Friday, March 03, 2006

Fivean Scholarship: Class of 94

We have started giving "scholarship" or "bursaries" to needy and excellent students in koleq beginning last year (from zakat and sadaqah contribution from batch members).

The scholarship is for two years, with the receipients selected by koleq in F4. They shall receive RM750 per annum for F4 and F5, with the scholarship disbursed in 2 tranches (in January and June each year). It might not be much, but it's the least we could do.

The receipients for this year are:

Form 5

Mohd Ikhwan Zaki
Muhammad Azizuddin Mohd Haris
Zul Husni Mohd Noor

Form 4

Adnan Hanapai
Muhammad Hariez Mohd Yazri
Mohd Faris Fikri Mohd Sholeh

We actually write to them once in a while, usually giving the obligatory reminders to work hard and find a balance in life. I don't know how much it might touch their life, but we hope it does somehow.

To the contributors, thank you so much. To would be contributors, you can always get in touch with Rough for next year's contribution.


I notice that the socio-economic background of the receipients is quite different from what it would have been during our time. Nowadays, sons of goverment or private sector's employees still qualify for scholarships, indicating how much the cost of living has increased - pushing the bar higher and higher. What 10 years ago a middle class family, may no longer be the case nowadays.