Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blogging from Blackberry: Trainings - 5th Installation

I touched down @ KLIA, picked up the car and was in Kuala Kangsar 3 hours later.

It's the last training for the hockey team and the debaters before their respective big tournaments next week.

Anak2 Itik most probably will be facing the district's arch enemy Clifford in the final on Wednesday. We used to thrash Clifford in hockey but things have changed a lot that it is now an uphill battle to win.

KNO was there since noon today. To my great astonishment, Thorsten drove all the way from KL to train the boys, drove back at 6 pm and will be driving back tomorrow from KL. The wife doesn't want to follow so he has to go back to KL tonight and make a day trip.

(You have to wonder why a stranger like Thorsten does what he does for a bunch of boys he does not understand, but that has been the magic of Migduck - you see kindness from out of nowhere).

Mr Thaman was there too and we saw a sparkle in his eyes. He said to KNO - "it's good to be back".

The debaters' training is supervised by 6 junior coaches from the Classes of 2004 all the way to 2008. Even as I type, 2 simultaneuous mock debates are being held. They too will be facing a difficult task next week - PPM North Zone, a test tournament since most of the debaters are new. From 2006 onwards, we have only lost the championship once last year because we sent a second team. They will have to continue to dominate to do justice to their seniors.

We started with planning - how often do you start a debate training with a planning exercise? They were taught to plan meticulously so that every second counts during their quarantine.

This is our straight 5th week in MCKK. We'll have a 2 weeks' break before the training resumes all over again.

i) The boys protested that my narrative of the last hockey game was inaccurate.

ii) Holland and Kwang wanted to explain that they are capable of reciting doa.

iii) Holland clarified that he was pacing the Common Room because it was hot outside, not because he was nervous.

iv) Holland thought it's not macho that people thought he was nervous.

Apa-apa lah Kadok ha ha asalkan menang lawan Clifford!

Good luck boys :-)

KNO's account of the training here


  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    rain or shine

  2. Human dignity is better served by embracing knowledge says John Charles Polanyi. Perhaps this may explain why benevolent gentlemen like Mr Tharman Singh and Mr Thornsten are willing to spend their precious time (among other quantifiable things)with the boys. Just like you lads.

    All the very best to Mighty Duckies and the debaters!

  3. BcpUnlmtd5:42 PM

    koleq kalah kliferd menang..
    nextime la maitidak..

    p/s dulu, time cheering dgn the ship is more than the crew, mesti ada bunyik " tarapapa yeay"

  4. Was it due to 'bruised ego' after reading En Noni Kapet's commentary on Mighty Duck?

    Hope those boys will pass beyond the defeat and learn something out of it because nowadays too many men are just lame duckies when it comes to handling downfalls and problems in life...

    Ouch! I could be banned from this blog with that comments

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    org lain komen camna pun takpe, sorang je yg kena banned!