Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Kurang Ajar

Lately Yengko has become synonymous with “kurang ajar” and “biadap”.

First, the HM spent a good one hour or so cursing me and the batch in front of our seniors (Class of 90) during their 20th Year Reunion, not knowing that when you talk to one MCKK old boy; chances are he knows the person you are cursing and words will eventually go back to the person.

Lately, even elderly MCKK old boys use “adab”, “kurang ajar”, “warisan” etc. to deflect arguments they cannot answer. Let’s not get into the details because too much time has been spent on it anyway.

One of the brothers who had supported me all along in this sent an SMS to tell me to ignore and not feel disheartened by this. People do things for many reasons but rarely (especially nowadays) for selflessness.

School heads blame everything under the sun – the teachers, the boys, the Ministry’s guidelines, the building, the town – everything but himself for whatever that goes wrong in a school. But as the highest officer paid to look after the well being of a school (and along the way empowered to determine many routines and micro-policies of the school), surely the school head is also accountable for the majority of what went wrong in the school (if not all).

Other stakeholders will find other reasons as well. Some office holders are in comfortable liaison with school heads because their children are looked after well by the school or rewarded handsomely. So they choose to see what they want to see; after all their children are doing OK. They forget that they are entrusted to look after the welfare of everyone’s children in the school, not just theirs.

Likewise, it is a bit rich for some other stakeholders to talk big about respect when they no longer have direct interest in the school or in its immediate results. They do not have children in the school so even if 90% of MCKK products fail to get a call for scholarship interviews; they are oblivious to this because they are comfortable in their coffee houses reminiscing about their time when there was only 4 boarding schools in the whole country (hence, competition was different).

The concept of “menderhaka”, “kurang ajar” etc has been used often to justify many injustices or neglect. Condoning malpractices in our society becomes a norm on the basis we do not want to “menderhaka” or “kurang ajar”.

I am glad we did what we did.

The MCKK world out there can choose to make us an outcast, hurl unpleasant words to us etc. – but take comfort that we give voice to the voiceless; we give representation to the unrepresented.

My parents would not have had access to the high almighty like the big guns of MCOBA in the past and if the school was not conducive and screwing my future, they would have been hapless.

They might not be too good at teaching me manners; but they would have been proud and approved of what we did.

We did well and there’s nothing to be ashamed of it whatever the detractors say. We never took the conventional route during or after MCKK – no reason why have to start taking one now J


  1. ooo.. kuraj ye...
    mlm ni kau pakai songkok tajam,
    samping londeh,
    pastu lompat2 setempat.

  2. yg mana kau suka?

    aidi suruh aku pakai songkok tajam, smping londeh and lompat2 setempat ke? ha ha

    jom kita buat competition inter house hukuman kurang ajar paling sadis. sure leman menang, tp ahmad ada Kadaq!

  3. aidi - kucing kau mcm handsome nya, nak kenalkan kat kristi tak? kristi suka kucing2 bleh buat flying kick mcm tu, kat anjing some more ha ha

  4. Anonymous9:23 PM

    those coffee houses regulars "only care for themselves" instead of "paying it forward".

  5. Salaam 'alaikum kepada semua brothers,

    By the way, siapa yang kendali blog ni?

    Terima kasih sudi letak link to my blog.

    Insha Allah kita akan buat yang terbaik untuk kebaikan bersama.

    Ikhwan, 2006

  6. leman ada ayul

  7. @Noni wrote:

    "First, the HM spent a good one hour or so cursing me and the batch in front of our seniors (Class of 90) during their 20th Year Reunion"

    Erhm, bukan HM takde kat Koleq ke masa OBW atas sebab ronggeng ikut 1st team bola ke Korea? Cukup hebat tu dapat mengata orang despite being overseas at the time!

    Either that or I am underestimating his ability to hold virtual conversations menggunakan the web.

  8. the tor9:45 AM

    bunyi macam spartan declare war je !!

    as long as we do the right thing with minimum negative impact .. buat je ... nobody can satisfy everyone ..

  9. bcp unlmtd10:22 AM

    Apa la pendita zaaba,
    itu bukan masa OBW, itu masa reunion class eunectus murinus batch 90..
    lain tu..

    kau nak berdehem-dehem pun.. agak-agak laa

  10. pendita laaba terer main bowling

  11. Yang berdehem-dehem tu untuk mencari maklumat yg tepat. Khuatir ada orang lain seperti saya yg buat "assumption" sama juga that the statements were made during OBW.

    As they say, to assume is to make an ass out of u and me!

    Thx for the clarification though, most appreciated.

  12. Anonymous7:21 PM

    haha...nampak gle zaaba segan...malu2...xpe...bnde camni jd kat sume org...haha

  13. hehehe...

    AJK Keselamatan Internet Batch masih setia bertugas rupanya.

  14. Ya Allah, tergezut aku tgk blog aku kene link dkt sini. hangpa ni mmg sempoi lah! hehe..

    Btw, HM is scrutinizing us because he really hate us or he is afraid? Whichever it is, he should realize the magnitude of the "voiceless" standing out against inaction. We may be too "sexy/obscene" to be ignored now.

    Mao '04

  15. aku rasa kita kena buat award for AJK Keselamatan Internet la.

    Giler perkhidmatan cemerlang, naik MENEGAK mcm ni.

  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Giler malu En Zaaba. Mana nak letak konek? Dalamcsluar?

  17. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Caya la Abang Bochap, tepat, cekap dan peka. Inilah sifat yang boleh membanggakan penjawat awam....

  18. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Best giler, boleh letak komen dalam blog ni. Kenapa lah selama ni aku tak tahu.... Terima kasih En Epit.....lalalalalalala

  19. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Siapa Noni kapet?

  20. Awak sign in as Anonymous, nak tanya sapa Noni Kapet?

    Ni details Noni Kapet:

    Namanya Fazlima, maknya nama Rapiah bt Andak. Dulu dia tolong mak dia menjual makanan kat Kapet mckk sebelah surau big school.

  21. Anonymous4:16 PM

    ah...gadap dah sampai sini....abih sakan dia komen.

  22. la gadap rupanya.

    knp tak bagi password "konek", klu tak aku dh tahu dah & jawab.

  23. gadap suka gerai batang.

  24. AJK902:27 PM


    Bro Class of 90 had their reunion a week (or was it 2?) before OBW. So he did not have to do it cyber-ly as he was in koleq that time.

    Just to clarify, thanks.