Monday, November 29, 2004

Jejak Kasih - Part I

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From: Noni
To: Batch-net
Date: Sometime lepas raya

Official duty aku hari ni still to send e-mails (just like any other days).

Anyway, last Monday I went out ngan Sharap and Zadin - since I have not seen nor spoken to them for the past 10 years. It wasn't really a tearful reunion so I spare you the sentimental bit, but it was good meeting people you have lost contact for a very long time. At least with Sharap, I was very close to him in F5, but Zahadin and I rarely had an encounter even when we were in koleq.

Unfortunately we had to do it kat Starbucks - because I hate Starbucks and kedai2 kopi yang sewaktu dengannya. I was planning for a treat at a Chinese restaurant nearby, but it seems my appetite for big dinner and fattening food was not shared by the other two, so we had to settle for Starbucks. I had a feeling that Zadin thought I was a yuppie-kind of person who could not survive without occasional dose of surreal experience at Starbucks, if only to feel that I was close enough to the place of happenings/hip etc. So the money that would have been better spent at a gerai nasi ayam or on good Chinese dinner that night, was spent enriching Zionist-backing Starbucks.....

Anyway, I was quite surprised that after 10 years, people hardly change in appearance (wokay I put on 30 kg, but what's the big deal?) or behaviour, although they do grow up and become more matured. The worldview is quite different and it was quite obvious (but then again hardly anyone shares my worldview and complex) - but unlike those days in koleq when people yelled when they disagreed on something (on an issue as trivial as kena confinement sebab katil kotor or someone's bapak was allegedly a setan), Sharap and Zadin were very accommodating to my unusual views (although they seemed to flinch uncomfortably when I suggested that **tut tut**, or that **tut tut** - too sensitive!)

All in all it was a well spent second hari raya - there is still a huge gap but it's amazing how such gaps no longer intimidate us or stop us from sitting down at one table, whereas in koleq you would never have done that if you know there's a huge chasm between you and the next person.

I met Sharap again a few days after before he went back to Bangi and talked about a lot of things (well actually Sharap had to listen to my babbling most of the time) - it's refreshing to know we still share the same views on a lot of issues.

Next is to meet Madad, who I haven't met for the last 2 years and is back in Malaysia until 6 December.

(Yeaaaay, dah habis half an hour writing one e-mail, I need to write a couple more e-mails to kill time before lunch break, then sepah2kan meja to look busy after Jumaat to survive the next 2 hours.... It's a wonderful life!)

* gambar attached to prove I did not make up stories - aku did berjejak kasih this raya

hafiznizam hashim
19/11/2004 10:29 PM

apa rasa Starbucks kemamang??? kopi dia kaw ke??? hehehehehe...ko mesti ada running tab kat situ kan??? muahahahahaha...aku raya ni bonding ngn fly je tapi tak de la pulak ambik gambar mcm ko...yang lain tak dak sesapa...dah la masuk tahun nie 2 tahun berturut2 raya kat seremban...tak dapat bonding ngn syed asruru...

pengumuman lagi satu...anak aku dah boleh berjalan...

Amir Zafily B Zakaria
20/11/2004 09:52 AM

tak sampai ker ayien, idzam, mongger etc ke rumah kau? anyway, rasanya still tak terlambat nak ucapkan Salam Aidilfitri to all, Maaf Zahir & Batin... Jangan lupa buat puasa enam ye...

"Muhammad Gadaffi b. Hussain"
21/11/2004 01:56 PM

Ceh tergamak kau minum kat kedai yang ada sumbangan kat zionis! Apa nak jadi dengan korang bertiga ni.

Apsal Zahadin dan Saraf satu fesyen???- ada janggut tak ada misai???? Depa join kumpulan Rhoma Irama ker berdakwah sambil berdangdut????

M Rafizi B Ramli
11/25/2004 12:45 PM

>> pengumuman lagi satu...anak aku dah boleh berjalan...

sure buas/liar macam bapak dia masa kecik - cuma bapak dia dulu obesity limited his buasness masa kecik, anak dia tak tahu laaa

Amir Zafily B Zakaria
25/11/2004 12:51 PM

rasanya epit junior ni tak sebuas bapak dia la kot sebab dia kurus sket...

25/11/2004 01:19 PM

jambu jures n jita (tapi jita x claim lak sekarang) masa kat koleq, zen akmal, is with accenture


  1. Epit la ni, aku nak pegi rumah dia, asyik takde je. Apa-apa pun, selamat hari raya kepada semua.
    Tapi aku sempat gak jumpa belly ngan fadhil masa futsal hari tu. Anak aku nak bertambah tahun depan ni, doa-doakanlah.
    Insya Allah, kali ni perempuan pulak.

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