Thursday, February 16, 2006

From Zoo to Orchard

Have been busy but managed to catch up with the ever evolving koleq world.

We have been duly updated by Kechoque (Class of 93) that apart from jambu and the recent evolution of jambu to betik, there are also now a plethora of fruits e.g manggis, limau etc. etc.

I can't even remember which is which since there are so many of them now - but "manggis" particularly refers to someone who "perzen" (oooh go to hell with gramatically correct English), or in Kechoque's words "usha diri sendiri".

Koleq, which in the yesteryears was more like a zoo, what with "anjing, babi, beruk, biawak, bunny, kuda, ular, etc. etc." has now evolved into a full-fledged jungle, complete with its own blooming fruit orchard.

Nevertheless, Mpro in my book will always be jambu batu.


  1. While most of us would already know the commonplace "burung"; subsequent 'latecomers' to the Koleq fraternity were known as penguins, dodos and dugongs! The latter were the absolute latest additions to the batch in my time.

  2. mpro jambu batu. after mpro remarks, "aku minat ko" kat gadap, will mpre turn into 'balak'

  3. Kalau tukar jambu batu jadi limau bali boleh tak... rasa macam tak sesuai la pulak jambu batu tu...

  4. Kalau aku as a balak campur afza jadi black forest... boleh tak

  5. Aku tak tahu nak panggil our top jambu of millenium (Bala) apa.

    Aku rasa macam durian busuk kot - the smell too much, colour pun dah hitam2 busuk, makan pun pahit - but for the ones yang taste pelik suka makan tempoyak, then they'll like durian busuk i.e. Bala.

    Ha ha aku rasa kau ngan afza is like anggur hitam and anggur hijau muda....