Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wedding Review & Cari Jodoh

The space between one wedding and another gets further and further away. I can't even remember the last immediate wedding before KNO's but it feels a bit a while ago.

KNO's wedding on 19th March was one of the most anticipated weddings. I blocked the date way in advance but unfortunately, something urgent came about in the morning and my trip to KL was delayed. In the end, it was too late to catch up with the convoy that left for KL at 11 am.

As a result, I didn't have the opportunity to dissect KNO's wedding as brutally as I would like to. Luckily, as a celebrity blogger, KNO somehow commissioned a wedding video that unfortunately featured Chibix - that in itself would have earned KNO's as the worst wedding of the year, irregardless how perfectly planned the whole affair was.

A few weeks before that, Fadli had managed to arrange a late night reunion at a karaoke joint. Given the age and how our species is slowly but surely getting extinct in the batch, lagu wajib at each karaoke joint is Wali Band's Cari Jodoh. The highlight of the night would have been Ir Gadap's rendition of rock kapak or Jures' imitation of your Hollywood's heartthrob.

As of today, we have not gotten any new notice of a wedding in the near future. I suggest all eyes to be trained on La'ba. Words had it that he cut down his time at bowling alleys to spend more time settling down.

To those who want to practise for the next karaoke joint, Wali Band's Cari Jodoh is a good start :-)


  1. muhahahahah aku pun x perasan bila la videographer aku interview chibix. hehe

  2. fail la video kau featuring chibix! smpai anak cucu org ingat ha2

    sorry can't make it that day, national service beb!

    esok anak2 itik mssd, kau xnk berhanimun tngok hoki ke ha ha?

  3. hehehe aku kat ISB daaaaa.

    send my regards to the boys!

  4. aku jadi extras dalam video!

  5. kenapa la org tak gi interview kau joe, blik2 chibix jgak yg diinterview.

    muka knizam mcm dah hilang seri.

    tinggallah aku pertahan seri muka teruna. steady mentula aku. genuine lagi.

  6. headboy la kena bagi ucapan. deputy sibuk snap gambar, kalau tak, sure dia dah bolot screen time.

  7. Anonymous9:30 PM

    hahahah siot ah ko rough, gambar ko berkaraoke takde pun cis hahaha