Friday, July 27, 2012

An Operation

Stuck in airplane with no uncertainty whether it will take off. I am not even sure whether I want it to take off because it has been having technical problems. Anyway, this is just to record that A went throught the operation just fine. I sounded horrible when he described it to me last week, but also sounded as if he looked forward to it. A will be discharged from ICU tomorrow, so hopefully on his way to full recovery. Allah is the most merciful.


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM


    Sampaikan salam kat A. Moga dalam perlindungan Allah S.W.T selalu.


  2. Insha allah dia ok. Pica kata everything is good. Aku nak pi hari khamis, x jadi.apa2 pun, mana clip feylong raya tahun ni oiiiiii....? We expect the best ever from the unemployed! Keimon...

  3. Ha3 betul gak klip raya.

    Blah la korang sampai skrg aku kena buat klip raya. Dah merajuk dah ni

  4. Merajuk lah... kau nak sapa pujuk? or, batch mana pujuk? haha


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