Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mo Mowlam In Critical Condition

(as you can guess, this has got nothing to do with MCKK)

Dr Marjorie Mowlam, or more popularly known as Mo Mowlam, a former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, is in "critical but stable" condition. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the months leading to Labour's (oo well it's New Labour) landslide in 1997 (the day when I stayed up throughout the night with British friends watching the general election coverage and the rude awakening that followed of the kind of scam we hold every 5 years). She had to quit politics in 2001 before another landslide due to her deteriorating health (she was almost bald by then).

Mo was one of the architects who put together the New Labour Project that eventually propelled King Tony to power. The New Labour that she worked tirelessly to sell to the voters in 1997 was not the New Labour that Tony Blair presided today, somehow I feel even if she is not in her current predicament, she would have quit together with Clare Short when Blair illegally declared war in 2003. Mo wouldn't have been able to stomach King Tony this long.

The world needs more people like Mo, especially at the time the British nation is at a junction post the bombing incidents last month. But with Charles Clarke, Peter Reid etc. at the helm (thank God Mandelsen is out for good) instead of Mo Mowlam, Clare Short or Robin Cook - the Britain that I cherished so much from my 8+ years there, is going to be a different country when I visit it next.

* ps - Karam Singh Walia can really be annoying

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