Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Reflection II

Nothing changes really:

- still in office without fail to the night

- still not enough time to blog, although whatever I want to write about the 100 Years Celebration has been steadily accumulating at the back of my skull and is now pressing my brain, so it's pretty painful

- still cannot clear all my outstanding work and I am beginning to wonder whether I need all this now

On the other hand:

- Awie is officially a father (and a legitimate one at that)

- More and more people have posted CCD pictures to the batch's Fotopages

- Koleq will be sending 4 teams to UIA Debating Tournament that will start this Saturday 8th of April. If you can make it, by all means please be there to give moral support to the boys. We managed to reach the finals for both the BM and English section last year, hopefully they can do better this year

- **** confessed the gravest sin ever committed by someone in this batch so far - he bought a pirated copy of Butterfingers' album (in hell you will spend the rest of your life)

- this blog has surpassed one year, and the batch's website is going to hit 10 next year. Sometimes in our daily rush we forget how long we have been around (or how big the belly has been growing lately)

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