Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ben: II

Ben was laid to rest yesterday and last night it was a gathering of acquaintances and friends for a simple tahlil (we shall leave the argument on whether tahlil is a bidaah aside) led by Sdr Yusri Mohamad, president of ABIM and a close friend to both Ben and myself.

There are already a few requests that I write about Ben – his life, his so-called perjuangan, his journey. I am quite reluctant initially to do so as I personally feel unworthy and most of all, whatever I went through with him in my 18 years of knowing Ben is very much my own private world and private domain.

But then, it is better that if anything were to be written (and we should; as we should not let his passing lapses just like that) about him, it is done by someone who is relatively closer to him and be vetted by his family members.So Insya Allah I will – but give me time.

There are so many things to sort out for the late Shahrol and for Ben as well, when the dust settles I will begin to write.

Thank you for so many messages we have received so far – it would have meant so much to Ben knowing that he had touched so many people’s lives.