Friday, August 12, 2011

Mighty Ducks Revisited

I happened to be in Perak yesterday and had a bit of time to drop by to appease my conscience. It's been ages since I came across the boys and especially Mr Pala and Mr Thaman. I felt even a heavier guilt with Mr Pala and Mr Thaman since we persuaded them to come out of retirement and helped us looked after the team, back in 2008.

3 years on, Mr Pala is still on the field each passing day. Much has changed of late including a new IB complex and a new auditorium being erected, but there are 2 things that do not change. Mr Pala (and Mr Thaman when he is in Malaysia six months each year) will be on the field each day rain or shine, nor has the general attitude of the school towards the team (sigh and smirk).

Anyhow, it was refreshing to see the leaving F5s are beinv succeeded by a healthy no of junior players (about 20 F1 to F3). Amir is the only F4 left, feel bad for him. But he's a good boy and has been loyal since day one so hopefully they'll finish the season in style for his sake next year.

We are back to the junction in 2008 when the forwards, wings and much of the players are F3 (ha2). They may suffer next year competition wise since their size is too small, but they'll give a good fight when they reach 2013.

I thought of making up for all the neglects for the past one year so brought them out for buka puasa.

The boys looked as if they enjoyed it and was pleading that we bring back Mighty Ducks Cup.

I wish that the Class of 2011 will be the first batch who will come back after they leave by end of this year, but experiences of the past tell me that I am bound to be disappointed again. Not a single guy had taken the initiatives to give back or replicate what we tried to do since the first batch (Class of 2007) left, so I see no difference with this batch.

And with I am the only one left of the fellowship (Badut will leave for London soon, KNO in Islamabad and the rest all have no appetite for it anymore), it's unlikely that the good old days are back.

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