Friday, April 11, 2008


Can someone point out to the BN politicians (or any politicians for that matter) who are so gungho about joining the "blog" bandwagon that the phenomenon is not exactly the blog. The manner issues are articulated through the blogs actually what matters most.

It's getting quite amusing (or ridiculous, depending on your humour/cynicism level) that even candidates vying for positions in Umno elections are made to have a blog as a condition for contesting.

Don't they fear that this will humiliate and ridicule Umno further, especially if the candidates themselves cannot articulate much about anything? That it will definitely backfire?

When will these people learn a concept called "substance over form"? Ha ha ha

But then again - maybe that's exactly the strategy. Demean blogs so much with filth, stupidity and bigotry that the general public is so put off with blogs and driven away from it?

Blogs' influence on the GE12 is overrated anyway (me think, at least) - but let the politicians entertain us! Look forward to an interesting circus for the next 6-7 months :-)


- UIA Debating Tournament is from 12/4 to 16/4 in UIA (yaaaa haaaaa), the boys are defending the championship

- North Zone Hockey U16 is from 1 - 4 May in Syed Putra, please join in the family holidays in Kangar (the only state in Western/Northern coast of Malaysia still under BN ha ha ha, Perlis should market itself like that)