Thursday, December 17, 2009

Season Greeting

I received a card from Kuala Kangsar today. Co-incidentally tonight we had planned to sit down over satay to celebrate KNO who is in town for a while, before flying back to Pakistan.

It was quite a full attendance - Badut & Red, Joe & Sue (and 2 boys running around ha ha), Idzam & Ayu, Chibix, KNO and Canoe. Epit was not around, Pak Tuan hinted he couldn't make it. Mpro - well, he would be around this weekend but we'll consider whether we need another gathering.

So, it was as if everything was timed perfectly - a reminder from Mr Thaman not to abandon him, at the time when our strength and energy has been completely sapped from us. We laughed about our exit strategy since quietly everyone understands we have to see this through for as long as Mr Thaman and Mr Bala are around - in fact Ayu made a joke that chances are by the time their son Afiq goes to MCKK one day, we might still be doing it.

We talked about the hockey team a bit; some planning here and there, but mostly it was all about catching up. It has been a while and I really felt bad that ever since I made some abrupt decisions in the past 9 months, to a certain extent it did have an impact on Mighty Ducks. Luckily we know each other so well that despite that, Mighty Ducks Cup was a big success.

We are planning for one whole stretch of friendly games, I hope the boys will have enough exposure to realise their potentials.

I personally have moved on - mentally and almost physically.

But we still have some honest souls in Kuala Kangsar whom we have to honour.

So God willing, Insya Allah - 2010 will be a good year for MCKK's hockey.

Thank you very much Mr Thaman - you may not be as appreciated, or celebrated, or acknowledged as Mr Liew or the Cagers or all other things (MCKK old boys have the tendency to only see what they can claim they have a hand in, those beyond their reach they have a skill to ignore ha ha) - but your devotion will count for something. I promise one day it will count for something.


  1. Ooo Noni, you are so careless! But too tired to change anyway ha ha. Let this one through.

  2. Owh and another thing - tonight aku tak payah bayar! Semua orang tahu aku dah pokai kah kah kah!

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    kena bayar sendiri ka? nasib baik aku tak pegi...


  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    nasib baik bukan restaurant yg hang suggest kat subang parade!

  5. e-commerce1:33 PM

    thanx to Kno and Canoe for the satay and drink, to badut, pengurus Bank Negara (negara mana aku tak tau...), hang boleh tukar telco tanpa tukar nombor ye...

  6. anak aku siap buat body surfing kat lantai r&r.. parah parah

  7. kau mcm ni dulu eyhhh?
    masuk koleq je sbb jadi homesick straight tak jadi mcm tu.

  8. apa ko tulis daa

  9. eh tagline mr thaman boleh jadikan t-shirt la nanti
    alongside ngan tagline mr koja. hehe :)

  10. ha ha btol gak, kita buat t-shirt murah rm5 for budak2 ni.
    ada 2 line je:

    2010: a better hockey year

    satu colour nya t-shirt, he he