Monday, February 26, 2007

MCOBA Fitsal 2007: Team Gemuk Dan Team Kurus

We did not manage to squeeze ourselves into a special league based on combined total weight so had to contend with trying to keep up with 18 - 20 year olds ha ha. Nevertheless Idzam as the new AJK Batch – Futsal (Ayien, the original AJK Batch for that portfolio has lately transferred his responsibilities to Idzam and Aiwa) successfully put together 2 teams roughly based on weight (looking at the team members ha ha) i.e.:

94A (hereinafter referred to as Team Kurus):
Epit (yg ni anomaly sikit ni)

94B (hereinafter referred to as Team Gemuk):
Foo (nak kasi balance sikit)
Joe (pun nak kasi balance)

I can’t recall the results exactly but Team Kurus lived up to expectation and if I am not mistaken did emerge as group champion; defeating 99B, 00C and through match fixing allegedly lost to 96A.

As for Team Gemuk, Aiwa did score 3 goals in the first game against 96A – not because of his fitness or futsal skills, but most probably through his “Raja Lawak” fame that somehow delayed the opponent and gave us a walk-over of 3-0 ha ha. They lost to 03 and drew with 95A.


I have never been to that place so arrived at another Sportsplanet in the vicinity to find 2 teams of 12-year old school children playing. I thought that as much as I was aware that this annual event usually attracts very young old boys from the classes of 2004 onwards, it cannot be that it also includes teams of future MCKK students. After a few frantic calls, I realised that it’s a different futsal centre but that does not help my defence when a few people summarily concluded that I purposely go to the other futsal centre to see under-age children playing futsal ha ha ha


Fadli, the self-appointed tea boy who drummed up so much publicity about his going to the tournament; failed to turn up.

I had late supper with him to catch up on the night before until 2 am, and he went on and on about what he would wear, what he would serve etc. throughout. He even went to demonstrate to Wawa (Class of 97) and wife Ta and Canoe; all were also present – how exactly he would pour the tea, just to show his so-called expertise in the small niche area; drawing from his experience serving tea after each rugby game in Scotland (nope, he didn’t play rugby, somehow we had to take turns to serve hot tea and coffee to teachers, parents and old boys who were present each time there was a hockey game).

When I called him to ask for direction the next morning, he had just woken up and as usual was still “bergolek-golek atas katil”. So we waited and waited but the tea boy never appeared.

I am lobbying that Ahmad house gets its points deducted for failing to fulfil its promise and obligation to the batch.


My plan was to “pow” anyone “berduit” to buy drinks for the team. Last year we managed to get Fadhil Datuk Haji Azman (whose projects go beyond the realm of our usual financial means and involve the trademark “juta-juta” he eh) – basically it’s a question of aku dengan muka tak malunya pi mintak duit and pi beli air, lepas tu bawak air macam aku la yang sponsornya.

But Fadhil could have learnt his lesson so he organised a kenduri on the same day, so he was not around. My target was to “pow” Fadli – but he too could have sensed my trick so decided to continue “bergolek-golek atas katil”.

In the end, I actually had to resort to Plan B to save water face and went and buy the drinks myself. Worse still, I had a perfect parking spot which I was not willing to lose, so ended up walking and usung the whole carton back.

By the time I was in the sports centre, I was more exhausted than the players and drank the whole bottle quicker than the players; which then spawned the question of “beli air ni untuk siapa ni since kau yang lagi banyak minum than players”..


People change over the years and do grow up; hence the importance of not being judgmental when you were in koleq (this applies to all – boys, teachers, parents). Both teams were made up of people from different spectrum back in koleq and it would have been impossible to put them in one team back then; but much has changed that I could have been considered as the rudest and “out of line” guy the other day as opposed to the usual suspects.

Our team also had a match with 95A whose team was made up of people who were beaten up by the very people who were playing against them from my batch – but the level of camaraderie, fun and laughter was even better than the game played against 96A, who traditionally by association should have been closer to us. Kalai spent considerable time chatting with Class of 95 guys (and not selling insurance ha ha); the very people who would have been at each other’s throat 13 years ago.

So we do grow up and whoever we were in MCKK is not an indication of whatever will be. It’s very difficult to stress this point to some adults nowadays, so that they would treat school boys going out at night for a supper; or boys playing outside the designated games hours as mischievous deeds rather than manifestations of pure evil.


There has been suspicion of match fixing ha ha. Class of 96’s team needed to win with us by a margin of 3 in order to qualify to the next round whereas come what may ours would have been the group champion.

It is not known whether any deal was made but they did win 3-0 and we did get a box of KFC after that ha ha (upon advice that jambu is no longer a strong currency with us, let alone jambus who are in the same BMI band with us ha ha).


The labelling of Team Gemuk and Team Kurus apparently went beyond our batch; Fitt overheard this conversation:

mcoba A : ko lawan team batch mana lepas nih?
mcoba B : budak2 94
mcoba A : team yg mana satu? yg gumok ke yg kurus?

Thank you to all who were involved and thanks to the organizers too. Next year we will send an even fatter team!


Syam (Captain Team G):

Terima kasih bebanyak to idzam for succesfully managing two teams during the MCOBA futsal tournament, you rock man!! Terima kasih bebanyak jugak kepada players both 94A (team gemok) and 94B (team kurus), Faz, Pica, Syed Khalid, Gabye (mmg bagus la kau jadi keeper), Champ, PPeq, Epit (walaupun main quarter je), KNO, Aiwa (the first game he scored hat-trick), Joe (you improved a lot man, marking i give 8/10, thanx for the effort although kau demam hari tuh), Foo & Fitt yg sentiasa berkerja keras, and lastly tukidoe (lupa sorok controller masa penalty, ha ha ha), kalau ada yg tertinggal, tak disengajakan....terima kasih bebanyak jugak kepada semua supporters kat luar especially cheerleader, kalai and main drink sponsor Ruff (should i mention batch 96 since they sponsor Kentuck, ha ha ha)...summary idzam boleh bagi short, both teams berjaya mengulangi pencapaian last tournament, looking forward for the next tournament which is the 94 futsal inter organisers, if you need any help organising the tournament, i am here to me anytime dude...

thanx was an enjoyable day....

Aiwa (Star Team G):

and all the memories shall remain..... (tulisan di tilam pong east wing).

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  1. aku nak komen semata2 nak jadik first...takde lah orang lain je..

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  2. semawi7:15 PM

    aku saja nak comment "wrong (t)ypo" [fitsal] kat tajuk kerana aku juga nak hijack topik ni sbb topik bebenang aku slamba kena noda...

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  3. sampai skrg kau x puas hati pasal bebenang kau kena hijack, dah la bukan aku yg bersalah.

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  4. FITSAL...

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    bebenang aku pon ternoda dari citer hotel kat kuala tukar kepada silent killer of double lion motel.. tak masuk akal >.<


  6. e128 - but still masih di KK...

    noni - nampak sangat baru first time turun futsal... sampai salah spelling

  7. aku penge-pow rasmi futsal laa, mcm mana lak aku baru first time pegi.

    aku pun masuk team masa ambik gambo, but only if team tu menang sbb walkover laaaa.....

    sedap sedappppppp (ala Che Tam) cakap aku first time turun, nanti tak beli kopikon (for the uninitiated, kopikon = penis coffee/kopi konek yang direka Mpro) kan...