Monday, March 07, 2011

En Ismail Zainal Abidin Spotted

Apa masalah kamu?

Beberapa fakta mengenai Cikgu Ismail:

1) Dia suka tanya soalan "apa masalah kamu?"

2) Dia suka panggil nama manja pakai nama bapak, kalau anak murid yang dia sayang. So dia panggil anak En Mubin & anak En Shuib. Tapi tak pulak dia panggil anak Laksamana Ramli ye dak?

3) Dia suka letak tangan depan mulut, macam bercakap dengan microfon.

4) Dia mempopularkan teori tangki. Belajar Add M3 macam ada tangki atas kepala. Mula2 homework sikit, macam tambah air dalam tangki atas kepala. Lama-lama kalau tak buat homework, tangki penuh and kelepek -  mati lah kau kena tindih dengan tangki.

5) Jeng jeng jeng.... dia pun Mr Ikon macam Mr Ikon Mentula he he he he

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wedding Review & Cari Jodoh

The space between one wedding and another gets further and further away. I can't even remember the last immediate wedding before KNO's but it feels a bit a while ago.

KNO's wedding on 19th March was one of the most anticipated weddings. I blocked the date way in advance but unfortunately, something urgent came about in the morning and my trip to KL was delayed. In the end, it was too late to catch up with the convoy that left for KL at 11 am.

As a result, I didn't have the opportunity to dissect KNO's wedding as brutally as I would like to. Luckily, as a celebrity blogger, KNO somehow commissioned a wedding video that unfortunately featured Chibix - that in itself would have earned KNO's as the worst wedding of the year, irregardless how perfectly planned the whole affair was.

A few weeks before that, Fadli had managed to arrange a late night reunion at a karaoke joint. Given the age and how our species is slowly but surely getting extinct in the batch, lagu wajib at each karaoke joint is Wali Band's Cari Jodoh. The highlight of the night would have been Ir Gadap's rendition of rock kapak or Jures' imitation of your Hollywood's heartthrob.

As of today, we have not gotten any new notice of a wedding in the near future. I suggest all eyes to be trained on La'ba. Words had it that he cut down his time at bowling alleys to spend more time settling down.

To those who want to practise for the next karaoke joint, Wali Band's Cari Jodoh is a good start :-)

I Just Need You Now

It has been ages. I was prompted to make time and ensure that the memory lives on here, as I was traveling back from work and found myself stuck in a jam. Realised that it would take a lot longer to get through the jam than making a detour to meet a good friend whom I had not been in touch for a while. He was a senior in koleq and we used to make time to have dinner together at least once a month.

He was jubilant - many positive things happening in his life. He was also jubilant about a certain thing that happened last month and we both wondered how a certain person who is no longer with us would have reacted.

Anyway, it hit me in the face hard when he commented of how loyal the batchmates have been; and how quick they would come to defend anyone of us. "You have the best batchmates anyone could ever ask no matter how crazy they are".

That was the moment that I paused and my mind went wandering for a while.

We have the bad habit of ignoring the very people who are most loyal and kind to us, especially when we are dead focused on certain aims in life. I am mostly guilty of this all the time (of course, some others are a lot worse ha ha).

I don't participate in the email discussion as much, only to throw in some jokes once in a while. I can hardly make time to organise events like I used to and I have been late at all batch functions lately. It's very difficult to make time to sit down for a coffee and laugh at the cruelty of life as we used to.

Yet these are the people who would remain there after the adventure is over. They would take you as the same person they have known you all this while.

I went back that night thinking. I went through the list of emails and realised how much I have missed everything and how quickly I had been pulled down by the quick sand of life.

And realised that the one thing I need most is company ;-) at the eleventh hour of the night. Went searching for a song to remember the moment by, only to realise again that it's been ages since I last listen to a song.

This post is useless and meaningless. It's been too long that I last indulged with the finer details of feelings; or what friendship and companionship really means. I am struggling to find words to tell the crazy bunch out there where our place is in each other's life - I am getting worse with words nowadays.

But I hope this will suffice for the time being, as I search for the lost words to convey the message that Noni will always be here. Or that it is very scary to realise you get sucked in too quickly into a mess you don't plan to be initially.

To the Yengkos or Mentulas or whatever you call yourself, you have been the rock of stability that defines many of us. Unspoken words mean a lot more than expressed thoughts.