Thursday, July 15, 2004

Tak De Leher

Received a call from Fadli – he’s now in Atlanta. Some people...

Spend some time borak, after all someone close to him may be joining my old firm in Old Street, small world ...

Anyway, I just found out that Allen has been circulating the rumour that I no longer have a visible neck! Complete dengan description lagi – kalau aku ayam sure payah nak sembelih....

Fadli is still very active in the London socialite circle – full of stories about what happens here and there. If there is one thing that Fadli does best that I can never even come close – it must be that.

There have been a few requests for the video and photos of the last BNB Reunion to be posted. Will work on that eventually but not now – am too tired.

Anwar Ibrahim has been hospitalised and is now in serious threat of paralysis. Whatever happens to humanity and belas kasihan – the public in general most probably will continue to ignore the plight of this one man until it’s too late, when he is already in the grave then maybe some of us will feel guilty, before happily moving on again. Curse us, what goes around comes around.

I just cannot comprehend how the so-called “Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang” leaders of ours (though I never claim them as mine) have so much hate in their hearts – even budak-budak in Kuala, after years of rivalry, can kiss and make up before the final farewell at the train station. One day all of us will be judged, Prime Minister or not, prisoner or not....

Actually am feeling very guilty – I hate a state of haplessness, when you want to do something but you feel it’s futile, then you resign to that state of haplessness.

Anyway, at least Fadli is happy, after a spate of depression a few weeks ago. Other people have been having regular futsal meets, although have not been able to find time to join them and snap some photos. But the thought that the batch’s Fotopages will be filled with “orang tak de leher” makes me shudder....

To those in Putrajaya, the almighty you are, at least give this piece a second glance...

Gov’t should show Anwar mercy
Jul 14, 04 5:05pm
(published in Malaysiakin)

I am glad that parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang has taken the step to raise the issue of Anwar's deteriorating health in the House. If parliamentarians in the BN government have no sense of decency to discuss and to allow Anwar to go for the operation of his choice abroad then we, the Malaysian people, now know how cruel the government can be.
Is it so wrong to go abroad for treatment? Do not Malaysians ever go abroad for second medical opinions or treatments? I understand that even the prime minister's wife has sought medical treatment abroad regularly (the United States) for her treatment of cancer.
No one questions her because it is her right. So should it be with Anwar who has suffered at the hands of his former party, Umno.

There is no sense of kindness, mercy or decency anymore. No wonder there are reckless murders, brutal rapes and senseless crimes being committed with increasing frequency. Such is the disposition of the leaders of our land who are more concerned about the security of their jobs then doing justice and showing mercy.

It is obvious to the majority of Malaysians that Anwar, a victim of a political conspiracy, is being politically persecuted because of his stand on certain issues concerning the reckless emptying of the government's coffers.

The close relationship between the country's leaders and business tycoons came into play and they saw it fit to oust him in order to protect their interests. Anwar, in making his stand, actually fought for the rights of the ordinary Malaysians and Malays who were being neglected in the thick of all the mega projects.

He was the true pejuang who stands for what Umno believes in. Today, the party is hijacked by power-hungry people who then create ‘no contest’ rules so that they can stay on in power for decades.

It is appropriate then that Lim Kit Siang raises the issue of Anwar and see if his fellow parliamentarians would make their voices heard and go against Anwar.
If they speak only to protect their political masters, then God shall be the judge on their day of judgement and when they seek mercy, there will be none.

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