Monday, November 29, 2004

Jejak Kasih - Part II

Zack (my junior in Dorm 21) was in Kerteh for an audit last weekend. I supposed Zack wanted to try his luck by asking whether I could pick him up from Kuantan Airport to Awana Kijal - but I was frank enough to tell Zack that he was not jambu enough for me to entertain that kind of request (ha ha). A nice kid, but not jambu enough.

We had our normal monthly gathering and it becomes very clear now that Bobo and I had become the official patrons. I think we are going to call it McD Club (for lack of a better name for a secret society). While we are on it, McD Kerteh was a victim of terrible vandal acts recently, with vandals such as "McShit", "Bodoh" etc. scrawled prominently on its floor and walls. Rasa-rasanya McD is not really welcome in Terengganu after all.....

Bobo came late, but Nuddin (Class of 98), Zack (Class of 96), Amon (Class of 96) and I were almost on time. Zack paid for the dinner - until now I curse myself for having only a Milo and french fries (yes in Kerteh it is still called french fries, not freedom fries), I should have had 3 Bigmac, 2 McChicken etc. etc. just to dent Zack's pocket.

Bobo came with Pacal, his office mate. Exciting kid, eyes always glowing (Pacal that is, not Bobo) ha ha.

In the end, it became a reunion for Amon and Zack who had not met all this while, with Zack updating Amon on the what has been happening with their batch members. Since Bobo and I used to share the same interest, we asked for an update of B86 - not much coming from Zack though.

Before we left (around 1 am something, kesian adik McD tu kena kerja lambat that night), the conversation degenerated into "what it could have been", with Bobo suggesting that I started my own "order" business back in koleq with people like B86 to man the operation. A sure success considering the interest back then ha ha.. along the way I was kicking my head thinking how dumb I was back then not to have thought of such a brilliant business venture.

So that's McD Club for November, I know Bobo needs this McD Club as much as I do if only to feel that he is still unmarried and free to do whatever he wishes for, at least once a month....

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