Friday, April 30, 2004

Jures Dah Jadi Bapak

This is from Jures, who is officially a father now (ni mencabar kejantanan some of us ni...):

Alhamdulillah, Adreanna Mashita telah selamat melahirkan anak lelaki 3.52 kg @ 10.30 am, wad C318

This is on Friday 30 April, hospital mana tak tahu.

Another SMS from Jures:

Nama takde lagi. Hahaha. Takpe, ada 2 weeks utk pikir.

Jangan letak nama brader from koleq sudah... :-)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Saturday Night Fever

Amacam... berani lawan ker

Noni's Note: This was originally posted by Mpro to the old blog which he was one of the contributors. The photos drew instant visits since it was rumoured it featured Rizal Zakaria together with Mpro in the 70s style. In the true spirit of John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever, Mpro is determined to remain over weight and obese just like Travolta after the movie

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hot Hunk

Andre Agassi @ Rizal Zakaria?

Was in KL recently on the way back from Ipoh, so stopped by at KL Sentral to drop Allen. Took the opportunity to meet up with Ameba who missed the reunion, so am sure quite a lot of people were wondering how does he look like nowadays.

Well, you can see for yourself our hot hunk from Malakoff (siap ada tag lagi tu kat uniform, kalah aku punya). Apparently Ameba dah jadi serial blog reader full time, engineer part time.

Ameba was really not generous in kind words especially to people's weight... siap laa kau one day, every day aku doakan kau jadi seboroi-boroi manusia.. doa orang teraniaya selalu termakbul...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Snapshot From E-mails

Don't have time for anything but work lately. Here's some crazy e-mails (and fatwa some more) filling up our mailbox:

muhdgadaffi@********** wrote:
Tidak batal wuduk seseorang yang menyentuh isterinya.Ini berdasarkan sabda Nabi:

Dari Aisyah r.a, bahawa Nabi s.a.w biasa mencium isterinya setelah mengambil wuduk, kemudian Baginda bersembahyang & tidak mengulangi wuduknya." ( Hadis Riwayat Abdurrazaq ).

Apabila si isteri telah menjadi isteri kita, maka dia dianggap sebagai muhrim kita. Maka statusnya adalah sama seperti status adik beradik kita yg kalau tersentuh tak batal wuduk. Tapi kalau ketika wuduk kita korek kemaluan isteri atau pegang bahagian kepala zakar kita ( pegang batang konek tak mengapa), maka terbatallah wuduk kita.


Ahmad Johari Jaffar
21/04/2004 02:46 PM


20/04/2004 02:10 PM


M Nadzrie B Azhar
20/04/2004 02:34 PM

I'll be backkkkk.......

"Abdullahazizi, Azrai"
20/04/2004 03:13 PM

ko nak pi mana mpro!!!!!!!

It's fun being in a dysfunctional batch....

Sunday, April 18, 2004


Added counter today - nothing much re. batch news that I can post here.

There was a serious and heated discussion on whether Pak Lah is sincere in his fight against corruption, or it was just a spin exercise to improve his so called "clean" image. Heated arguments and name calling from both sides, surprisingly Kno threw his gauntlet as well and joined the fray - I would have warned anyone not to pick up an argument with Gadap but Kno did ha ha

In the end, the discussion died prematurely and took a different form - establishing the exact whereabout of Bilik Kebal. Fadli, demonstrating the frequency at which he visited the surau, thought it was the wood room near tempat wuduk in surau. Mior went a bit further, all along thinking that people were talking about Bilik Kebal near the library where exam papers were stored. It took the partner-in-crime of those BRU excos who abused to room to skive afternoon preps - Wong - to clarify the exact whereabout.

As for the initial counter for the blog, didn't take long before I decided on 8-6-4-3, 43 X 2 = 86 muahaha.
Jangan jeles Bobo, it was just not meant to be ha ha :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Sacrificial Lamb

It was very ironic that I mentioned the bit on "sacrificial lamb" in the last blog....

Damn the spin doctors, we do not need another sacrificial lamb just so that the powers-that-be can improve his image.... showcasing people for political mileage is the most disgusting thing any dignified man can do, let alone one who claims a descendant of ulamak and a statesman!

To a certain friend, more often than not we would not be put in the same category - but my heart goes out to you. No one deserves to be the fall guy so that the premier can look good!

Friday, April 09, 2004


There is a sudden change of heart recently with MCOBA membership. The Class of 94 is considered one of the most "liat" when it comes to joining MCOBA. In fact, it becomes something that some of us "boast" about - that after 10 years living koleq, none of us "succumbed" to "it" yet. For whatever reasons, people were a bit hesitant or not really bothered to join MCOBA, unlike some people whom I know get hold of the form the first day they officially leave college.

So I thought maybe I could offer myself to be the sacrificial lamb - so that someone can take the fall as that idiot who breaks the batch's record. Little that I know (thanks to Epit who keeps using insider's information to check up on things like this) that we already have 2 MCOBA members! All this while when we were so proud that Class of 94 stands up like a sore thumb as the only batch without a MCOBA member when they tally the statistics during OBW - ghupa-ghupanya Fido & TFA (for "Tun Fadhil Azman") dah pun join senyap-senyap. So we don't need a sacrificial lamb after all...

It has been a bit quiet lately - maybe because Gadap is not around (told that he was in Labuan then off to Indonesia). Well at least the server buleh rehat sikit laa kot.

Am off to see Jures, Allen and Epit this weekend. Jures, myself and a few others are going to start our own kampung soon since we all bought a place in the same area - with mine sebelah rumah Jures je. The trick is we can save during the open house season - ala2 two-in-one laaa ni...

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Went to Bobo's BBQ - I thought it's a way for him to say thanks to me and budak batch lain for being so nice to him so far, let alone that I had picked up 2 speeding tickets (my ninth in a year) on the way to reunion last February (with Bobo turning green at the back due to limited nicotine supply, so we had to pull over every now and then so that he could smoke!).

So Jita and I went (Fly is busy with his baby so I was told) only to find out they had invited half of the plants there. So there I was, turning green - memang sah2 kena kincing, really thought of driving back home!

To make matters even worse, Jita, when in a relationship, is so good at making a disappearing act. So half an hour later, I was on a stair alone cursing everything under the Moon (poor Moon tidak mengambang lagi di Terengganu :-( and babysitting a few Boers kids!

But luckily there were some nice people around so tak de laa rasa out of place sangat, including a few of Bobo's officemates. Now I know why Hamid Ibrahim was having such a tough time ha ha...

And joke2 bell from the mailing list seems to be spreading like wild fire. My jaw dropped when Bobo made the silliest, bell answer ever that night - nasib baik aku sorang je budak koleq there, orang lain tak paham when I nearly dropped dead from disbelief at how hina his jokes had become...

Anyway, till later.. Poqpeq is getting married on 30th May @ Sungei Buloh (not the prison though, I think).