Monday, March 29, 2004

Size Matters?

There's some "serious" discussion going on in the batch's mailing list on "size" - Gadap vs Badut vs Chibix on height etc. (would not go into the part which involved me and my weight ;-)

But the best take so far was Gadap's connecting Fadhil's pulling out of Sports Day sprint event in 1994, with his political belief. That's classic, how politics permeates every aspect of our life pun sampai tarik diri dari sprint event pun dikira political act...

Anyway, it's very lively.

Other updates:

Futsal this weekend organised by Ayien - contact Ayien.
Bobo is having babi-q* this weekend - contact Bobo.

*joke bell from Gadap => "ada babi beratur depan rumah kau ke Bobo?"

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

More, please!

Have added all the e-mails I have, some have responded. So I can expect more people to give it a try after this.

Btw Mpro, you might want to change your profile since every other person in Malaysia is a "Mohamed"...

Am yet to organise a get together to greet Abon and his amois...... met Amon (F5 96), all grown up, so dah tak leh pat his head like it used to be :-(

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

More Reunion Pix

Election - well, I nearly hanged myself from the shock and aftermath. Maybe not in our lifetime, if only people took the gentlemenly manner and fair play that we all learnt from Malay College to the heart.

Anyway, more pix from reunion - I had to blacken my face because I nearly choked to death to see how fat I was (even after considering that camera adds 10 lbs per Joe's suggestion).

Hope more is coming, thanks KNO.

Sunday, March 21, 2004


It's the Election Day - I (and most probably those yg sama kepala) have resigned to the state of helplessness, I am bracing for the worst..

No one from this batch stands in this election. Not sure the 12th General Election - if Fadhil continues the way he is in Perak, he might just get his seat and realise his ambition. For a rather mediocre batch (the prevailing view among some MCOBA Committee members who for some reasons are hell bent at pointing that out to us - don't you guys have a life?), this is quite a politically charged batch (I guess it is the same with every other batch coming out of MCKK).

I am also glad that some of you did contact me personally to obtain a second opinion on the candidates. I wish the majority of our voters would have been as careful and as wise as you guys are in choosing your Wakil Rakyat and not be so dogmatic about a particular partisan view - but that will be a long shot in a controlled "democracy" like Malaysia...

Friday, March 19, 2004


The "hangat" symptoms are beginning to show here.

I have resigned to the fact that people will only read – they are either too timid to write their own thoughts for the world to read, or they couldn't be bothered.

Nothing much lately – since joining BTN, Epit doesn't have access to e-mail anymore (so much for the MSC talk and electronic government and they expect people not to be cynical?), Abon is in Kerteh for 2 weeks with his Amois so he has been selling tickets for outings with them, Fadli is in Munich or somewhere in Europe I think, Fadhil I am sure campaigning for Umno in Perak etc. etc. etc.

I actually spoke to Aweng today after one year working in the same plant. I guess it's the opportunity that never seems to allow us to sit down and actually talk, just "Hi" there and "Hi" here.

I was with koleq's debating teams in UIA from last Friday to Monday for the UIA Debating Tournament with 44 schools and more than 180 teams participating. It was very cramped and I don't think I would have survived that kind of hectic tournament back then. But the boys did go to the finals in both categories beating all the SBPs, but lost in the final.

It's not the results that I want to talk about – it's the atmosphere. Being with the boys, trying to provide the morale support for them, it just reminded me of what being a Malay College boy, especially a debater, was all about.

2 generations later, nothing much changed. In both finals in the grand auditorium, college was basically booed and taunted by all the kids and teachers who were there, signifying how 'hated' MCKK was and is. Luckily for the BM final, our sisters the TKC girls actually ignored the sentiment and was the only team/school to have consistently clapped and cheered for koleq (nothing much changed, it was just like the 1992 Cagers final at STF).

It was not a big deal for us the old boys since we have been through it and later on you would realise that there are more to this life than MCKK, MRSM, TKC etc. But how do I explain that to 14-16 year olds who were up there braving their fear and facing perhaps the biggest thing in their life so far, only to be confronted with a taunting and booing mob hell bent on making them lose in the most humiliating way? I couldn't – I could only keep consoling them that it didn't matter, that that is the price we all have to pay as a collegian. I bet the boys did not buy what I was trying to tell them – in the end it was the unanswered question of why others hate them so much (which I myself used to ask each time we got booed).

Anyway, the boys did really well and we the old boys were very proud of them. As for me, it was like a walk down the memory lane all over again.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Laporan Tak Rasmi Mini Reunion 7/3 (from Gadap)

Satu mini gathering telah di adakan di terengganu pada hari semalam 7/3/2004. Antara yang hadir :

Amir Zaply
YB Rafizi.

Kesimpulan daripada mini gathering:

1. Rough gemuk dan semakin tak hensom. Lehernya seperti tidak wujud dek tutupan oleh lemak.

2. Amir Zafily semakin nampak macam bapa Mithali. Rupanya nampak lebih tua 10 tahun dari usia sebenarnya.

3. Pejal still maintain bantut cam dulu dan pakai cermin mata.

4. Bobo dah tak jambu cam dulu lagi sebab muka dia dah banyak lubang lubang menyamai ketakhensoman Bocap.

Banyak lagi komen yang hendak ditaip, tapi memandangkan Pak Lah dah sound jgn hentam peribadi terutama musim pilihanraya ni, so takleh lah tulis pjg-pjg. Aku didera oleh mereka yg desperado nak dapatkan ubat kuat yg aku jual.

Kami juga berjaya cipta satu motto sempena mini gathering tu - "Sedap Semalam Pun Tak Hilang Lagi".

Banyak topic dan umpat mengumpat berlaku. Antara mangsa umpatan kitaorg - Che Tam (pasal kantoi ****** dan "Nama saya Khairul Azmi"....ahak ahak), Behell ( woieee ...diam la sikit korang...woieeee), Azrin Maiden (Unite perfect), Shahrin Jaminan (Vincent Abstique Mcdarkenbeast), Aiwa (gemuk), Petet, Julap, Faz, Fadli dan ramai lagi (lupa la, lagipun tak bawak tape recorder masa tu tapi aku jamin korang semua kene ngumpat sebab kitaorg ngumpat ikut no dobi).

Akhir gathering adalah upacara pembayaran. Yang kena pau hari tu adalah Rough, Pejal dan Bobo. Aku dan Wong macam biasa makan free...Muhahhahahahah

- gadap -

Buncit Dapat Anak (from Buncit)

keluar topic jap .... aku officially join the dad's club last wednesday 3/3
wife aku slamat deliver baby girl hehe, nama lom decide nih ....tu pasal ler
aku tak gi reunion.... next 1 bila ? 20 years?

- buncit -

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Gadap & Ringo

Came back from meeting Gadap, Wong, Bobo, Fly and Pejal i.e the Kerteh guys just now - had a mini reunion all over again. Basically Gadap came to visit Wong and since his e-mails lately indicate a bloody left-wing, Che Guevara-like personality, we in Kerteh were quite curious to find out what a person he has become.

Basically, Gadap is Gadap, minus the dislocated siku masa Form 1.

Discussion basically revolved around two topics - sex and politics. No, not the sex scandals politicians are often implicated with, but more with some of the guys' own adventure. All of us got quite a lot of tips from Gadap, whether they are practical or not is a different thing altogether.

Politics? Tired to talk about it so I pass.

Uploaded the pictures - I can sort of hear some of you shouting "hangat hangat" but yeah... shall try to fill up this page.

Reunion Pix (courtesy of Wong)

Ha ha judge for yourself, it's good to go to reunion to benchmark your size with the rest..

(stupig blogspot - tak leh load picture directly pulak, kena pakai link... well ni sure tak nak bagi penuh server kot...

Gambo 10-year reunion kat koleq, Wong Punya

More coming if I can get hold of Abon's and the rest...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


After some time toying around with the idea, I finally decided to put a blog here courtesy of, after all everyone blogs nowadays.

The last update for this dilapidated website was in 2002, way before I came back for good. After a memorable and touching reunion in KK last February, I thought maybe it's time to give it a try again.

To those new to weblog (including myself), just e-mail me if you want to find out how to go about making a mess here.

10 years is a very long time and all of us have moved in different directions since (although physically the convergence is more apparent). I was not really looking forward to the last reunion because I prefer if people stick to the 1994 mental image that I have of them – the less adjusting I have to do the better. But I was pleasantly surprised that everyone has changed for the better and whatever bad blood there ever was, we parted on good terms.

So hopefully, since we are revved up from the last reunion, we can catch up on the lost time. I am very sceptical that there will be an active blogging here, but it's worth a try. At least I do not have to feel guilty if the website becomes outdated.

Use the blog for whatever purpose you want (although I warn Gadap that his usual rhetoric coming from KPKT's e-mail can cause him trouble) especially for the much awaited news of wedding date, futsal outing etc.

I have to go to scout around for goodies that political parties (actually only certain rich political parties) may want to throw away to us the lowly citizens once every five years.

Welcome to the blog, I hope this does not become my personal rumblings because everyone especially myself has had enough of me.

Ooh, to those who were thinking of using Noni as well – too bad, I got it there first!