Thursday, December 27, 2007

PMR 2007

Results are out today.

It's the best ever in terms of the no. of people getting 8As.

98 people got 8As, 12 7As, 6 6As, 3 5As and 1 3As; giving an 82% straight As results (only second time in history if I am not mistaken koleq has surpassed the 80% mark).

All As for BM and Kemahiran Hidup, congratulations to Cikgu Umi aka Ibu Arini (nama manja the debaters called her ha ha). A near miss for English as all save one person obtained A result.

So far all the debaters and hockey players from 0509 got 8As.

Another excuse for holding a party! Weeeeeee heeeeee (the boys have already SMSed asking for all the sort of treats I owe them now. Shit)


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  2. apa kau janji kat diorang?

  3. sex and booze ha ha. what else can i offer. that's the only things i am good at maaaa!

    (ok bobo, chamat and a host of others will disagree but...)

    kau sure tak nak tengok aku ngan show malam ni? i know u had a crush on me dulu he he

    ps: thanks sbb sanggup bg pejal puaskan nafsu dia habiskan masa ngan aku pi sharap nya wedding ha ha

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  5. thanks sbb sanggup bergilir2 handle pejal dgn aku haha