Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Selamat Hari Guru

Ha2 dah bertahun (figuratively speaking) blog ni tak diupdate. I guess we are at a stage where we need to move on. By we, most probably it means me (ha2).

Everything has not changed much actually. The Male-ing List still churns hundreds of emails each day, knocking >7,000 emails a month sometimes. People are still as close as ever with each other - so whatever that we set out to achieve through this blog about 8 years ago; are going on well.

I just don't have the time and opportunity to be a part of that, as much as I want to. It's a struggle to read batch emails nowadays, so in return I have to sacrifice some bed-time reading slot to read the batch emails from the blackberry. Not the best of arrangement, but the least I can manage.

Likewise, I guess MCKK drifts away a lot quicker than I anticipate. SPM and PMR results 2010 came and went without hardly much impact to us; unlike the yesteryears when it would dominate the batch's discussion for a while (in spite of 2010 results being the best results for both). I drop by in Kuala Kangsar once in a while for ceramah or programs, but I guess I have no business or inclination to find out what's happening within the gates of MCKK anymore.

We used to say that when we leave the gates, we should leave with heads high and never turn back. I guess we are all at that stage now :-)

(Ha2 long intro as an escapism to explain why we definitely will not meet at blogging KPI this year here)

Anyway, here is the customary Selamat Hari Guru to all the teachers who have taught us and to our parents, wives, siblings and friends who brave each passing moment to provide the best for the younglings. I too still receive a Selamat Hari Guru greeting each year and I can understand the magnitude of showing a gratitude to ones who take the difficult task to educate.

KNO had kindly searched his archive (as always) for a photo during Teachers Day celebration in 1994. It's a zapin performance from the King Scouts (hence it's imperative to note that they were not picked up for their physical appearance ha2, Wonggek menari zapin is not something you want to see every day).

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