Sunday, March 19, 2006

More Additions - Special Edition Class of 2005

I realised that each time a batch had just left koleq after SPM, there will be a sudden surge of MCKK-related websites - most of the new ones contributed by the new old boys group.

My guess is it takes a while for kids to overcome the withdrawal syndrome after the years in koleq, and with all the free time in their hands after SPM, they find solace in blogging and internet. The challenge is to remain steadfast and consistent when they eventually resume their studies after SPM results.

Withdrawal syndrome after (or during) koleq years was particularly a nasty one. By the time I was in Form 4, I could barely communicate with my siblings or my parents. During the few school holidays which I had to come back (no good excuse to stay back in Kuala), I spent most my time locked in the room - even at a time when Internet was not around. The good thing about this was I actually did my study mostly during school holidays - the revisions, exercises etc. because I just didn't have anything else to do and unlike the present where you have the leisure of Astro, Internet etc. to keep yourself busy - it was either exercises and readings. I did more readings and exercises during those holidays than all the time spent in koleq combined.

But to the parents of MCKK boys reading this, do not be alarmed. The withdrawal syndrome, bad as it is initially, will create a sense of vacuum and awakening in these boys that in the end they will go back to their parents and siblings, and try to make up for the lost time. At least that was what I went through.

After 5 years in MC, I had to leave for education abroad barely one month after sitting for my SPM - so the days after SPM was so hectic. The next thing I knew I was already in the UK and had to fend for myself. Loneliness was the biggest challenge and as much as you write to your batchmates or juniors in koleq - there were only two groups who would reply to you without fail. Your family and your teachers. Plus you could always make a reverse charge to your parents, but not your friends.

From a distance, many of us had to patch up the gap we created ourselves because of the time we spent in boarding school - but boys are boys and I think the realisation of how much quality time you have lost and taken away from your family, makes you appreciate them so much more.

Anyway, that's not the subject of this entry.

Blogs from the Class of 2005 had sprung up lately and they are mostly of commendable qualities. If only koleq boys have the facilities and freedom to voice up opinions through blogs when they were still in koleq (and not after they have left), perhaps we can take more comfort that future generations will be as wacko and vocal as we were - after all that was partly the beauty of a Malay College upbringing.

To the Class of 2005, welcome.

To the Class of 94, these kids still wet their pants when we suffered our fire drills. We are officially ancient (since 3-4 years ago pun, just reiterating the point). (Class of 2005)
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  1. firedrill heh? terngiang-terngiang lagu aku masa tuh...."untuk menghilangkan panas dalam common room ni, meh kita semua amik angin kat luar". perghhhh lega siot rasa dapat keluar dari common room tuh. ye la kan, hialng sket rasa panas... tapi lepas keluar, pi pulak depan tar hall.....lagi hampeh....hehehehe

  2. Aku rasa ada satu fire drill tu aku & Kalai selamatkan korang semua dari all the pains and sufferings ha ha, sebab both of us turun fire drill pakai towel and bawak gayung because we thought we were late for school since the dorm was completely empty. If we had been asked to do push ups etc. in that attire, it would have been the first nude fire drill of the 90s kot....

  3. hahahaha...
    itu mmg tidak akan kulupakan...
    tapi rasa mcm lakonan pun ada?
    ko ngan kalai dah pakat ke?

    nude fire drill...
    bahye tu...tonggeng sana, tonggeng sini..
    yg lagi bahye...kalau tercirit...hehehehe
    teruk aaa org blakang...

  4. pakat apa... kalai mana pernah bangun lagi awal dari aku. Suddenly je bunyi loceng sayup-sayup. Typical laa, lompat katil, my worst nightmare came true that kitorang lambat bangun and satu batch dah pi class ha ha ha

    Ghupe-ghupenya it was a different nightmare. Aku kejut kalai cepat2, kalai pun cepat2 tukar towel ha ha ha dah tengok aku pakai towel... tapi turun2 je kat tangga dorm d aku rasa dah nampak ID kat depan tu dok tekan loceng, sah2 dah fire drill.

    Nak naik dah serba salah, so dengan selambanya pi TAR Hall pakai towel, bawak gayung ha ha ha.

    That was embarassing. Aku banyak laa jugak buat kerja giler kat koleq, but that one ranked high as one of those yang amatlah memalukan, banyak2 orang aku jugak boleh pi fire drill pakai towel.