Monday, February 04, 2008

Reunion Sukanterer & Yengko 2008: Reunion Blues

Reunion went smoothly – the smoothest we have ever had, with the most laughter, the least shouting, by far the best reunion.

Despite the tight schedule, tight budget and hectic hour-by-hour running from one place to another to make sure all would be OK – everyone in the KARIPAP (KomitilantikAnsendiRIPAndai-Pandaije – in tribute to the now abolished snack ration at Dining Hall that is sorely missed by Bochap, Gadap, Wong and Gang) couldn’t stop smiling when the night was over that everything went so well.

By comparison, this is the least tightly managed reunion (as everyone was so busy and had to cross our fingers so to speak and pray each would deliver our part); yet it was also the best run because everyone did deliver and knew just what to do (after all we keep having reunion every 15 months!)

Most people began to leave slowly after the last event (Session 17 i.e. usrah for the 17th month).

Judging from the relative quietness of the batch net, most people must have taken an emergency or sick leave (or any other excuse they can conjure up) to rest – given the amount of “luka-luka dalam” [Note 1] all of us suffered from the events of Sukanterer. The latest check indicates that at least La’aba had exercised this facility – the PTDs apparently went in nevertheless but so far evidently has wasted taxpayers’ money looking at the volume of e-mails sent on Sukanterer (“bini aku tak nak urut aku”, “aku sakit badan”, “bini aku cakap budak tu tak jambu”, “perut Aiwa gemuk giler” etc.)

KNO is uploading the photos even as we speak – and there are numerous others being uploaded at the same time. I will follow the cue and update the blog section by section – even if all of us are still in post reunion blues and have no plan to do any work whatsoever; at least we try to be more discreet than the PTDs and post after office hours.

There will be six postings altogether – Background, Behind The Scene, People, Event, Moments and Montage. For the time being, please visit KNO's artwork [blog and photo album].

This series of posting will be long – so have some mercy on me (oiiii penat jadi KARIPAP tak habis lagi ni) and please be patient.

Note 1
"Luka-luka dalam" refers to the type of internal injury or bleeding suffered by Ji Fatt, the hero in the Alam Perwira comic books that were so popular in 1994.


  1. noni - link ke flickr tu should be

  2. setinggan overfloor5:02 PM

    awie deserves a special mention.

    The slideshows, the opening gambit, etc - those are the work of a genius.

    Congrats and many thanks bro.

  3. sabor la setinggan ha ha ha kang aku ckp aku release in instalment.

    blues x habis lagi ni....

    nanti aku uploadkan semua slide and animation yg awie buat...

    bila makan2? he he he

  4. bcp unlmtd9:49 PM

    aku senyap salah, aku kecoh salah..
    engkau gemuk salah, engkau kurus salah.. hahaha