).

There will be 8 teams altogether and though initially it was planned at Stadium Hoki Ipoh, we have to change the venue to Manjung since the former is under renovation.

It works well with the kids/anak-anak itik as the further it is, the longer they have to travel and so the better for them.

On top of them, we throw in free t-shirts for them.

The result?

Ha ha the no. of hockey players have surged to 58 (latest count) and the difficulty to get the F3 to play solved by itself, as I was told the F3 players numbered around 10++ latest (the corruption problem has gone so deep rooted nowadays ha ha).

So all of us the Bapak Itiks and families are looking forward for the one day tournament and the carnival atmosphere (in fact the families are also going for a short holidays around Lumut!). We invite everyone - all who are around - to come to Stadium Hoki Manjung to be with the boys and cheer them, hopefully it will be memorable for them and compel them to love the game and play for koleq for many years to come. Please pass the words around too.

The details:

Stadium Hoki Majlis Perbandaran Manjung
Kompleks Sukan Majlis Perbandaran Manjung
Jalan Pinang Raja
32040 Bandar Baru Manjung.

3 November 2007

2) USM International Open Hockey Festival @ 14 - 15 December 2007

After a few years' absence from the festival, MCKK is sending our teams again this year. There will be 3 teams - two U18s and one U15s.

We will use the Mighty Ducks Cup games for selection.

Those who are around - please drop by and support our boys.

3) Annual Camping/Teambuilding @ February 2008

We learned a long time ago that a teambuilding via a series of camping and physical activities is a must if you want to build a coherent team; or ensure sustainability of the project in the long run. The kids need to understand why we are doing this, what are our expectations and allow them to live with each other and bond.

The next teambuilding will be the biggest that we have attempted to organise so far, judging by the surge in the number of hockey players who have joined the team. It is not easy to design modules/programs, cook and ensure the safety of 60+ kids in a jungle for a weekend, managed by 3-4 lead facis only.


The only reason we are putting this update is because we'll be going asking for contribution he he. We need approximately RM10,000 to run all these activities so on top of what the Bapak Itiks dig from our own pocket, some contribution will go a long way. This is to pay for the food, accommodation, drinks during tournament, their travelling, jerseys etc. and the list goes on (including medical bills when they get hit on the head ha ha).

So bila tengah bagi duit raya this year, don't spend all your money; save some for Mighty Ducks!