Friday, February 24, 2006


Spotted a few more MCKK-related blog, including one from our very own Mpro.

Mpro's bed was in front of mine when we were in Dorm C from January to March 1990, before we were split according to houses. Our beds were adjacent to the prefect's cube in Dorm C. Ironically just as I was thanking the Almighty for moving me away from the bed that was too close to the prefect's cube, they put me right in front of another prefect's cube in Dorm E (and this one is a fiercer prefect who notoriously slapped Fadli on the face without uttering a single word).

Mpro had always been popular from day one. I was never "close" (meaning not buddy buddy laa, but we did spend a great deal of time working on same programs and activities) to him during the junior years despite our similar "political orientation" back then - most probably because I purposely put a distance between us as I didn't want to be one of the many people who surrounded him all the time!

When we had our first election in 1990, Mpro - being perhaps the most popular guy in the batch, also a class and a dorm monitor (a great achievement when you were in F1) - would have been the top bet in any bookies' list. He was definitely in the top 5 in my list at least.

But the official result did not have his name, much to my chagrin (that later on led to many instances of disillusionment for me and I suppose many others, hence the kind of "unconventional" path - by koleq's yardstick - that my batch took in our final year). I had always thought that he was the best person to be the Treasurer, he certainly had the means and he was popular.

But the conventional wisdom at the time (we suspected) had it that his close association with his fellow Kedahans (and consequently the large group of people who always thronged him) rendered him "unfit". His name, was therefore, never featured in the official results that October night, despite every indication that he certainly was voted in.

I always felt that the incident (and many others in our own country and elsewhere in Asia) exemplified our own culture of the old guards ignoring the wishes of the many just because they cannot bring themselves to trust the judgement of the people they lead. Democracy then - whether in Malay College Common Room or Putrajaya or Singapore for that matter - is subjected to the final approval of these state elders (in koleq's context the prefects), whose approval carries more weight than the wishes of the people. If there is such a thing as democracy here, it's more of the democratic right among the elders to choose the next dynastic ruler, much in the same way the Imperial China (in fact the Communist China too!) works!

Anyway I digressed.

When we were in F2, attempts were made to rectify the perceived vote rigging that allegedly took place in 1990. As a result, Mpro was made an AJK Batch by appointment - and he went on to become the Union's treasurer (I guess the justice was served after all in the end ha ha), a prefect and led Idris house to become the house champion for the first time in 1994 since our time in koleq from 1990. He was also rumoured to try to have an affair with a teacher (but failed), had the most ridiculous choice for a jambu (one who you cannot see at night) and definitely the boy with the biggest breast (read: tetek) in our batch.

He is now happily married and in addition to the big breast, his belly was also ranked the top 5 in our batch last year.

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  1. Wah... aku sungguh terharu ruff.. I'm speechless... Thank you..
    Blogging just for fun...

  2. Cheh boleh tak kalau tak blow the cover?

    Nanti lagi ramai tengok aku mcm aku mad pervert, I think it's bad enough that korang look of me that way.

    Anyway I meant it - I may never said it before, but I had always meant it.

  3. Setinggan Overfloor12:28 PM

    Mpro is still popular as ever.

    The love with the teacher was definitely true though I can't say for sure whether it was reciprocated
    by the teacher in question. Anyway, the door is closed for him at the moment as the teacher
    is now married. But his face still glows whenever the name of the teacher pops up.

    He never severes his ties with his can't-see-at-night jambu, unlike most of us.

    His interests in the darker shades of life remains.

  4. Mpro has taugth me alot in being a good hockey goalie.
    Although in one occasion, I did hurt his feeling ( I tot dia OK, tapi after 5 month - aidilfitri 1991, baru dia confessed dia terluka dengan aku..heheheh). Other than that, he is my house captain who had successfully made our house champion sukan 1994.
    bravo..!! cayalaah.

  5. Cheh dah jadi shrine for Mpro pulak. Tak pa laa tetek lawa, tak berkira laa aku.

    * in case kau expect dia belanja korang, meleset laaa.... aku rasa dia agak laa pokai la ni ha ha

  6. Actually part Idris jadi champ house tu pun tak akan terlaksana sekiranya member2 idris house tidak bekerja bekerja bersama saya.. macam pak lah la pulak.. but it's true.. aku ingat lagi masa F1... aku dgn cop bersembang pasal Idris house... Cop cakap, make sure masa F5 nanti kita kasi Idris champ... Ko bayangkan masa F1 dah cakap macam tu... padahal apa la sgt rumah sukan kalau dibandingkan dgn SPM... tapi semangat tu dah timbul since F1 lagi... tu la pasal..