Monday, January 23, 2006

Poncho Anyone?

This is the most unlikely post I might have ever made - of all people, I am frantically looking for 20 ponchos!

Any idea where to get them?

Need the ponchos quite urgently.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Anniversary Bash

They did celebrate a mini anniversary bash after all. Wong, Allen and I were at a different location planning some sadistic camping for underage boys.

From Pyan:

happy 16th anniversary to 9094 comrades.

got an sms from ayien saying that there will be 9094 'birthday bash' tonite.
tegezut jugak sbb tak dgr apa2 berita pun. so, after dinner rushed to tempat futsal, pj
it turned out to be just a simple 'birthday batch'. At least we celebrated on behalf of others ..hehehe..

location : pj futsal sect 14
sponsor : cake - ayien (baker's cottage (not related to any dindings product)
: drinks - fitt kot? fitt rasanya (various flavors of 100+)
tukang baca doa : bekas ketua pengawas- fadhil
tukang nak pasang lilin : timb presiden batch - ameba
tukang larang pasang lilin : chibix - sbb cake bawah kipas, sampai bila pun lilin tak nyala
tukang makan je tapi tak main : pyan
tukang main je tapi tak makan : wawan
muka dah 13 tahun tak jumpa : ahmad hidayat
tukang amik gambar : izam
total turn up : 13.5 + 2 wives + 1 sleeping kid (0.5 = ayien was there only to deliver the cake. anak tak sihat, kena buat u turn)
total goals : unbelievable....
total books involved : 1 novel by wawan's wife (looks like a novel, not too sure)


Yesterday I met someone I have not met for a very long time. Almost a decade in between us since the last time I saw him. He provided much colours to the memory of my last two years in koleq, so his absence for the last one decade had been sorely missed.

It was such a big relief that he has not changed a bit. Unlike most of us he keeps to the same belly size, the same hair, the lingo, the same laugh, even the same way he makes himself comfortable when seating. Still as sharp and witty as ever.

There is nothing more comforting than finding that your mental picture of your close friends when we were in koleq is still valid after all these years.

I felt really good after that meeting, although there was much hesitation before, as I don't normally cope well with uncertainty. In fact I had never felt that good for quite some time now.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bochap's Wedding

Auzir, Epit & family, Picca and Shahrin Jaminan a.k.a Vincent Abstique McDarkenbeast took some time off on 31st December to make a dash to Segamat to attend Bochap's wedding. Belly also attended the wedding, but he arrived when we had already left.

It was very difficult to take a good snap of Bochap and his wife because the zapin dancers were all over the place.

Auzir and Picca were arguing for and against the merits of marrying a janda - with Picca highly favourable to the "instant children" notion, Auzir on the opposite spectrum. But both of them have no problems getting married to a janda.

I was caught in the middle.

Anyway, if you want more pictures of Bochap's wedding, please visit Zaman Berisi

Sudah... anak Epit dah reti posing kecik-kecik lagi...

Notice the arrow..

ps: Yesterday, 6th January was the 16th anniversary of our first day as budak koleq. Tak muak2 lagi kita ye....

Monday, January 02, 2006

Teka Blog Sapa

I come across this blog, which I am pretty sure of someone we know. He wants to play hide and seek - so go and visit and have your guess.

That Thing I Do