Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Be Careful What You Put On Your Blog

Ha ha that's as much a reminder to everyone, as it is to this blog.

Epit made some comments about this one really eccentric chap who was with us for a while in Form One before he left, since he was one of the very few from this batch who are actually a MCOBA member.

As always, such comments degenerated into some name calling and cruel jokes typical of budak koleq - since we could not imagine why the chap would want to read Epit's blog.

But taaaa raaaaaa - he did drop by and corrected Epit's "facts" some more.

Ha ha I really enjoyed this:

Epit's original post


A couple of weeks back, during one of my mengulaq session, I dropped by at the MCOBA Penthouse. Just for the heck of it, I asked the kakak there to check our batch's MCOBA membership. Officialy, there are only for us who have registered & Chibiok is definitely not one of them. But that's a different story for later.

As y'all probably know, one of the four is Sdr Murzali, who spent less than a month in Koleq. However, FYI, MCOBA did run a background check on him as apparently nobody can verify that the poor chap had actually spent some time in Koleq.

Having said this, few questions come to mind :

i. Kalau dah orang tu tak pernah masuk koleq, buat apa la dia sibuk2 nak jadi MCOBA member?

ii. Why on earth la the poor chap wants to join MCOBA since he wouldn't have any recollection & association of any sort with koleq?


chettttt aku ingatkan tadi ko nak cerita ko jumpa murzali.....suspens je... hehehe


aku mmg ada jumpa dia. In fact, aku buat CLP sekali dengan dia kat UM back in '99/2000.

Aku interview Petronas sekali dengan dia. He got the job. Rasanya, dia ada lagi kat situ.

Anyway, he remembered none of us, even the colourful Che Tam.


tak kan aku dia tak ingat kot? bedmate dia.

tak pun erwan alias yg dia slalu dok main tembak2 tuu...


cousin dia my staff. lawa giler, budak tkc.

memang bukan mcm murzali lah.

Wait for it.... this is the best posting ha ha....


habis tu ruff.. tak kan ko nak buat percubaan untuk menjadi cousin murzali kut...
ada yang kena buang batch nanti... hahahaha

And jeng jeng jeng, tengok-tengok ada one comment from "anonymous" as follows:


Salam semua,

My e-mail is: murzali@yahoo.com,
drop me a line.

PS, aku kat Koleq 3 bulan.

Sayang ya, batch member jadi ahli MCOBA 4 orang je.

Mpro - aku suggest kau jadi wakil delegation pergi mintak maaf ngan dia sebab imply nak buang batch kalau jadi cousin Murzali ha ha ha. After all, dia asal Melaka jugak and I was told he goes back to Melaka regularly. Nak aku pass address kau kat dia ha ha ha....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Events & Updates

1) Koleq was the champion for BM debate and basketball for the Northern Zone competition this week. Cagers outplayed STAR by 67-20 in the final.

2) UIA Inter-school National Debating Competiton is from 15th to 18th April. The first debate is around 2 pm at UIA Main Campus this Saturday.

3) Some people plan to go to Old Boys Weekend this year (no more comments beyond that)

4) Auzir is planning to get married during the next school holiday in Karai, so if you plan to go, please book your time.

5) Wong just had baby girl/boy (?)

6) Gadap is going to Japan for 6 months, hopefully not to plant bombs in the subway!

7) Badut is now engaged and plans to get married by the end of the year. He gave away his fiancee's identity when he keeps blaming her hair as the reason why he appears shorter than her. To Marge Simpson, welcome to our big "Class of 94" family.

8) Bobo on a "rejuvenation" honeymoon for a week - after completing the first 6 years of marriage. Did sit down with them (Bobo & wife) and Jita & girl-friend last 2 weeks, the marriage still looks intact despite Bobo's constant preying eyes.

9) The annual insanity has set in. Tik tok tik tok. Scary.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

High School Crush

Some of us have been working very closely with our teachers from MCKK in certain matters. One of those teachers is a very popular English teacher, whom throughout her illustrious and dedicated teaching career (in MCKK from the very beginning) must have broken some people's hearts. One of the many hearts broken was Mpro's.

So occassionally when there is a mention of her name, discussions begin to snow-ball into reminiscence of the high school crush years in MCKK.

Typically it will be as follows:

wah.... mantee sherry dah bersuara... bila kita nak buat reunion metor mentee pulak.... aku satu mentee dgn ko ke chamat?

1 mentor dgn aku, hmm x kot. Even tho kau selalu menyibuk nak join activity kitorang (and she always gave in and invited you along, or did u invite yourself to our avitivities?). Kau bkn bermentorkan ust. latib ke?

Aku rasa mentor aku fairuz leman kut.... yang pasal invitation tu, aku rasa aku yang invite diri aku sendiri kut (ala ala desperate budak koleq)... aku guna lesan budak koop and house captain, to ensure that all house activities run smooth (salah guna kuasa betul aku ni... tu baru house captain... )

Aik lesen house captain logic laaa... lesen budak Coop? How come maaa? Aku only pakai lesen budak Coop sekali setahun je masa junior years - masa F1 datang register ha ha ha. Aku rasa the only time aku bertegur sapa dengan Izzy the top jambu was on his first day kat koleq, sebab dia beli barang Coop and banyak laa pulak tanyanya (not that I was complaining).

Lepas tu aku rasa haram aku pernah tegur sepatah seumur hidup aku kat koleq- even masa dia datang UK pun aku haram kelu tak tahu nak cakap apa. Tapi lesen budak Coop Mpro lagi besar kot, aku sampai F3 je..... so sebab tu sampai hal ehwal house pun boleh pakai lesen Coop...

Sebab tu la ghazi ali marah aku gunakan alasan nak bincang pasal coop dgn sherry.... apasal tak bincang dgn dia aje.... ahhh sudah

Kalau hati dah terpikat, Ghazi yg hensem pun tak nampak dah lagi kan Mpro. Tahniah dpt anak ala 2x sheery. Tapi ada kemusykilan skit ? Apa yg kau nampak pada Sheery tu, I think Helen Khoo lagi orait.

Chibix.... cita rasa manusia berbeza2... macam ko la kan, aku pun tak paham apasal la yang ko tergila2 sgt kat kelly 97 tu... tapi aku cuba memahami la... mungkin sebab mata sama2 sepet.... nanti champ baca ni marah pulak kat aku....

hari tu aku jumpa nobita kat subang. dia macam takut2 je bila aku panggil. nak kata dia takut aku tibai dia unlikely kot sebab aku bukan kaki tibai, so must be dia takut aku nak main jambu ngan dia kot.

after all these years! giler apa.

Tibai lain kot rough ..... aku pun takut kalau kau kaki tibai yg tuuuu ....

maybe la kot. tapi kalau dia takut logik laaa... kau nak takut apa.
aku sumpah takkan terhingin nak tibai kau nya, even though mata kau sepet macam kelly!

Hahaha, lawak la korang. Abis cerita Kelly semua keluor. Kelly ni asal usul nama si blondie Jenny Garth from series 90210 tu kan. I still think she's gorgeous.

And usually it can go on and on.

Luckily Mpro did move on in life (and in size too), but he did get too over excited at the slight mention of her name.

As for us, it's difficult to describe how you "graduate" from a student-teacher relationship to a more of "elder sister" relationship in life. I tried to imagine how she would see us, since she must have remembered us in the shorts back in 1990 and now we are nearly 30 years old.

Whatever it is, all of us take comfort that we share a similar concern and passion for one particular thing that we care a lot.

Mpro must have been kicking his head for not trying to be a debater back then.


Some of us have been helping some students from koleq to get scholarships, as competition gets tougher each year. I take comfort that they are extremely bright young kids, extremely eager to take the challenges awaiting them and most importantly, polite kids.

Before this I have lost hope that the generational gap will get wider and wider and the later generation will lose the "refined" manner that we are more used to, especially when dealing with elders.

Maybe it's not lost after all.

And as a sign of old age, we still do not understand them, nor find their jokes amusing.