Monday, August 03, 2009

The Elves

Tolkien, in all his greatness created a picture of a race so superior in their skills, wisdom, intelligence and kindness – the Elves.

The Elves do not die; they are immortals. They only die because of wounds in battles or out of sadness.

Along the way their race shrinks – they lead in battles against the evils; from the time of Morgoth to the Return of the King. They spent their lifetime bringing up the race of men, always having unrealistic faith in the men’s ability to do good.

Many times they were betrayed or let down by the race of men. They were a few men who descended from the kings of the old who remembered wisdom and kindness that had bounded the Elves not to abandon men, but only for so long.

In the end, whatever was left of the Elves set sail to the West, from whence they originally come. Though it breaks their heart to leave the race of men on their own for they have looked after the latter throughout the age, they too were wise enough to know that staying on will kill them out of sadness for the destruction that the race of men shall inflict upon the earth.

Tolkien told us a story that it is not a direct challenge that convinces the Elves to leave, it is the Elves’ realisation that men will never come up to the standard of decency that was taught to them; that it was futile to continue.

This story happens every day and every where.

Thanks to Tolkien for putting it so nicely to the world, that Elves should always sail to the West lest everything will be in vain.


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  1. although I'm not that good at decoding(hahahaha) or understanding the real truth.........i just want u to know that i think i know what u meant......just be happy and smile always......don't kill yourself with sadness and sorrowful things......The elves surely would not want to die that least the elves should be happy of all the things that he/she/YOU had done and contributed all along and help the men' race.......even if the number gets smaller.....

    In my opinion, the elves sail not to leave the earth forever and abandon the people forever......but to search a new and more appreciating my is a river and we have to keep FLOWING..............

  2. first krispy pussy. now elves.

    earth to noni, earth to noni!

  3. bcp unlmtd11:40 AM

    feylong la noni ni..
    nape ni?
    down syndrome kah??

  4. saja buat jue - sbb BcpUnlmtd giler lama menghilangkan diri.

    67 - ha ha once someone told me, a bachelor who's getting old will get really grumpy. ha ha how true. aku dah gersang tahap dewa2 dah ni. with it comes the mood swing! owh btw - KRISPY PUSSY is so lucah la.... I cannot look at kristi without the "krispy pussy" part menjelma ha ha ha

    shahir - ha ha life is always like a river, though sometimes it can be drowning :-p

  5. Anonymous5:23 PM

    "aku dah gersang tahap dewa2 dah ni

    Allah selamatkan Kristi !!!

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