Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Farquar Haqqani, Class of 2006: Ranked 2nd In The World for A-Level History

Adik Farquar Haqqani (speaking) from Class of 2006 was ranked second in the world for the subject of History (Cambridge International Examination). Not bad eyh, Gedebe would be proud ha ha.

He was (and is) quite a lazy bum and always procrastinate (ha ha) but some people are born smart. 

He was the captain of MCKK English debating team in 2005 and 2006. In 2007, he was selected to represent Malaysia in the world debating championship.

He currently reads Economics at Warwick University. 

ps: Yeay one more blog posting!


  1. abang berdarah4:49 PM

    Dia dah ade brader ke?

  2. tak de lagi. tp dia dah ada betik.

    am sure dia tak kisah abang berdarah kacau dia.

  3. penduduk Rouen ;p1:34 AM

    ade betik? hahah sape?

    anyway, congratulations Haqqa! He's made us proud! =)

  4. abangberdarah8:47 PM


    Ko nak jadi brader aku?

    (hahahah, I cant't think of a better pick up line)

  5. ha ha gler yengko pick up line :-p

    aku sure cair nya.

    alaaaa Abang Berdarah, jom lah jadi brader aku.

  6. Alaa penduduk Rouen,you are my betik so don't deny laa.Haha

    Emm,abgberdarah,smooth sangat pick up line macam tu.How to say no?Haha

    Merepek merepek =P

    Lazy bum and procrastination are in the process of being overcome!Haha