Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Scientific Name Part II

I was quite flabbergasted to find out that I was one of the few who could not remember Vincent's surname, I felt rather "que" (for the lack of a better word). Even Radin, who I know would have very little in common with Vincent (West Wing vs. Pavilion, Sc 5 vs. Sc 3, rugger vs.swimmer etc. etc.) blurted out the long surname as if it was his middle name.

It turned out that it wasn't Russian or Latin after all - more like semi-Scottish to me!

Memorise this friends:


* somehow McDuckenbeast reminds me too much of Mr Scrooge McDuck, or Magica McDuck...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


It's been a while, in fact I have officially received complaints because it's been nearly 2 weeks.

I still want to write about PPM and Amoeba's wedding/trip to Lipis, but still cannot find time to do it. Am waiting for Fazurin to send me to airport for yet another trip, so a quickie will do.

A few updates:

1) Met Ucop (Class of 93) for a dinner last night, we were joined by Allen and Canoe. The dinner was to celebrate Izrin's first day at work (I wished my first shitty day at work was celebrated too...) and Aleq (Class of 99) was supposed to join, until someone sprang a bloody surprise and delivered a baby tengah-tengah malam.

2) Had lunch with Bullet (Class of 97), in fact met him in my office's gents and had a long chat, until we realised it's very dodgy for 2 guys to appear very chummy chummy in the toilet....

Opps Fazurin is here, I thought these e-mails between Wawa (Class of 97) and some of my batchmates are quite nostalgic:


"Sembahyang Jumaat lah kamu sebelum kamu disembahyang Arwahkan"


since when pulak kau jadi bru/bani ni?


Tanda2 kiamat kah?????


Tulah dia...

Somehow hari tu aku tergerak nak join the department's archery team for the inter-d games. Teringat pulak aku hadith, "Ajarlah anak kamu berenang, memanah dan menunggang kuda".

Aku ingat lagi masa form one, hadith ni dok direcycle dekat blackboard for the prefek's viewing pleasure during night prep, along with

"Senyum itu sedekah"

"Isteri-isterimu adalah umpama tanah tempat kamu bercocok tanam, maka datangilah tanah tempat bercocok-tanammu itu bagaimana saja kamu kehendaki."