Tuesday, June 29, 2004


OBW is this weekend, supposedly to be quite grand to mark MCOBA's 75th anniversary celebration (doesn't mean anything to all but 3 people in this batch ha ha). The latest survey shows that not only most people are not attending, they are not even aware.

This year's OBW could well be one of the very few OBW where the batch which is supposed to celebrate the 10th anniversary is no where to be seen.

To those going, whoever you are, just behave properly. Fazurin ran into such a big trouble when we were in Warta KPKM in 1993, when this one old boy (who apparently is a super big guy in MCOBA nowadays) came down hard on us lecturing about the origins of Malays to God knows what, because Fazurin had the guts to criticise the old boys who did not show any respect whatsoever to tahlil and azan, in Warta KPKM. So unless you want to become the very people we criticised and loathed so much back then, please behave.

(As to what had happened to those people who were vociferous on such issues back then - is another story altogether ha ha).

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Tungkid's Wedding - Ampang & JB

Still not too late to go, this weekend and next weekend.

Sports Day 2004

Official results:

First - Mohd Shah
Second - Sulaiman
Third - Ahmad
Last - Idris

Ha ha padan muka Mpro (1994 results - Idris, Mohd Shah, Ahmad, Sulaiman, or was it Sulaiman, Ahmad?).

Sulaiman steadily marching (something unthinkable in the early 90s). Leman = BUDAK GEMUK, tengok Abon laaa....

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Monthly Kerteh Roundtable Discussion: UC, Watermelon etc.

Happened to be in Kerteh for a meeting, so took the opportunity to meet up with Bobo and Jita for our customary monthly meeting, this time straight after work.

Venue – as usual McDonald. Because quorum tak cukup, we managed to get Amon (F5 96) whose office is just across the street to join us. Amon is getting married soon, he came with his spanking brand new engagement ring, fresh from engagement last week. That is so mencabar kejantanan since Jita, Bobo and I are still bujang trang tang tang (Bobo has been married for 4 years but only when his wife is around he he)

Talking about Bobo, he couldn’t hide the desperation given that his wife will be away for 4 days, let alone tonight is that Thursday night he he. So we had to entertain his longing for excitement for 2 hours, this time the theme is Japanese. So many things came out – am not sure whether Amon was amused or surprised listening to the kind of things we talked about.

So many times people actually stared at us because some of the really really lewd and rather crude stuff we talked about filled the air. But hey it’s a free country – that’s the least I expect from Terengganu ever since BN regained it’s footing here ;-)

Around this time of each year, one common topic in any conversation here in Kerteh is bonus. Everyone is calculating, all of us can only pray. Really need divine intervention to save us from the financial mess we are all in (one way or another) ha ha...

The next meet up will be in KL to commemorate Jita’s BNB – most probably we get one of the service apartments abundant in KL nowadays to retreat to after one whole day of doing stuff in KL, adjourned to cards, maki hamun, jokes etc. although Bobo is quite adamant on “window shopping” (what kind of window shopping I don’t know he he) since he hasn’t been around in KL for a while (nampak sangat Tanggang tak balik visit mak!)

There was one instant that we talked about this one particular koleq’s teacher whose figure everyone agreed is still smashing – that gave me that queer feeling, if 10-12 years ago it was more of innocent remarks made by pre-pubescent kids, saying it as an adult was kind of strange.

Bobo is suffering tonight.

Futsal This Friday

anyone for futsal this friday? my friend (budak faris petra 94) invites for friendly match on july 3rd....everything has been arranged by their side. all we need is a decent preparation and i beleive ameba as the captain can lead the team to victory.

unfortunately, i still yet to secure any pitch as most of the places are full between 9 to 11 pm. any suggestion??? let me know in advance please...

futsal kat FAM, kelana jaya. tempat nie kira outdoor futsal.......ok jugak. tapi aku rasa kena bayar in advance.........

Ni ada lagi satu tempat
Tapi taktau la pitch camne... Tak pernah try lagi

Nanti macam main kat PJ arie tuh..baru pening nak carik...pusing punyer
pusing...alih2 pitch kat belakang kedai perabot!!! Dah ler ada banyak taik kambing plak kat atas pitch...!!! muha..ha..ha..

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Cikgu Yatie

Got an SMS from Mr Anand today - Cikgu Yatie, sadly is leaving koleq to pursue her Master at the end of the year - 15 years after she reported for duty in the beginning of 1990 academic session, 10 years after we left koleq.

It is sad that future budak koleq would be deprived of her charm, care, kindness and all that you could ever ask from a teacher, yet she has given too much for koleq and she deserves better.

To Cikgu Yatie (and Mr Anand), good luck to you and we go a long way. We shall be seeing more of her afterwards since I was made to understand she will be in KL

ps: To some of us, we owe Cikgu Yatie a personal debt as she was the teacher in charge of scholarships back then. Without her concern and care, we might not be where we are today

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Been really really quiet.

I know the KL boys still have their regular futsal night on weekly basis, but no one has actually written something on that. Unless one of us attends the game, I doubt anything would ever be forthcoming. Talking about futsal - a primary schoolmate I met in a journey to KL recently confessed how he is going through physiotherapy now after a spinal injury - caused no other by futsal. Bingo - good excuse against futsal => "Treasure your spine!"

It's my turn to splash for the Kerteh boys - they've been expecting something better than our usual McDonald ritual, but me think will delay depending on the announcement of bonus he he

Nothing much really - the last 2 weeks only 5 e-mails were generated. Pitiful.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Mental Breakdown, Prelude to Midlife Crisis & BNB Reunion

Was awake all night last night talking to Fazurin, until he fell asleep and I had no choice but to try to sleep. No avail – it was even worse when you try to impose sleep as you get very tired and more disturbed. In the end, I had to resort to SMS Allen, Jita, Bobo and a few others at 5 o’clock in the morning – Jita said I sounded suicidal, but then again I have always sounded suicidal even when everything is OK. The last time when I had trouble sleeping and all in uni, I usually gulped sleeping pills endlessly, then had to resort to caffein pills to stay awake the next day – so it was quite a vicious cycle, which I don’t want to repeat. So better sound suicidal with SMS in the wee hours than resorting to sleeping and caffein pills.

This is turning into my own blog? Well maybe – but this phenomenon is not only happening to me. Just 2 days ago Fadli sent a series of e-mails which were out of characters – melancholic, sentimental and desperate to get out from something. He is of course stuck in the tight routine of jobs and deadline, but I have never heard or encountered Fadli in that tone ever. We of course laughed at it initially, not surprised that he has gone mad finally – but last night, it dawned on me that this is contagious.

Mental breakdown, a prelude to midlife crisis (albeit 25 years earlier) is beginning to freak me out – and some of us too, whether we admit to it or not. Going through the experience in MCKK, somehow we fickle minded people were imbued with this idea of grandeur, that once you stepped out of the school into the real world, you would belong to something much bigger. The saddest thing about the whole journey is that as you go along, you have to keep adjusting your idea of greatness and how you fit in the grand scheme of things with reality – and sometimes the reality is pretty pathetic. Every MCKK boy will have to come to terms one day with what is best coined by Cat Steven in Father and Son:

“... you may still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not..”

Enter mental breakdown and crisis – taking myself as a specimen, it has been a very long while since I last remember being genuinely happy. In fact it has been more than 10 years. Whatever came through after that, was laughed about superficially – it never touched my inner self, something went missing a long time ago. Perhaps that’s the price you pay for growing up, that without the innocence inherent with young age, you grew cynical about things around you. When cynicism has taken over yourself, nothing excites you anymore (sexual excitement is a completely different thing, not referring to that). Which brings you to the next question – where from here? Contentment – define contentment?

There were times that I envy people like Fly – so calm and so in control of himself, so contented with what he has. He does not have to go through this cyclical mental breakdown when you try to find that missing piece in your life, the answer that will push away the gloom, the clue that gives the meaning to this life – like some of us who have to go through this periodically (but then again Fly is so contented with a pair of watchful eyes for his Indonesian maid ha ha ha, so understandable laaa..)

I have less than twelve hours to get out of this state of despair, lest it takes over the new week. But as much as I sit down quietly in front of my laptop staring endlessly to God knows what looking for an answer – each time this happens, there has always been one constant in the parameters.

I don’t make many new friends since 1994 – those who are so close to me are the same people from the previous decade. Those few people had put up with me all this while, and even at 5 am in the morning they continue to put up with me now when I am reaching 30 (and still mentally unstable) – I’d be arrogant and ungrateful if I say I am not touched. In fact, they are becoming more and more experienced counsellors since more and more of our close circle of friends (referred by Fadli as “true friends” ha ha) are going “sewel” (to use Allen’s description).

So to commemorate almost 2 decades of friendship, laughters and tears – we are going to organise a reminiscence of Jita’s BNB very soon. During mid and late 90s, staying up at night at Jita's apartment in London, playing cards, “tell all” session, kutuk session etc. were a must during holidays, and I miss them so much. We have all moved to different directions since, it’s been almost 5 years since the last reunion in Earl’s Court – so perhaps it is high time to relive that. Once in a while we need to take a step back and see what we have left, so that we can treasure what we still have.

Those who are so used to spend eternity menghabiskan bogheh kat apartment Jita dulu, please contact me.

“ ... You may still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not..”

Friday, June 11, 2004

How A Cat Dies....

I know this is quite lame but can't help it - the cat is so cute....... it's such a fat cat! And very very cute ha ha

Health warning: Mereka yang takut kat kucing, jangan bukak e-mail ni. Kucing all over the place...

Kucing kau ke rough? Sama macam tuannya...

Amer Azraen Rosman

Yes, kucing aku - sebab tu very fat and cute ha ha

Fetish gak kucing kau.... masuk kepala dalam kasut... kasut kau tu kan??

Tengok Tuan laa kot - Tuan fetish kaki, cat fetish bau kaki...
Bukan kucing aku laa... mak Jalee forwarded from mana entah...

pic4 rupa macam rough.... tapi tak cute pun... hahaha...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder laaa Fly...
You should know better, being voyeur and all ha ha...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

West Wing at night

Marvel at this, a work of art from my years of experience taking shots at night (he he)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Abon Jadi Bapak

From Abon:

Just to inform..........

Wife aku just give birth last wednesday to a baby boy.

From Chibix:

Wahai Abon Ku,

Sekalung Tahniah daripada Didee & Bie kepada kau dan Dahlia. Semoga kehadiran Baby Boy kau nie akan menambahkan keceriaan keluarga kau. Sampaikan Tahniah aku juga kat parent kau sebab dah jadi Datuk & Nenek.

MCKK Souvenirs

Picked up a few souvenirs from koleq - courtesy of debating teachers, as a token of appreciation for our help throughout the year.

The mug is nice, the tie - will be years before I put it on, let alone that plant environment does not permit tie (although Abon@Ayai keep reminding me that it's the size of my neck which prevents me from wearing a tie)

Anyway, those of you who pass through Kuala, should get some of these sourvenirs

More souvenirs

Sunday, June 06, 2004

PPM Photos

Uploaded some photos from PPM. Still cannot get over it though have to act macho in front of the boys – in private I was like holding my tears back since we had very good teams this year and I was confident we could win.

Fazurin was with us all along coaching the English boys.. I am sure he too was devastated that we lost, but what to do...

Anyway, nothing much changes over the years. The camraderie between debaters, teachers and coaches was as great as ever – I spent hours and hours talking to the teachers, this time as an adult, so much more transpired compared to ten years ago.

Being a part of MCKK is great, those who say the teachers lack appreciation should go to PPM to understand how crushed a teacher felt looking her/his boys lost or being booed on stage... kata orang Melayu – cubit peha kanan, peha kiri pun terasa...

Need to recover from the withdrawal syndrome, have not seen people for a week...
I see dead people.....

More PPM photos

For Honour We Stand, With Valour We Fight

Need to distract myself from the sorrowful week in Perlis - need to wake up from the shock of it all, the teams were really promising. Apa nak buat tak dak rezeki.

Awie had his wedding reception (sebelah lelaki) yesterday, while today is Wong's also in KT. Initially planned to go with the Kerteh boys since I doubt many from KL can make it. But, am too tired and still in withdrawal syndrome, so don't think am fit to go out in public like that.

Anyway, came across a few very nice pictures of koleq's cheering. Was particularly proud since the "tradition" that we started in 1994 found its footing and is continuing till this very day - although it has evolved into something grander and nicer.

You can view the pictures here

The banner and cheering outfit tradition started as two separate things. The banner was the work of the cheerleaders who wanted to add some more meanings to koleq's cheering presence, so the batch (F5) collected some money, painted the banners in the most amateurish manner and voilla - banners all over the place. There were a few mottos, not the current standardised motto which was used for cheering T-Shirt during our time.

As for the cheering T-Shirt - it was the work of KPKM which wanted to make some money, at the same time get away with the impractical school uniform drenched in sweat under the scorching sun (some people including yours sincerely even wore ties just to make a point of how silly it was cheering in school uniform). The Economics Bureaux was tasked with the job - Syed Asrul, entrepreneurial as always, came up with this compulsory T-Shirt for cheering.

The design was done by Cop, Wawan, Bobo and Bochap (if I am not mistaken) - a yellow T-Shirt with Graeco Roman pillars at the front. As for the motto, I remembered how Chamat did not take long to come up with the motto "For Honour We Stand, With Valour We Fight".
The rest, as they said, was history.

I was told that the banner and cheering outfit thing was broken off during the periods 95 to 97. It was reintroduced and improved by our F1 - Class of 98. It stays till this very day, which I am quite proud of.

During the initial implementation, had an argument with Gedebe who was so angry at me for not considering what a financial burden that compulsory T-Shirt was to juniors, especially those from the less privileged family. Looking back, he was right and we should not never had assumed that RM10 was affordable to everyone.

But - thanks to Chamat, the cheerleaders and the rest - at least we can smile that we did leave a legacy, small as it is, to koleq...

Saturday, June 05, 2004


Was in Kangar (Syed Putra) for a week with koleq's debating team. Koleq must have had the highest coach:debater ratio in the whole tournament - 1:1, that if you do not include the teachers. There were 8 debaters from 2 generations of koleq debaters with the team - my thanks to all of you who sacrificed one week to be with us, wherever you are by now.

It was a week full of hopes which ended with an air of sorrow. Very poignant. The boys worked really hard for it - they have the makings of a champion, all the right ingredients were there.

BM lost in quarter final whilst the English team lost in semi final.

Back to drawing board although the old boys (Fazurin and I from Class of 94, the rest from Class of 90,93,95 and 2000) especially myself - are not sure whether we are fit to continue this. We are too old...

I did tell the boys in a closing remark after the result was announced - "If we are robbed of what rightfully ours because of prejudice and injustice, then let them answer to God. If we lost because of our own doing, then we need to do some soul searching as we cannot repeat the same mistakes in the future. Whatever it is - it will continue, someone will take over where some of us had left. If it takes another 10 years to win both the trophies, then so be it..."

Koleq won basketball after 11 years of defeat - something to be proud of.

Koleq's camp was engulfed in sadness because the whole world seems to be turning against us - as always. One of the teachers just could not stand the treatment the boys received that she walked out right in the middle of a function whereby koleq boys were being booed on stage.

Something never changed....