Sunday, September 18, 2005

Futsal-mania: Aftermath

Woke up berkobar-kobar to relive the cheering days, so did some work in the morning and headed towards Sports Planet @ Ampang for the MCOBA Futsal Challenge.

By the time I was there at around 11.30 pm, both teams were doing well - emerging as champions for their respective group. I was rather impressed (if you look at the kind of bellies these people carry around, you understand what I mean. My belly - still some hope, but Idzam Noor's - man that's a life time of Aitken's Diet maaa...).

Anyway, as I walked towards the batch's gathering spot, met a few juniors whom I still remember vaguely. I think it was Chai'e 96 who greeted me at the gate, then met Shahman 96 (he owed me big lunch for all the lunches I bought him back in 94!), then Kichi, Pillah and a few others.

The team had just finished playing by the time I met them - it wasn't a tearful reunion after all since I met these people quite regularly.

By noon, Epit and I were heavily engaged in a loud borak session with Fadhil - on politics ha ha! The group sitting next to us was from the Class of 98, our F1 - I vividly remember some of them - Sapet, Padal etc. - and I am sure they left the Sports Planet convinced even further that their F5s were a bunch of weirdos..

After lunch, the knock out round began - ha ha the first team was knocked out by Class of 99, then the second team lost to Class of 2002. We lost both to the urban and kampung batches (ada relevance ke ni?)

Chibix and I joked around that next year they should do grouping based on collective weight of the players, and that's when my obesity will come handy.

Good time, though 3 hours after the teh tarik session at a mamak restaurant, Canoe, Allen and I were bored to death not knowing what we should do next.

The teams that went to the final was Class of 98 and Class of 2003 - one representative for the urban and kampung batches (but beware, the latter was famously associated with the parang ha ha ha so I wouldn't do any funny tackles lest .... - gurau je he, budak koleq can take this kind of jokes..)

As for us, kitorang menang sorak, and that's what matters (as always batch ni menang sorak...)


i) Being there just remind me of how old we are, a lot of familiar faces but mostly all my juniors. That does not count the way too junior batches.

ii) You know you are old when....

Noni Kapet : "Allen jom gi clubbing" (while walking along Bukit Bintang)
Allen : "We are way too old to go clubbing"
3 minutes later
Noni Kapet : "Allen jom gi Haji"
Allen : "Kau lagi swing from one extreme to another tak boleh?"
3 minutes later
Noni Kapet : "Allen aku nak kahwin.."

iii) After our rowdy behaviours today, I think MCOBA is glad that we didn't join MCOBA in the first place ha ha ha...

Futsal pictures here

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  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Noni Kapet ada pernah gi clubbing ke?