Monday, November 14, 2005

MCOBA Annual Dinner 2005

Dear Sir,

MCOBA is having its Royal Gala Dinner (i.e. the Annual Dinner) on November 26, 2005 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. This year's event is to mark the closing of MCKK's centenary celebrations, and to celebrate MCKK's reaffirmed patronage under the Council of Malay Rulers. The Agong and Rulers from all States will be attending.

Tables for the Royal Gala Dinner are still available for sale at RM3,000.00 for a table of 12, or RM250 per seat. Proceeds from table sales will go directly to MCOBA to fund MCOBA activities next year.

Let's show up in full force! If you haven't purchased a table yet, do so now. As it is the 100th anniversary of the College, it would be great if every batch could take up at least one table and be represented during the Royal Gala Dinner.

To purchase a table, please call MCOBA at 03-2274 6306 and ask for Hafizi/ Suraya/ Azhar Ariff.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Ha ha any takers? Yet again this batch is not going to be represented ha ha, although I doubt people will even notice our absence, since we were never present for people to take notice of us in the first place.


Because of the coming Reunion Dinner, I have been calling so many people, especially those who are in our MIA list. Tonight I called one of the most celebrated MIA-ers - the kind of cold treatment I was subjected to was beyond my expectation or comprehension. I took that as a war declaration - so I'll reserve all the things I have to say about this to a later date when I have ample time to bitch as much as possible.

I simply don't tolerate ill manners, so if they think they can be rude to me - you pick up the wrong guy ha ha. Watch this space, I am going to summon all the dark sides for this.