Monday, August 23, 2004

Revenge, Sweet Lasting Revenge

Koleq's debater - Zaim Yusuf - progressed steadily to the last 3 of Pidato Piala diRaja National level, the most coveted and prestigious oratory competition in Malaysia, the equivalent of Prime Minister's Cup for debating.

He is in the last 3, which means koleq is guaranteed the top three. Last year, Izzat (Class of 2004) held koleq's banner steadily at the 3rd position. Hopefully Zaim will be better and become the second person ever from koleq to win the trophy (after Ajeez Class of 99 in 1999). From the feedback that I received, Zaim was doing quite well and even when he was not on his top form, he fared better compared to the other 2 finalists.

It was quite meaningful for the team since the representative from Kedah (one SM Sains) was coached by none other than two evil judges who deliberately and unfairly judged against koleq at UIA's tournament in March - stopping one of koleq's teams to go to final. Otherwise the final of that tournament would have seen MCKK A vs MCKK B. We got our initial revenge in UIA when MCKK B defeated that SM Sains' school at semi final - but that's not enough.

This is their second defeat and if I were there, I would have been gloating in front of the two early 20 know-nothing kids who do not understand the meaning of fair competition and sportsmanship to have sabotaged koleq's team back in March.

Cikgu Umi was there too with the team and she sent an SMS asking for prayers so that this team can bring back the trophy, after what had happened in Perlis in June - the judges got mixed up and they lost to a team I swear was no better than MCKK's F1's team!

So I hope Zaim can pull it off, Insya Allah this time it will back in Kuala Kangsar. It would be a good morale booster for next year's PPM preparation.

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