Sunday, January 08, 2006

Anniversary Bash

They did celebrate a mini anniversary bash after all. Wong, Allen and I were at a different location planning some sadistic camping for underage boys.

From Pyan:

happy 16th anniversary to 9094 comrades.

got an sms from ayien saying that there will be 9094 'birthday bash' tonite.
tegezut jugak sbb tak dgr apa2 berita pun. so, after dinner rushed to tempat futsal, pj
it turned out to be just a simple 'birthday batch'. At least we celebrated on behalf of others ..hehehe..

location : pj futsal sect 14
sponsor : cake - ayien (baker's cottage (not related to any dindings product)
: drinks - fitt kot? fitt rasanya (various flavors of 100+)
tukang baca doa : bekas ketua pengawas- fadhil
tukang nak pasang lilin : timb presiden batch - ameba
tukang larang pasang lilin : chibix - sbb cake bawah kipas, sampai bila pun lilin tak nyala
tukang makan je tapi tak main : pyan
tukang main je tapi tak makan : wawan
muka dah 13 tahun tak jumpa : ahmad hidayat
tukang amik gambar : izam
total turn up : 13.5 + 2 wives + 1 sleeping kid (0.5 = ayien was there only to deliver the cake. anak tak sihat, kena buat u turn)
total goals : unbelievable....
total books involved : 1 novel by wawan's wife (looks like a novel, not too sure)

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