Monday, November 08, 2010

Leftovers of Mighty Ducks: Deepavali With Coach

Mighty Ducks feel a memory of the distant past, though the last Mighty Ducks' game that we cheered for was only in July.

But the last few weeks had been able to rekindle whatever we left behind with Mighty Ducks. Last weekend, some Bapak Itiks decided to go for seafood dinner in Umbai, Melaka. I happened to be travelling from the south so managed to drop by to join the crowd. I know that the real intention was to escape the wives (ha ha) since none of them came with the wife, but it was a good time spent catching up after the patchy few months of Mighty Ducks.

The boys seem to be doing quite well too. The school, under the new HM gives a lot more attention and unlike the last few years, the boys had managed to enroll into a few tournaments themselves. They lost a penalty flick (again) to SERATAS at UPSI Open a few weeks back at quarter final and they'll be joining the USM International Open in December. This is the first time they rejoin the tournament since we first brought them in 2007.

I stumbled a collection of photos of the boys visiting Mr Pala for Deepavali. I had always dreamed of the time when openness will be part of MCKK culture again - I guess it's slowly becoming a reality.

It's about time to find time to pay a visit to Mr Pala, he's the only one left from the Mighty Ducks crowd!

More photo's from Syahmi's Facebook here.


  1. coolness..

  2. Bro Yengko Mc Ono :)

    I've left the blogging world for quite a while now (am mostly on a drilling rig in Indo). Just to let you guys know I have a profound respect for what you have done to honor our teachers.

    On a personal level I hosted some teachers (and an ex-HM) with my batch at my house last month.Mr. Nadarajah (legendary English teacher from '58-80', Miss Quah, our bio teacher and current HM of Bukit Bintang Boys School, PJ, Dato' Abd. Rahman Ali (HM 75-77), MI, Shahril and Ghazali. You can read about it here at mcckk-comnet

    I trust you will also be at the next Annual MCOBA-Teacher's do in Ipoh in December? I hope to back from Indo by then, Insya'llah.

    Anand BTW, was my classmate and the current HM. And my younger brother Apau '96 is your junior.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    -Mat Salo

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Happy Deepavali Mr Pala..:)