Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I first went to PPM in 1991 when I was in Form 2. It felt ages ago. It was in fact the most enjoyable PPM of all the 10 PPMs I attended (either as a participant or as a coach) because we crashed early, so I had all the time to make friends.

By 1991, MCKK had not won PPM for 11 consecutive years. The last time we won was in 1980 led by Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah. He was the only PPM best speaker from MCKK at that time, so the near mythical status was difficult to challenge.

Against all odds, we won in 1992. In fact, we won again in 1993 this time more convincingly and hands down. As it turned out, the 90s proved to be the most successful PPM forays for MCKK, with only 2 years that we did not make it to the final of either category.

The record speaks for itself:

1990: English final
1991: English final/best speaker
1992: BM won/best speaker
1993: BM won/best speaker
1996: BM final
1997: English final
1998: BM final/best speaker
1999: BM won/best sepaker
2000: BM final

This year marks the longest time in the PPM period that MCKK did not win. There was a gap of 11 years (1980 to 1991) before we won it in 1992. The long years catapulted a near frenzy celebration when we were declared the winner in Dewan Muktamar in 1992.

This year, it has been 12 years since we last won the trophy (1999 to 2011).

I had quit the coaching since 2009 after 6 years looking after both teams. We had ups and downs. Although we did not win PPM, but MCKK created a near unbeatable record by going to the final of Inter-school Debating Championship (the largest debating tournament) 5 years in a row in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

But every debater dream is to win PPM. I wish we can end this dearth of PPM win sooner rather than later.

Someone asks me why we didn't win in spite of the efforts, training etc.

Looking back, I think winning PPM is not just about superior knowledge, practice and debating skills. It took a lot more than that - it needs everything with the team to go well, from the teachers, to the coaches, to the HM and the debaters.

Failure to recognise this, means a constant repeat of failures at PPM each year.

One day, we may see a debater who rise above everything to lead the team to win PPM. I believe whoever that person is, is destined for greater things because he will have a lot on his plate to navigate.

Until then, good luck :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scare of A Lifetime

Rashad Class of 2008 alerted me that this blog has been deleted.

He asked whether I intentionally deleted the blog or it was a sabotage, since my laptop, Gmail etc has been a victim of hacking for the last one month (well, not surprising with the kind of things I do nowadays).

Luckily, I guess it was a result of the stepped up security that it messed a lot of things given how inter-connected internet applications are.

So here I am at 439 am feeling a great sigh of relief despite the bulging eye balls that desperately need a short nap.

But at least volumes of writings and memories of the last 8 years will not go to waste as I really want this blog to hit 10 years in 2014!

Back in business!