Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bochap's Wedding

Auzir, Epit & family, Picca and Shahrin Jaminan a.k.a Vincent Abstique McDarkenbeast took some time off on 31st December to make a dash to Segamat to attend Bochap's wedding. Belly also attended the wedding, but he arrived when we had already left.

It was very difficult to take a good snap of Bochap and his wife because the zapin dancers were all over the place.

Auzir and Picca were arguing for and against the merits of marrying a janda - with Picca highly favourable to the "instant children" notion, Auzir on the opposite spectrum. But both of them have no problems getting married to a janda.

I was caught in the middle.

Anyway, if you want more pictures of Bochap's wedding, please visit Zaman Berisi

Sudah... anak Epit dah reti posing kecik-kecik lagi...

Notice the arrow..

ps: Yesterday, 6th January was the 16th anniversary of our first day as budak koleq. Tak muak2 lagi kita ye....