Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing: Sdr Syed Khalid Al-Juned, President Yengko 2010 - 2020

Janji-janji presiden batch yang baru:

1) Mengambil alih rumah Chamat untuk dijadikan club house batch, termasuk memecahkan dinding hadapan untuk ditukar menjadi ruang futsal

2) Pertandingan badminton inter house di rumah Chamat, menggunakan pagar sebagai court

3) Akan mengeluarkan surat-surat kebenaran yang mengesahkan kepada isteri member batch yang suami mereka keluar untuk menyertai aktiviti batch, jadi lesen yang sangat berguna kepada member batch.

Janji-janji yang lain adalah janji politik, seperti:

1) Akan mengangkat batch ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi (dengan gaya tangan mencapai awan)

2) Akan pastikan batch bersatu

Malangnya, beliau mengambil pendekatan berlainan kerana kami tidak disuruh melaungkan slogan "UniteFect" seperti kebiasaannya. Tapi mungkin tak lama lagi, Khalid akan perkenalkan slogan "1Batch".

Antara langkah-langkah awal yang diambil termasuklah memaksa Awie melantik beliau menjadi moderator Male-ing List. Frankly speaking, I smell a Mahathir reincarnation among us. Lepas ni, habis semua institusi batch dia robohkan sebab nak bolot kuasa.

Kalau aku jadi Epit, I better siapkan akaun reunion and simpan duit jauh-jauh. Sebab lepas ni presiden mesti mintaknya.

Kalau aku jadi supplier batch yang lain, lepas ni aku rasa presiden insists semua kontrak supply kuih ke reunion diberikan kepada beliau dan kroni. Kalau tak kena buang batch, or kena block from posting emails.

Biggest Losers Reunion

1) Biggest Losers Reunion took place last weekend.

2) It was on the brink of being derailed, because the person who was supposed to pick up the key to Chamat's house in Bukit Jelutong, did not pick up the key earlier. In the morning, he fetched the key late and the people who came early with food etc. had to wait for half an hour before the gate was opened.

3) Luckily no commotion happened and no point deducted either (ha ha).

4) The attendance was within the normal satisfactory region (40+ batch members). Some of the usual suspects were not around but understandably so, given the long weekend and all.

5) Gabai sent cute cupcakes. It was so cute I decided to make it as mast head for this blog :-)

6) Everything went well, people came in batches but most stayed throughout. The biggest catch was Muta, who drove all the way from Penang for this (ha ha Awie mesti maki aku - yeap, as not to offend Md Shah, Awie too drove all the way from KT for this). So bonus points to Leman and Md Shah ha ha.

7) We had already decided to cut down the cost from the original RM45 per head to RM30 per head, since in all previous reunions, we had to throw too much food. Not only that RM30 per head was enough to cover for the children and spouses (the policy really discriminates singles like me ha ha), we still were left with so much food in the end.

8) We don't know how low we can sink when it comes to being cheapskate. We had been downgrading from hotel to golf club to restoran mamak to someone's porch. I think we are aiming for public park after this (Note 1).

9) Pengundian AJK Batch did not take place as expected, since nobody wanted to challenge Khalid. So we decided to change to US presidential system, we voted only the president, he shall appoint his cabinet. Even so, nobody entered the race so Khalid won without contest. He finally had the chance to deliver his speech that he had practised each night (Note 2).

10) Likewise, upacara mengukur berat masing2 untuk Biggest Losers pun tak menjadi, sebab semua nak jadi SPR sendiri and announce berat sendiri. Sebab aku tak berani nak paksa takut kena lanyak, kita kena cari jalan lain nak ukur berat heavyweights budak batch ni, Tapi Aiwa cakap berat dia 134 kg.

11) Epit, seperti biasa, buat untung lagi. Akaun dia tak declare kat sapa2, tapi kami syak sebab dia aturkan program tiap2 bulan (ada bowling la, basketball la, nak Pesta Buah2an di Janda Baik la), semua untung buat reunion dia beli blackberry & bayar duit ansuran Grandis tiap2 bulan (ha ha Kak Yong mesti langsing aku ni)

Nota 1:
I think it is not so much about the money, but freedom to sit down with friends for as long as possible and the kids to run around. Looking back, we never held anything at hotels because the idea that you dress up and go to expensive hotel just to meet the batchmates you have known for ages, just seems ridiculous to some of us. Sometimes, people choose to hold events at hotels, especially for alumni gathering, to impress each other the way high school reunions in the US take place. Considering how under achieving every one is (or that nobody is going to be impressed with anybody), we thought we are better off saving the penny and concentrate on getting more people to come. Substance over form, ha ha.

Nota 2:
This whole idea about re-election of batch president was a parody initiated by Khalid. At the height of MCA fiasco, he asked for an EGM too, so that a new line up could be elected. True to our habit of taking a micky out of anything, it went ahead with his appearance at many functions and gathering to canvass support, although the other "micky" contender (Fadli, with his campaign that revolves around seluar mandi flourescent masa F1) had pulled out a long time ago. 

Aiwa Cekong

The other day I went out for lunch with Aiwa. Our office was quite near to each other. Aiwa is at Shah Alam's EPF, within a walking distance to Blue Wave Hotel where Taufik is; which in turn is within a walking distance to where my office is.

Been meaning to catch up with him for a long time but did not have the time.

We went to a Thai restaurant and later was joined by Suri.

Banyaklah joke2 Aiwa sampai tak muat nak letak kat sini.

Tapi yang paling aku kesian, Aiwa mengaku dia nampak "cekong" la ni. "Cekong" adalah bahasa Kelantan bagi "cengkong".

Hari tu Aiwa makan bihun sahaja, dia tak nak makan nasi. Mungkin sebab tu dia nampak cekong.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Notice Board @ Foyer: Esok Pemilihan AJK, Compulsory Attendance

Tomorrow is the simple reunion that Epit, Idzam, Chamat, Mattop and others have been arranging. I usually feature prominently in any of the planning of all the reunions before.

But time changes and we are swept by the changes too. I barely have the time to read batch emails nowadays. At certain intervals, Googlegroups sends a summary to the Blackberry and I browsed through quickly, making a mental note on which ones to reply later on. Late at night, before sleep I'll try to reply to some.

Of course replies that come when all others are going to bed (or asleep) are not as fun. We used to shoot emails as if we were chatting, especially at the height of Carey Award race between 2006 and 2008. (Ha ha while we will not try to defend that a lot of office hours went down the drain during those days, some of us were promoted as well and accomplished certain things in our career while scoring points in the inter-house spamming competition).

So, tomorrow's reunion is important (at least to me personally). It's to remind us of the one group of people whom we should keep close to us, even when we traverse the different paths in this life. It is to remind us that we should make time for people who are important to us.

I take comfort that the reunion group in the batch is the seasoned lot, so they must have sorted out everything by now. The tent is going up tonight (Chamat sms me just now). The only thing I had to do is to pick up the key from Chamat's brother tomorrow, because Chamat is in Helsinki and will only land midday tomorrow.

Among others, we'll carry out the official weighing of representatives from each house for the Yengko's Biggest Losers. Aiwa cannot make it because his wife is at the end of pregnancy (jangan salah sangka, wife dia yang pregnant, bukan dia), but even if he is around, we cannot weigh him anyway because my scale is only up to 120 kg. He has confided his weight to me so we'll assign a number to it - sebab Ahmad wajib hantar Aiwa for Yengko's Biggest Losers.

I am still thinking how are we going to conduct pemilihan AJK Batch baru. Definitely we need a husting session specifically for Khalid, but my guess is semuanya menang tanpa bertanding ha ha.

Whatever it is, I can't wait. Will blog real time and upload some photos immediately tomorrow. Wait for the videos masa timbang peserta Yengko's Biggest Losers and Khalid's acceptance speech sebagai president batch yang baru (ha ha).

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dejavu Pertama

1) Sila lawat blog ini, hasil super junior kita Class of 2013.

2) While the resourcefulness should be commended (compare this dengan blogger batch ni mcm Epit & Mpro yg kena ugut nak kena strike out from blogroll baru sibuk2, adik2 ni kira mulia lah ni), I can't help but feel amused with the whole thing.

3) Dejavu, mengingatkan kepada trend TNG (bukan Star Trek punya series, tapi ada la menarik sound effect Star Trek nya laser ha ha) zaman2 1991 dulu ha ha. Bolehlah aku elaborate kat sini, tapi rasanya lagi seronok pi buat posting kat Citer Bell kot.

4) TNG ni maksudnya The New Generation (bukan Star Trek lah!). It was a noble idea and aspiration, by a senior batch when we were in MCKK, to leave behind all the things that were bad about MCKK and became the "new generation".

5) Sebab tu semangat budak2 0913 yang berkobar2 ni mengingatkan kepada TNG. Siap ada Program Kecemerlangan dan bidang kebitaraan ha ha.

6) Aku rasa tersangatlah bodoh, sebab batch kita masa Form 2 was preoccupied dengan benda-benda remeh temeh seperti: kesan apabila menggunakan sabun yang beralkali untuk c*leng, or Pasaraya Berkat nama je Berkat tapi pemiliknya Cina and bidang kebitaraan yang paling hebat adalah mewujudkan AJK Keselamatan Batch untuk menjaga batch dari kena kacau ngan senior ha ha ha (sapa punya idea bangang la tu)

7) Tapi aku bet, by the time 2013, diorang pun sibuk dok buat order nasi malam2 macam kita jugak ha ha ha. Tak bitara langsung la by then. Budak koleq will always be budak koleq.

Dejavu Kedua

1) Blog peribadi penulis yang sama, baca di sini.

2) Kah kah kah mengingatkan aku kat Rembell je, sebab masa Form 1 semua dia bolot. Aku yang hina dina dihumban jaga ping pong room (setaraf dengan Sharap of the "relaks la Asar lambat lagi" fame) je, tapi Rembell lah semuanya, termasuklah mencipta kata kerja baru menyenerika.

3) Kalau budak ni ada cerita kena gulingkan tak lama lagi, sah2 lah Rembell nya reincarnation. Ha ha.

Nasihat aku kepada adik2 yang super junior ni, korang copy posting ni, simpan elok2, 30 tahun lagi masa reunion kau flash lah besar2.

Ha ha aku sure masa tu, ada budak batch yang dengan sukarela mengisytiharkan keluar dari batch sebab tak tahan malu ha ha ha.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Spent a good half a day with Pak Tuan surveying potential properties should I decide to move to Shah Alam (am really sick of driving long distance each day).

Our last detour was at Section 8, by which time Pak Tuan suddenly couldn't control his bladder. Either his bladder could detect friendly toilets nearby or everything was timed perfectly, we ended up in front of Taufik's house around 630 pm.

It took a few calls before Taufik came down. He has this habit of not locking his gate so any Tom, Dick & Harry can park right in front of his newly painted purple hatchback, supposedly a Valentine gift to Maria (the wife, in case some of you speculate something else). Ha ha I like the idea of giving a makeover to my car for my wife's (hypothetical notion for the time being) present :-)

Anyway, what was a short trip to toilet ended up quite a long and chatty catching up with a friend. The last time I met Taufik, must be during 2005's reunion (Back to School Reunion).

Taufik is very politically aware (and enlightened - ha ha depending which perspectives you evaluate his opinion) and it was unavoidable that our conversation would venture to catch up on his dad. Taufik's dad is one of our batch's pride and joy (ha ha loser giler batch ni, dah tak de pride and joy sendiri pi adopt bapak batchmate jadi pride and joy!) for his long and fruitful service in the judiciary. An old boy in his 60s, he paid a heavy price for leading a righteous life, not bending when others around him jockeyed for favours. He was denied promotion for a very long time and we are but a few of people, among a sea of other people in this country, who find his quality a rarity and inspirational during this part of our nation's history.

So, we should not be blamed if we want to tumpang the romanticism attached to this particular judge, through the connection of his son in our batch.

Anyway, Taufik was one of my earliest close friends in MCKK. His deskmate was Awie in 1 PK 1, in the end both ended up being wackos (ha ha). Together they threw the only surprise birthday party in my life, over a small cake from Warong Kek Jaya and fried kuew teow from Saudiah. That kindness, you will not forget although life has taken us onto different path i.e. Taufik has growned a lot slimmer (see photos below), while I become a lot fatter. Even after 19 years, Taufik still remembers the minute details of certain things I told him when we were in Form 1.

Posing ala-ala Tok Cha (Kelantanese' name for Tok Sami), masa kat koleq this is Taufik

Posing ala-ala Miss World, lepas the weight loss ha ha

It was good to catch up - normally I would lament a few hours lost not doing what I would think as productive work, but once in a while paying respect and tribute to the people who were really nice to you was worth every minute :-)


1) Taufik's full name is Mohd Taufik bin Hishamuddin, so go figure (wink wink)

2) Taufik suffers from diabetes and is often warded from time to time, so we should make a point to drop by once in a while. I am arranging a lunch with Aiwa some time next week, since all of us are quite nearby in Shah Alam

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loque's Wedding

It's been a while since the last wedding. Obviously, people are busier with the first child going to school at this age, or the answers to spice up night life - not the nitty gritty of being the best man or sorting out batchmates' wedding calendar.

But some of us are really late bloomers (this is not to take cue from klik lucah although bloom may imply something else) - so there are about 20+ of us (rough estimate) who are not yet married. The majority of this group are the UK guys (Chamat, Madad, Allen, Fadli, Che Tam, myself - shit tak kan ini je?), Zadin, La'ba, Cop, Ska, Pak Tuan, KNO (errrr I can't recall anyone else?) and of course Loque.

As if it was a writing on the wall, Loque left this soon-to-become-extinct group on 6th February 2010. There was a buzz of excitement for the last few months as we were all planning to congregate at the wedding.

I actually had a hectic schedule that weekend and by right should have skipped the wedding altogether. Was in Terengganu on Friday and due to a little trauma of driving long distance alone, I took a bus for the one day trip, so arrived in the early morning of Saturday just for the wedding. Was double booked for 3 weddings that day, so had to endure the guilty feeling by turning down all three other weddings especially a morning church wedding that meant quite a lot to somebody.

After a meeting which I turned up 2 hours late and irked everyone, finally I could make way to Jalan Kuching, with the help of GoogleMap! Everyone was stuck in the traffic - called Radin and Epit, both were late so I thought I would have been among the first ones there. Luckily Chibix and Khalid were also stuck in traffic behind me, so we arrived almost at the same time together with Hj Gabai (who came in an MPV tapi dia sorang je dalam MPV tu).

Anyhow, I'll spare you the details - only to highlight a few things:

1) Tungkid sampai dengan songkok baldu lipat & baju batik, the perfect representation of Juara Rakyat (you can see the comments from Facebook on this)

2) Loque completed the wedding with a tarian ronggeng, much to the horror of Cop and Pyan who were sitting nearby, pucat takut kena tarik ronggeng sekali.

3) Ir Gadap Konek did not turn up despite the hype dia nak berkaraoke lagu2 Melayu with Loque

4) Loque dah lupa nama Mejar Capoe ha ha ha

5) Cop is getting married soon too - so beramai2lah kita ke Sabak Bernam in March. Kad jemputan telah didistribute during the wedding.

6) Mpro dapat bergambar dengan idola terkini, Hujan (errr what's the singer's name? Noh?). Aku ingat jambu dia masa UUM because gaya2 orang usik dia, ala2 orang usik dia dengan Afza. Tapi tak logik jugak sbb budak with the full Malay tu nampak putih pulak ha ha. Dah habis ambik gambar semua, baru aku tahu itu adalah the vocalist of Hujan.

7) Khalid masih sempat berkempen. Seperti biasa ha ha.

8) Syeikh Ezrin sempat jugak sampai untuk membacakan doa.

9) Aku sorang saja yang adhere to theme colour i.e. buttery yellow (for Butterfingers, yaa haa). Yang lain semua pakai gasak. Hopefully this will re-build my reputation after a few Yukengkaungongmi incidents.

And macam-mana lagi ha ha.

Food was good, the company was good and especially it was good to see everyone again, after a while. Next destination, Cop's wedding.

ps: Setakat ini, Loque's wedding diberikan taraf 4 bintang berbanding dengan wedding Fido ha ha. Kira setaraf dengan wedding-wedding lain (read here and here) ha ha.

Photos here :-)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Please Guess The Right Password

Komen Awie: "aksi toje & pokpek tu bole masuk klik lucah"
Komen seterusnya: "apa password yang pokpek bagi kat toje? sure bukan Mokhtar nya. Bochap rasa password sebenar adalah karipap"

1) Blog ni makin tak yengko, asyik post gambar yg KNO edit je, dari Pakistani pulak tu.

2) Tapi apa2 pun, KPI sudah dicapai.

3) Lusa Loque nya wedding. Sure wedding of the year nya, ramai2 sure datang makan karipap (betul). Kalau ada chance nak beat wedding Loque pun, only wedding Kristi sometimes this year ha ha.

4) Sebenarnya pengumuman majlis menyerang rumah Chamat (makin cheap skate, dari hotel, ke golf club, ke kedai mamak, la ni rumah Chamat ha ha):
"Dear All,
Seperti yang telah dijanjikan, pada tahun ini kita akan mengadakan pelbagai acara sebagai menyambut 20 tahun/17 tahun keyengkoan kita. pelbagai acara telah dirancang termasuk acara mengeratkan silaturrahim dan acara sukan. (acara ukhrawi setakat ni belum dicadangkan, tapi kalau ada anchor, silalah cadangkan & terus organise).
Anyway, apalah ertinya membuat program kalau tidak diadakan pelancaran yang gilang-gemilang. untuk itu, satu acara pelancaran besar-besaran akan diadakan seperti ketetapan berikut:
Pengesahan/pembayaran boleh dibuat kepada Yengko-Yengko di bawah melalui e-mel/telefon.
Epit 0193388498;; Bank MBB 1550 1494 5552 Ezam 0166269094
Marilah beramai-ramai.
Baik sahkan cepat2.kalau tak , aku harass korang."

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Raja Betik

Giler control freak Raja Betik ni, Chamat duduk kat tengah2 pun dah jeling & bengang semacam!