Monday, May 18, 2009

Back In Business

Last Friday, out of the blue Bapak Itiks decided to meet again where it all started (Pelita KLCC). Well it was not planned as such, but Red was supposed to meet her friends @ KLCC so Badut took the opportunity to gather everyone.

The turn out was good. Almost everyone was there - Badut & Red, Epit & Aili (and kids!), Joe, KNO, Idzam and Chibiok (hope I have not forgotten anyone; memory is failing).

It was a good teh tarik - we compared notes about what went through our minds when we decided to quit a job. Among us, Chibiok was the first one, then Joe and then myself - all within a space of the last 1-2 years. I did exactly what Joe did - quit first and think about the job later.

Discussion on Mighty Ducks Project could not have been avoided - especially when Pelita KLCC was where it all started and we would never have expected the intensity of the venture to reach this stage.

We updated each other on what had happened since the last Old Boys Weekend and the exploits in Sungai Petani. We discussed briefly on Mr Thaman's request for the court in front of the Pavilion to be converted for hockey training.

Ha ha it was clear by the time we left that the new exit strategy is a mini turf in MCKK ha ha (although I am not sure whether you can call it a strategy anymore, it keeps changing! So it's either a very bad strategy, or it was not a strategy at all. We may be looking at a long drawn engagement ha ha).

There was a brilliant suggestion that I stand for ADUN in Kuala Kangsar should there is a dissolution of the DUN, so that we can channel the money for development into sports development through a turf in MCKK ha ha (1Malaysia, 1Sport kan......) - then I can hold my clinic (in European democracy, the meet-the-session people where an MP attends to the need of his constituents is called clinic) on the hockey pitch while watching the boys play (ha ha). Another bad strategy.

Epit has also started on the next reunion/get together - our batch has never gone through a year without reunion or activities, so it's been a while since Sukanterer in February 2008. Some of us who were usually the people who organised all this have been too busy with Mighty Ducks and work; but it was also due to the fact that Sukanterer was so memorable it took a while before the effect worn off.

So we are back in business - after a topsy turvy first 5 months of the year. There will be changes here and there - but we have definitely re-grouped :-)

Expect an increase in email activities after this ha ha.

(As promised, the photos and videos for the last 2 months)


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Hope no more changes. All the best

  2. Bro,

    U stand in Sg Siput. I try to suck my way up to be Perak SS...hahahaah...kira ok lah ye dak?

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    lepas jgn kena pecat sudahlah...;)

  4. BcpUnlmtd9:25 AM


    kalau kau jadik ss, make sure kau tarik aku jadik SDO kat sana.. tau la aku mengerjakannya hahahaha

  5. act first, think later. bukan tu ke our batch's unofficial motto? either that, or itik gemuk's. padan muka, now our exit strategy is a gone case haha

  6. Tuan Haji Bcp,

    Itu sudah pasti.

  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    lepas jgn lupa promote nama kitaorang for pingat from sultan perak......;)

  8. ha ha sbb tu la aku smpai skrng put off with politics - dgn kawan2 macam korng, wudn't be long before i make the headlines..... for the wrong reasons.

    aku rasa kita kena stick dgn menyokong fadhil di ipoh & syed khalid di penang ha ha