Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Day of Reunions (or sort of)

I am on the way out of town again.

Had lunch with Zahadin and Allen yesterday, was expecting Auzir, Wong etc. to join but somehow the initial plan just fizzled out. Wong made the not-so-good-bargain to me that since I had not graced their weekly futsal, maybe it's time for him to stop gracing my weekly eating (see the contrast - they organise sporty stuff, I organise the unhealthy stuff).

Anyway to cut the story short, by the time we reach the mosque (which was quite late because we spent more time waiting for the food, though the fact that we brought our own sajadah may suggest that we had planned to camp under the trees all along), the rain started. In the end, Allen, Zahadin and I ended up praying by the side of an NGV pump, on a pavement that was 5 minutes before a parking space for a KL cab!

After work, Izrin treated Allen, Shahrol and I for dinner from his first pay. I swear to God they (not moi) gobbled the whole table of food within half an hour, leaving me eating alone after a while (I treasure the pleasure of eating, whether you are starving or not).

On the way back, I dropped by at the mosque again for Maghrib (this is as if to melepaskan geram from praying by the NGV pump earlier), only to meet with Ajaque. I had not met Ajaque from 1994 and he had not attended the reunion and 100-Year Celebration, so it's been a while. Physically Ajaque did not change at all, although from the way he laughed the first instance he realised it was me - he found my current state amusing (he would have laughed a while longer but I did cut him off rather unceremoniously).

Ajaque is running his own business now (like many others in our batch, only idiots like moi rot myself slaving till the wee hours working for others) - not a surprise, coming from a family like his.

After a brief chat, we parted again - and Ajaque did give an informal commitment that at the next gathering he will make it, provided it's in KL. But the next gathering will be in KL he he.....

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