Friday, September 17, 2004


Enough of continuous bashing of some hate figures - although it did provide an interesting topic to talk on for more than a week. Anyway, we have enough in our hands to be bothered about baseless and wild accusations coming from Peter Pan-like personalities who do not seem to be able to wake up and smell the coffee that there's more to life than the company of some teenage pupils in Kuala Kangsar!

Went out for a dinner with Pejal about 2 weeks ago. I had to treat him separately since he couldn't join the previous Thai dinner we had among ourselves (me, Bobo, Jita, Allen, Amon 96 and Hasanuddin 98) some time in late August. Basically August is bonus month for Petronas employees - so you are expected to give a treat to your friends (although the fact that all of them, by virtue of being Petronas employees too, received the same bonus did not deter them from badgering poor soul like moi to belanja them).

Anyway, Pejal brought Aini and their daughter together. How they managed to get the poor girl to sleep despite all the noise and shouting was beyond me - knowing Pejal and Aini I wouldn't be surprised that they had drugged her. Aini was a common friend even before they got married - Aini used to work with me on a project, likewise Pejal was also involved. I never know whether they got hooked because of that involvement, or Pejal was already too gatal to get married then (because he was one of the early ones to get married)

Pejal would be distinctively remembered as being one of the 3 gigantic guys when he was in F1, only to become a near midget by the time we left koleq. That's being the curse of bantut - because your growth basically stopped at 13 while others continued until they were 21, Pejal was easily left behind by the rest of the batch.

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