Friday, December 10, 2004

Back To School

If you are crazy enough to don the white short, long socks and black shoes all over again, here is an opportunity (although the price tag is a bit too expensive). The Centenary Celebration Committee is organising a special MCOBA Weekend for those who can afford it - to go through life all over again as an MCKK student, this time with NJ Ryan as the Headmaster.

You can choose to become prefects, headboy etc. at a certain price, and you have to bid for headboy (the one thing that I wanted i.e. to become jambu is not in the list, I think it was a greater privilege than to become a headboy - to be adored and pampered throughout your life in koleq ha ha).

If you think well-built Zadin and Toy in white short back then was an awful sight (I always wonder how the young lady teachers took it especially considering some of us were already baligh, what with the hairy leg and all...), this must be even worse. Those nearing the status of octogenarian in the white short, attending classes etc.

If you have some money to burn (although I think giving to charity is perhaps more useful ha ha), and you don't mind the insanity of it all - then please contact the organiser. You have less than 24 hours to bid for the positions (I guess none from this batch would bid to become prefects ha ha, we were not so eager even when it was free back then!)

Follow this link to get the brochure.

Original e-mail from Organisers

From : AbdulRazak \"Jak Li\"
Sent : 07 December 2004 11:43:37
To :,,, FT72-76 MC ,

Subject : [mckk-comnet] MCKK Centenary 2005: BACK TO SCHOOL, Dec 31-Jan 2

Dear Friends,

Attached is information on the Back to School program--brochure, registration, information.

Neil J Ryan will be the Headmaster for the event from Dec 31 to Jan 2, 2005.

This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to re-live the College experience. Attend classes, co-Q, games, etc., abide or break the rules. Be an ordinary student or prefect or captain or monitor. Join the New Year and Centenary parties. Read more in the brochure.

Share this information with your friends/ batch mates.

Limited time only. First come, first serve. Open to all boys only; non-MCOB can also register and entitle to apply for MCOBA membership.

Closing date for application: December 11, 2004.

coordinator, bts

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