Sunday, June 08, 2008

Largest Hockey Stadium in the world: MigDuck Training

We booked Staidum Nasional Bukit Jalil for a Mighty Ducks training over the weekend in preparation for the Premier Cup in 3 weeks' time.

How did it turn out?

Apart from the boast that I can claim I played hockey at the largest stadium in the world with my jeans and sandal on (since there were not enough players to play a mock game on the second game); the rest can be summed up in one word: disappointment.

Half of the boys, who promised their team and coaches to come down, did not. And they are all KL boys, when their peers from all over Malaysia made it.

And I came back to a house nearly wrecked after been turned to a makeshift youth hostel during the last weekend. Not to mention the job of baby-sitting teenagers really gets to my nerve sometimes.

But we'll blog about this later. With photos and videos.

For now:

Idzam baru selamat dikurniakan cahaya mata yang baru!
And birthday Chibiok's baby is coming soon - dia plan nak buat party besar-besaran. Sedia-sediakanlah gifts besar2!


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    not cooperating yet whining...
    sabo je lah noni oi...

    selagi u r in there that's what u'll see

  2. mak aihh...kt bukit jalil..
    cita2 besar ni ;D

  3. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Hantar je invoice kat bebudak tuh..

    I think it's about time to cut down the subsidy to these kids.

    our softie Pee-Em (sorry noni kalau blog nie kena banned) pun can make such a strong stance on subsidy apatah lagi Noni yang tegas (except dgn jambu la kan)

  4. ha ha that's the problem.

    ada the "except" part.

    waa ha ha bdak2 ni patut bersyukur dpt bapak2 itik mcm kitorang, dpt macam manusia yg ada kat sini, dh lama kena pukul kat squasy court kot!