Tuesday, April 12, 2005


We lost again in the final, and it could have been an all MC final but we were denied of that opportunity. My worst nightmare came through - for the second time in a row, we lost in the final.

The kids (they were the junior team) couldn't hold back the tears after putting a brave face on the stage. Looking at these kids that we have become so attached to cried just broke my heart. Am so heart-broken - this is just too tiring.

* We discovered a prodigy - an extremely good debater superior in both oratory and thinking skills, not seen since Ben's time. He might not come to Ben's standard, but he would be the closest to Ben. And he's only Form 2.

** Haqqa did well, but I will write about that when I recovered from the withdrawal syndorme and the heart break.

*** They didn't wail (which was good), but the manly tears of disappointment and sadness were so poignant I felt like hugging them and tell them that all would be well and was worth it. It could have been me fourteen years ago.

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